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June 2019 Progress Update

Thought Leadership that Knows No BoundariesIt’s been a month, and it’s hard to believe what we managed to get done in such a short period of time. After releasing the Endor Protocol v.1 we set off on a world tour to expand and share our knowledge. Now, we’d like to share the highlights with you.Taking the MetLife Korea Innovation Challenge by StormThe highlight of our tour was undoubtedly winning the MetLife Korea Innovation Challenge, collab 5.0. That means we were selected from 180 competing startups, from over 30 countries, to work with the Seoul-headquartered branch of the NYSE-listed multinational financial services company, MetLife, on solving some of their biggest innovation challenges.ENDOR CBO, Tomer Srulevich, announced as the winner of the Innovation Challenge, June 13By winning the challenge, we were awarded a $100,000 USD contract to provide MetLife Korea with advanced AI and Predictive Analytics services in areas such as customer engagement, sales, and operations.Here’s a video from the event to give you an overview of the competition and a glimpse into the challenge…https://medium.com/media/247594c8fd71935ab4f863c0908fc3b5/hrefThe Path of the RevolutionAs we enter the second half of 2019, we felt it was time for a ‘one-on-one’ with our very own Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and Cardano, and senior member of the Endor advisory board. The goal of the meeting was to create a plan for future product development and technological innovation.As a transparent company, always looking to share professional knowledge, we filmed parts of the discussion and will make it available to you, our community, just as soon as it’s out of post production . So, stay tuned, it was a fascinating discussion, we’re sure it will make for an interesting watch.A break between meetings. Charles Hoskinson, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler - Endor CEO, Stav Grinshpon - Endor CPO, Daniel Gorlovetsky — Endor CTO, June 20Predicting Defense with AIEndor CEO, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, was invited as a leading industry expert on AI innovation to take part in the Singapore Defense Technology Summit. The panel he participated in, alongside senior defence and technology leaders, took center stage as it explored the contributions of technology and AI to the future of the defense industry. Held under the name “Will AI Make Soldiers Smarter?”, the panel facilitated a captivating discussion on the benefits of introducing AI to the modern battlefield.During the summit, Dr. Altshuler met with senior members of the Singapore Defence Department, including Defence Minister Dr. Ng Eng Hen. It was a great honor to meet the respected delegation, and we look forward to future cooperation.Dr. Yaniv Altshuler at the Singapore Defense Technology Summit, June 26–28Back @ MITAlways good to pop home to Boston, MA for a visit, and this time was no different when we visited our home-away-from-home, MIT. There, we embarked on two very busy days of discussions on Predictive Analytics for banking, with 30 senior executives from one of the largest banks in the US. These intensive strategic discussions made for a very productive event that has already led to the planning of a follow up meeting in the coming weeks. We will, of course, keep you posted.Tomer Srulevich, Endor CBO , at MIT with senior banking executives, June 5Circling the Globe and Crossing IndustriesOn to London, we had now checked off 3 continents in 30 days, across 3 industries, as we participated in the Instech conference. This time we explained how Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are disrupting the insurance market, changing the industry today, and (we expect) will be transforming it tomorrow.Endor Sales Director, Steve McKnickle at Instech London, June 6In the PressAs can be expected, when you do so much in such short time, you create a serious buzz. And our buzz is buzzing. Winning the MetLife Korea Innovation Challenge brought a lot of attention from global press, ranging from crypto specific to mainstream business media. Needless to say, business inquiries were quick to follow. It is a bit too soon to discuss new business opportunities, but we did pull together a few press highlights for you to browse…VentureBeat — Endor Wins Insurtech Innovation Challenge, Lands MetLife Korea ContractYahoo Finance — Endor Wins Insurtech Innovation Challenge, Lands MetLife Korea ContractBlockonomi — Endor Beats 179 Startups from 30 Countries to win MetLife Korea’s Insurtech Innovation ChallengePublishOx — Blockchain Startup Endor wins MetLife Korea Contract !!CoinSpeaker — Blockchain Data Science Startup Endor Wins MetLife Korea ContractSteemit — Blockchain Startup Endor wins MetLife Korea Contract !!ITIG, international travel and health insurance journal — Endor wins Korean insurtech challengeHackernoon — Blockchain companies are using data like never beforeEnterprise.com — Retail is reaping the rewards of Predictive AnalyticsOracle Times -Exploring the Top Big Data Projects on the BlockchainThat’s it for now… but as you can see, there’s never a dull moment at Endor, and we have a lot planned for July. So, stay tuned, much more where this came from, and we’ll share it all with you in the next progress update.Onwards and upwards,The Endor TeamJune 2019 Progress Update was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 07. 01

Endor Development Update — ...

Endor Development Update — June 2019Hello from the Endor team!Endor Protocol v.1 was released for public use this past April. Since then, we’ve been going to great lengths to share with you, our community, the ins and outs of the business and product development. Through this development update you will get a brief recap of our progress over the last month and an idea of where we’re headed. It’s always someplace fascinating, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride.THE LAW OF THE LANDGreat products are defined by many parameters. The ones you focus on, reflect in many ways the attitude of the people behind the technology. At Endor, we’ve dedicated the past few months to improving scalability, stability, and above all usability, because we want to encourage not only growth, but mainly large-scale user adoption as a necessary step towards truly democratizing AI.SCALABILITYFor any product to grow, it must be scalable. For it to grow while continuously improving the service level it provides, scalability must be built into its core. That’s why we fixed 5 major infrastructure issues and can now run 10 times more predictions at any given time, at the same cost. Additionally, we began to adopt the AWS Glue service (learn more about it here: https://aws.amazon.com/glue/), working closely with the AWS team on further improving our infrastructure, to support rapid onboarding of new data at 5 times the previous rate, while keeping human intervention to a minimum and avoiding process mistakes. This tremendous progress takes us closer to our external data onboarding milestone, which is planned for later this year, and will allow other data providers to join our ecosystem.STABILITYWhile scalability enables growth, stability ensures a high service level, and that is something we take very seriously. But being truly dedicated to stability in a hyperelastic cloud environment such as ours, with thousands of AWS spot servers crunching raw data entails many challenges. We are continuously working with the AWS team to resolve these challenges, mainly related to the EMR service (learn more about it here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/emr/latest/ManagementGuide/emr-what-is-emr.html). In order to compute the massive amount of data we rely on within short timeframes, we use top-notch distributed processing approaches. As these are relatively new services, we are constantly working on resolving edge cases (3 over the past sprints), which allow us to quickly upscale using auto-scaling capabilities, while maintaining the cost and stability of the infrastructure.USABILITYWe’ve already stated the importance of scalability and stability in the ecosystem’s growth strategy, but the truth is, customer adoption is the most crucial part of any customer-facing product. We began by developing a very tech-savvy user interface, as our first milestone was setting up the right APIs for our partners, including Algowave and others. In our upcoming releases, we plan to focus on increasing product usability for the less technical users, so anyone can use our platform.The current interface requires the end user to upload lists of ‘addresses of interest’, in order to generate predictions:The new flow will support predefined, easily accessible queries that will require no special data preparation, allowing users to simply select the prediction settings and run:Instead of uploading a file, they will click on the ‘List to Rank’ button, and select a file to work off from a predefined list:Users will easily adjust the prediction settings to suit their query:That’s it for now… We’re happy to have launched this communication channel and are committed to publishing development news once a month. So, stay tuned, there’s a lot more where this came from, the pipeline is exploding and we’re moving forward fast.Onwards and upwards,The Endor TeamEDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .Endor Development Update — June 2019 was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 06. 19

The Endor Team is Growing

We’re happy to introduce five new members who have joined the Endor team in the past month. As we continue to move forward with full force, we’ve invited great talents to work with us and help scale the business. Here’s an intro to the newest Endorians:Ofir is a Full-stack engineer, experienced in building quality products from idea to deployment in leading companies, such as Intel among them. He has a passion for continuous learning, problem solving and innovation, in addition to trying to fit in rock climbing in his free time.Also joining the team is Or, a Data Analytics specialist, with 7 years of experience in Product management and Marketing at industry leading companies such as Plarium and StartApp. Or holds a B.A in Industrial Engineering, specialising in information systems, Ben Gurion University. Or is already working with our customers and partners to ensure a smooth implementation with maximum results from the Endor Platform.Liam, our new Community Manager, is an experienced blockchain investor and entrepreneur. In recent years, he has led private fundraising projects for a crypto investment fund and accumulated extensive experience in managing communities. Liam also recently managed the blockchain sector for a start-up crypto project, Camikaze. Feel free to reach out to Liam via Telegram or any of Endor’s additional social channels.Rotem joined Endor as a Software developer to accelerate our product development roadmap. She has experience from top-notch companies including HP and Amdocs. Rotem holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.Ori is the newest member of the team. He is an experienced professional taking projects from idea to reality in a structured, methodological manner. He is Passionate about technology and solving complicated logical challenges.We extend a warm welcome to these talented professionals who joined the team and wish them good luck in their new roles. We look forward to continue to develop a great product with innovative technology and reaching new heights, fast. You can check out the full team on our site: www.endor.com/teamEDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .The Endor Team is Growing was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 06. 11

April / May 2019 Update

April/May 2019 UpdateHello Endorians,We’ve been working expediently over the past couple of months on new product developments and customer implementations, both reaching new heights. In the last post we updated on our new financial trading offering to third parties seeking to provide advanced AI-powered capabilities to their customers, with our first such implementation reaching completion on its initial limited Beta phase. In this post, we would like to share additional updates and progress from April and May.Endor RoadmapEndor Protocol v.1 ReleasedIn April, we released the Endor Protocol v.1 for public availability. In the first phase, the Protocol supports publicly available Ethereum Blockchain and ERC20 token data, allowing end users to ask predictive questions on ETH wallets and ERC20 based projects.To date, the Endor Protocol has generated over 2500 predictions. We are rolling out the platform with limited data sets and catalysts, as defined in our roadmap. It is crucial for us to test, iterate, and capture all aspects of the platform that require attention in order to build a great product. The usage to date is a great achievement from our perspective, to validate the thesis of a robust self-serve predictions ecosystem which is being built upon the Endor Protocol.In parallel, we are also conducting price discovery initiatives that will support multiple pricing strategies based on type of data requested to be analyzed and its derived value. Finally, we are continuously discovering new data streams containing transactions of behavioral activities (social, exchanges, proprietary business data, etc.) to add to the platform in the future.Self-Serve for Enterprise Customers:With the release of Endor Protocol v.1, we also transitioned all our Enterprise customers to the enhanced Enterprise self service interface. Prior to the ‘self-service’ capability, our professional services team worked closely with enterprise clients to power the platform optimally and generate predictions. Now, following extensive customer dialogue and product development, every employee in an organization will be able to “self-serve” predictions, or generate predictions individually through an easy-to-use interface. Large Enterprise and SMB customers now use the same platform to easily and quickly generate predictions.On this note, we have on-boarded our newest banking client, that has implemented Endor’s AI predictions platform to enable their internal teams to cut down on the time and cost of customer upsell and enhanced engagement initiatives, by asking predictive questions such as :Which clients in the current portfolio will make purchases above XXX in the next month?Out of all qualified active customers in the past month , who will add another service?Which customer will order an additional credit card in the next 30 days?Within few weeks, business users within the bank were able to create and submit dozens of predictive questions and reported improved results which are more than 5X BETTER than previous marketing strategies. Following the stellar results, they have expanded the availability of the Endor Platform across additional operating geographies.Scaling the BusinessThe self service capability was developed to quickly enable scale within an enterprise and across regions. With its release, we are building commercial channels to distribute and increase adoption, fast. We’ve partnered with one of the largest credit card companies worldwide, as well as top tier SI’s, to offer the Endor AI platform to their customers through distribution partnerships. We’re continuing to expand our channel partnerships globally and will share more details as soon as they’ll become publicly available.Eyes on Endor:The Endor team has been travelling the globe to promote the platform to targeted user groups. Here’s a brief summary of where we’ve presented recently. You can always track our events updates on our website:Tata Consultancy Group (TCS) is one of the largest consultancy groups in the world, Endor is part of the TCS COIN (Co-Innovation Network) initiative that selects promising companies with innovative solutions to present their products to TCS customers globally.TCS Innovation Forum Brazil — Our CBO, Tomer Srulevich discussed, in Sao Paulo, how AI and Predictive Analytics help drive business decisions and power growth across LATAM.TCS Innovation Forum UK — Endor Senior Director EMEA, Steve McNickle, presented in London to over 700 TCS EMEA customers on “How Social Physics technology can accelerate and unlock value in Big Data.Endor Senior Director EMEA, Steve McNickle at TCS Innovation Forum in LondonImaginationInActionEndor was invited to participate in a new community of “applied utopians” that are creating a new human-centered reality outside of traditional hierarchy and authority, using tools such as blockchain and AI. On April 27, 2019 at the top floor of MIT’s Media Lab, we joined the best of these builders together in order to help us understand these new possible worlds.https://medium.com/media/6cbd09a2839706faeb7f4eeb9eb44b2d/hrefFocus on S. KoreaKorea is a key market we are receiving great interest on business and partnership opportunities. Here is a snapshot of the activities in this region:Endor and MetLifeEndor AI platform was selected as a finalist for MetLife Korea Insurtech Innovation Challenge: “Collab 5.0”, a prestigious program which selects insurtech companies globally to collaborate with MetLife while solving some of the insurer’s biggest innovation challenges across its Korean business.In addition, leading Korean industry newspapers covered the Endor Protocol v.1 release in S. Korea, here a couple of examples for our S. Korean community members:BigDataCnewsEndor was even featured on Korean economic nightly news:https://medium.com/media/e2851560821826b65dadba5834693853/hrefPressHigh interest from press regarding our launch of the Endor Protocol v.1 . Endor received press coverage in key markets including Korea, Japan, China, and US.Among over 15 articles published, were industry leading publications VentureBeat and CoinTelegraph which featured articles covering Endor and the new release.Finally, Endor was featured in leading media publications, a few of them listed below:Entrepreneur Magazine: Yaniv Altshuler Uses Big Data and AI to Predict Consumer BehaviorZeroHedge: Data Science Innovation redefining FinanceBusiness.com: Automation AI-powered retail predictionsForbes: Transforming big data through blockchain and AIForbes: World banks doubling down on AIStay tuned for our monthly updates which will be released towards the end of each month going forward.EDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .April / May 2019 Update was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 05. 23

Endor Protocol bringing AI ...

Hello Endorians,We wanted to share with you a project we have been working on with a third party over the past few months that has been utilizing Endor’s platform to power its AI capabilities. Endor’s vision since its inception has always been to empower businesses and individuals across varied industries, large and small alike, with sophisticated AI capabilities to analyze big data.Algowave is a third party digital asset trading application which allows traders to manage their digital asset portfolio across multiple exchanges in one seamless interface. They are now offering their customers the opportunity to utilize trading predictions, generated by the Endor Protocol platform, which has generated 2,500 predictions to date. This is a huge milestone for Endor to deliver an AI engine, powered by the EDR token, on which businesses can build applications and services.Algowave recently completed a limited beta, which was conducted from December 2018 to date, during which Algowave customers were able to acquire crypto predictions at a cost of 1,200 EDR per prediction.The results below reflect the first 100 consecutive days of trading:How Did the Beta work:During the term of the Beta, Algowave provided its customers with a list of up to 10 crypto tokens it determined, utilizing the Endor platform, are most correlated with other tokens characterised with price increase. Such tokens that had the highest correlation traits to such desired attiributes were to be purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis*.In parallel, Algowave examined two alternative investment strategies during this time period to compare with the correlations generated by Endor’s AI platform:1. Identify the top 10 crypto coins with highest price increase from the previous day. The identified tokens were purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis.2. Identify the top 200 most active (highest trading volume) crypto tokens from the previous day. The identified tokens were purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis.*Only tokens traded on Binance exchange were included in the above and daily trading commissions of 0.01% are included. These results may not necessarily be representative of results on other platforms or commission structures.Results:1. The reported ROI of Algowave, utilizing the Endor platform to produce its trading predictions, was 4X higher than alternatives2. When using Endor platform’s predictive analysis features, Algowave’s daily ROI was higher than 5% in more than 13% of the days, which reflects improved performance of more than 2X compared to alternatives.3. MDD (Maximum Drawdown) was similar to the leading alternative strategy, however the performance of Algowave, using Endor’s platform, recovered 4X faster.We are excited to share the news of Algowave’s results, utilizing the Endor platform. Algowave is now offering predictive trading strategies to the general public. In parallel, we have been approached by additional third parties seeking to provide their customers with improved AI-powered capabilities. We will keep you updated as we continue to grow third party adoption of the Endor Protocol across varied industries worldwide.Thanks, as always, for your continued support!DISCLAIMER: Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Endor’s platform is not designed to exclusively analyze financial instruments or investment options, and does not make any recommendation as to whether or not purchase of any instrument is suitable or not, nor does it provide investment advice generally. Users of Endor’s platform provide data inputs to Endor’s software, which provides an analysis of correlational strength between different inputs. There is no human interaction from the Endor platform with a user of the platform. Individuals working with Endor may not revise or otherwise impact the analyses generated by the Endor platform. Purchases of different types of financial instruments and/or digital assets involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific instrument, purchasing strategy, or product analyzed in part or in whole through the Endor platform will be profitable, equal any corresponding indicated historical performance level(s), or be suitable for your purchase. Due to various factors, including changing market conditions, the content may no longer be reflective of current opinions or positions. Moreover, you should not assume that any discussion or information contained in this release serves as the receipt of, or as a substitute for, personalized investment advice from Endor. To the extent that a reader has any questions regarding the applicability of any specific issue discussed above to their individual situation, he/she is encouraged to consult with their own professional advisor.EDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .Endor Protocol bringing AI to financial trading was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 05. 13

How Predictive Analytics Wi...

The ‘future’ is already hereImagine that customers can access their accounts through their tablets, pay on the fly with their smartphones and transfer all their savings to an AI-based portfolio with no fees attached and cross-border payments within minutes.Now imagine that your rival bank is offering these modern services.There is no need to imagine anymore, as this is today’s reality.The acceleration of digital innovation and technology has not skipped the financial industry. Customers expect the same level of service which is the benchmark set by other industries. They demand personalised service, a seamless experience regardless of channel, and more value for their money. Regulators are also demanding more from the industry, enforcing strict data and privacy regulations.Customer LoyaltyThere is no doubt that the customer banking experience is reshaping the financial services sector across all end points: in a physical branch, online, or through a customer’s mobile and wearable devices. One of the biggest challenges this industry is experiencing is that as customers become more digitally connected, they tend to be more demanding and less loyal.“As customers become more digitally connected, they tend to be more demanding and less loyal”The loyalty to a single established bank has decreased and customers tend to favor relationships with multiple financial service providers. Snap comparisons and easier, faster switching processes leads to shorter relationship cycles with banks.Moreover, with the emergence of alternative financial institutions and the venture capital to funding that pours into the Fintech industry, more companies are venturing into this domain and raising competition.The challenge — some digging requiredSo how should financial service providers adapt to these changes? Deep intelligent insights required to examine the behavioral attributes that drive consumer decisions. This is where predictive analytics comes into play.Today, financial institutions need to know their customers better than ever and offer customised services, at the right time and in the right place. For example, real-time financing offers could be directed to debit-card-only customers, who do not want to carry credit card debt and have a balance of under $1000. This is relatively easy to analyse, but this group of customers have many other attributes that complete their profile. What if you could accurately target an additional , larger group of customers with the “less” obvious attributes and thereby substantially grow your target customer base, increase conversion rate in less time which leads to higher revenues?It is expected that AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics will become the drivers of client engagement over the next decade. Financial institutions will engage differently, with more personalised experiences and customised offerings as they leverage their data with fast and accurate predictions.The solution — actionable insights with predictive analyticsSo what’s keeping banks from using their data to realise the full potential of embedding analytics deep into their culture, decision processes, and business operations? Could it be that the traditional banking culture of data security , risk mitigation and strict regulations has masked the big opportunity that predictive analytics brings?One innovative solution available in the market today is Endor’s AI-driven predictive analytics platform . It is the first ‘Do-It-Yourself’ tool to enable banking and financial services institutes to forecast any area of their business: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Risk and Strategy. All you need to do is ask a predictive questions and the answer is provided within hours instead of months. Endor’s platform is also the first and only one that can analyse encrypted data without ever decrypting it.Today, financial service providers must make banking more personalised, real-time and solution-focused than ever before. Start utilizing your data with new innovation to stay on top of your competition.EDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .How Predictive Analytics Will Transform the Finance Industry in 2019 was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 01. 31

Unleash the power of your data

How much data do we actually deal with?Any business knows its data is a valuable economic asset. Today’s data driven culture has evolved tremendously since the first documented usage of data about 4,000 years ago when data was stored on a clay disc. Just within the social media sphere alone, in one month 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook and 4 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube. 400 million tweets are sent every day. Our world is increasingly connected, but how do companies deal with the growing volume of data and leverage it for maximum profitability?It’s estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes (2.5 billion gigabytes) of data are created each day and 40 zettabytes (1e+12 gigabytes) of data will be created by 2020, 300 times more than 10 years ago!So the big question is how can organisations benefit most from this data? How do we reveal new insights about our business environment and forecast trends to gain business success and a competitive edge? Every business knows it needs to anticipate market movements and customers’ preferences to increase its chances to succeed.Do we know what to do with our data?According to McKinsey Quarterly Report (2017), utilising the full power of data can increase operating margins by 60%, however less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used! Furthermore, the Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report done in 2017 found that 88% of organisations believe that building the organisation of the future is very important but only 11% of them understand how! This gap is due to several factors such as data anxiety, disbelieving one has the necessary skills to analyse data and the lack of time and skilled data scientists dedicated to data analytics. It is evident that there is a need to interact with business data in a better way, understand it and be able to utilise it by non-technical workers to achieve insights that enhance business value.With a continuous evolution of techniques and methodologies in data analytics processes we may just be at the tipping point of a new way to interact with our data.Extending Business IntelligenceOne of the biggest challenges in data analytics is the need to extend it from describing the past and present to forecasting the future. By implementing Predictive Analytics, the data analytics processes can be extended to anticipate events and obtain a business advantage by focusing on the future and what will happen. Predictive analytics combines advanced statistical analysis, machine learning techniques and behavioral science to help companies predict how their markets, customers, prospects and competitors will act and behave.Predictive Analytics is changing the way we utilise dataIn the fast pace of technology and the need to deliver a competitive edge, organisations know today that they need to better analyse data patterns and have a platform to generate actionable insights in a flash .Most of the current data analytics practices are time consuming, costly and can be implemented and operated only by experienced and dedicated data scientists. Moreover, running predictive analytics in a Big Data environment is even more of a challenge due to the lack of automated , simple to use tools.Breaking these traditional , time consuming practices, Endor, a pioneer in the Predictive Analytics arena, is leading the new way organisations leverage their data, especially their Big Data. Endor solves a big void for businesses looking to make the best use of their data, fast. Endor’s platform stands out on multiple dimensions — One is the ability to run predictive analytics on Big Data with unprecedented speed and accuracy, the second is the ability to do this seamlessly by a business user, without requiring the skills of a Data Scientist. Last , and maybe one of its key breakthrough features, is Endor’s ability to analyse Encrypted Data, thereby guaranteeing the security of sensitive data.Predictive analytics in the Era of major Data Privacy & Security breachesRecent years have surfaced what seems like an endless stream of privacy scandals such as Facebook, Equifax, and Yahoo to name a few. Corporate security needs to advance quickly as hackers from around the world are getting bolder and more sophisticatedEncrypted data is a standard practice in every business today as a minimum effort to combat data breaches, especially with recent privacy regulations, such as GDPR and industry specific regulations (financial, insurance, etc).Imagine if you could analyse encrypted data without ever decrypting it. Running a prediction model on encrypted data is like asking a blind man to draw a map. Endor’s predictive analytics engine has the unique capability of doing just that.It is that easy and quickThe Endor platform is fully automated, replacing the manual, time consuming and tedious work flow procedures that data scientists perform today. Using the tool involves only three simple steps:Data upload — no data cleaning is needed!Ask any queryGet business predictionsImagine that in a click of a button, a bank can accurately and quickly predict out of all customers that missed a credit payment who is likely to repay it within the next 3 days? 7 days? 15 days? Or if a retailer can predict which Loyalty-Club members are likely to buy a specific product in the next two months? Or which stores are likely to increase sales of a product brand by more than 25% in the next 3 months?It is clear that the economic ramifications of using Predictive Analytics are huge!The only thing left for the organisation to do is to ask the right business questions and generate the most insightful and actionable predictions for their business.EDR is listed on the following exchanges:Upbit , Bitrrex ,Hotbit , BitForex ,Houbi korea , CoinTiger ,Bilaxy,Trade.io , Coinall , KuCoin , Idex , DigiFinex , P2PB2B , OAX , CoinBene , LATOKEN , BitMart , Coinbit , ABCC .Unleash the power of your data was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Endor Protocol

19. 01. 29

ENDOR #AMA — Session Highli...

Questions and answers from our final Summer Open Session.Let the #AMA begin.Please find questions and answers below to learn more about blockchain, safe infrastructure, client data, encryption, tokenomics and tech partnerships.While this is the final Summer Open Session (read about the previous ones here and here), we’ve got more community activities in the pipeline.Make sure to give the Q&A a read and a “clap”!Where is the Endor blockchain currently hosted?ENDOR: Endor is a hybrid solution of on-chain and off-chain architecture. Computation and storage happens off-chain on AWS. Payments go through ERC20 Ethereum based on chain implementation.Where is client data stored?ENDOR: Client data is stored in AWS S3 buckets which are protected by means of security measures. We are ISO27001 certified, hence we have very strict data policies.Can a client determine the AWS region if they face regulatory requirements to keep data in a specific country?ENDOR: The clients can decide which region should be used.As per last “tokenomics” report, tokens received by Endor will be locked for 1 year. What % of tokens are received by Endor when a client pays for services, and what % is received by the data providers?ENDOR: 10% will be converted to single-use tokens for academia.45% for data providers.45% for Artificial Intelligence + AWS.How much is Endor’s that will be locked up?ENDOR: Currently the 45% for data providers and 45% for AI + AWS go to Endor. Therefore, this portion will be locked up for 1 year.And it’ll remain in this split for the foreseeable future?ENDOR: Yes.Is there any kind of Endor wallet built into the platform or do clients have to retain custody of their EDR?ENDOR: Right now, EDR is supported by any ERC20 wallet. In the future, we plan to integrate with specific wallets in order to make payments easier in the application layer for when a prediction is running.Is the S3 bucket owned by Endor or the client — does the client just give a location and provide the right permissions? What is the largest data set that has been processed in this way so far?ENDOR: At this stage, the customer can provide his AWS S3 bucket with the relevant credentials and Endor will take it from there. The current maximum amount of data for processing stands at 1–5TB per customer. Normally we would need less data in order to generate valuable insights.Does the performance profile/cost change for encrypted data?ENDOR: No, The cost is the same. We strongly suggest to encrypt the data. If the data is not encrypted, Endor’s pre-processing phase does the encryption prior to the data being processed due to the fact that we are basing our signals on correlations and not on semantics. This way, we keep your data safe at any given time, even if you decide to release it as is without encrypting it.Got it. So no matter what — the data is encrypted. Is that where Enigma comes in or not? Are you scaling the EC2 platforms on demand?ENDOR: Enigma (ENG) only comes in later, i.e.; at the stage where we are already processing customers’ encrypted data. Enigma’s capabilities will be used to keep predictions extra safe (“double” safe) for private customers such as banks. This will help to make sure that encrypted data does not become accessible through the processing servers while predictions are generated.Endor and Enigma will work together in the near future once Enigma is ready to run heavy processing algorithms on large amounts of data.Endor plans to connect to the data marketplaces of Enigma (and other potential partners such as Ocean Protocol) in order to generate even richer predictions for data-heavier customers.Does it only work on structured data?ENDOR: Correct. It can work on highly structured as well as poorly structured data. The onboarding phase of the data structures and cleanses the data.Are there plans to integrate with data sources other than S3?ENDOR: Sure, we are planning to connect to a variety of data platforms.Is the data onboarding process automatic or is it more like a professional services SOW that you go through with each new client?ENDOR: Data onboarding is an automatic process which is currently monitored by Endor and in the future planned to be self-served. (This is part of our roadmap — see www.endor.com/roadmap)How does a client determine how much EDR they need to purchase?ENDOR: The price will be determined by the data and prediction types which clients plan to run. The prediction cost has several cost factors. Each part will be priced accordingly, depending on the amount of data to be processed, the cost of data that is being used, etc.There are additional aspects that are important when it comes to calculating the prediction cost. At this stage, we are working with our Beta partners to reach the optimal prediction cost evaluation, making it clear for the end-user.An example of an aspect which can strongly affect cost is the complexity of the prediction generation due to data condensation.Check out our Medium blog | Visit our company website | Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook | Find us on LinkedIn | Join us on Telegram© 2018 ENDOR ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDENDOR #AMA — Session Highlights was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Endor’s paradigm shift in Artificial Intelligence completely revolutionizes what businesses can do with Big Data.© 2018 ENDOR ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThe Privacy Paradox: More Privacy, Less DataIt is no secret that in order to make data-driven decisions, businesses often leverage Big Data. That is why business leaders make use of Predictive Analytics to derive market insights based on behavioral consumer data.However, with increasing attention going to the privacy concerns associated with using Big Data, Predictive Analytics may no longer be considered secure.Business leaders often give up on consumer data to safeguard privacy. This dilemma is commonly referred to as the Privacy Paradox. (Learn more about the Privacy Paradox, and how it affects business leaders today, here.)With Endor’s solution, business leaders no longer have to give up on Big Data for the sake of safeguarding consumer privacy — Endor’s A.I. technology enables organizations to finally use all of their consumer data in a secure way.Endor’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence enables organizations to use all of their consumer data securely.For organizations that value fast time to insight without putting consumer data at risk, Endor offers an automatic predictions platform which can analyze encrypted data, keeping consumer data safe throughout the process.Endor’s Solution Can Be Found in Its AlgorithmsAfter years of research at MIT, Endor’s Social Physics technology applies Artificial Intelligence to sift through petabytes of data in order to find patterns in consumer behavior.Unlike most A.I. companies, who use a set of standardized and/or custom Machine Learning algorithms to produce insights with moderate accuracy, Endor employs a razor sharp set of unique A.I. algorithms.By combining specialist techniques such as clustering, splitting, scoring and merging, Endor is capable of refining predictive questions to the granular level to generate accurate insights.Endor is capable of refining predictive questions to the granular level to generate accurate insights.As Endor’s algorithms are fully automated, they replace the manual, time intensive and tedious procedures which data scientists perform today.How Endor Analyzes Big Data That’s EncryptedWhile encrypted data in itself equates to digital gibberish, if encrypted data is structured then it becomes a matter of reading into the structure.With Endor’s Social Physics technology, its A.I. algorithms are designed to find the most dynamic patterns hidden inside the “structures” of encrypted data — not in the data itself.The A.I. is designed to find the most dynamic patterns hidden inside the “structures” of encrypted data.Endor’s A.I. algorithms are capable of analyzing the structure in which encrypted data is organized, as opposed to analyzing the semantic content of data (a task impossible to do once data has been encrypted).This is an entirely new way of analyzing data using Artificial Intelligence which is both highly innovative and prosperous for data privacy and security.Image: UnsplashQuestion: Can I really use all of my organization’s Big Data?Yes, you can. Endor’s Predictive Analytics engine can compute on encrypted and non-encrypted data equally. Organizations can encrypt any and all consumer data they wish.Question: Must the Big Data be structured prior to hand-off?Organizations can send their encrypted data in a structured format using any standardized structuring method. If your organization requires assistance in this, Endor can provide guidelines.Question: Who has my organization’s encryption keys?Only you do. Endor does not need organizations’ own encryption keys. The only thing Endor sees from organizations is only their encrypted data.Question: Where is my organization’s Big Data kept?Data is stored using AWS S3 with the highest security configurations.Check out our Medium blog | Visit our company website | Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook | Find us on LinkedIn | Join us on Telegram© 2018 ENDOR ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHow Endor’s A.I. Resolves the Privacy Paradox for Predictive Analytics was originally published in ENDOR on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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