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시린토큰은 블록체인 스마트폰 Finny 하드웨어를 통해 안전한 암호화폐 거래를 할 수 있는 암호화폐 프로젝트입니다.모바일 사이버 보안의 리더로서 콜드월렛을 탑재한 초고속 보안 블록체인 스마트폰 핀니를 통해, 블록체인 경제와 시장에서 대중들간의 격차를 줄이고 보안의 문제를 해결하고자 합니다.

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SIRIN LABS opens flagship s...

SIRIN LABS opens flagship store in TokyoStarting July, FINNEY, the world’s first ultra-secure blockchain smartphone, will be available in leading consumer electronics shops across Japan including BIC CAMERA, YAMADA, and RAKUTENBIC & AMAZONBIC.SIRIN LABS will open its second flagship store this July, answering the increasing demand for FINNEY™, in Japan. The new store at Ginza quarter will be powered by GOLDEXTokyo — June 28th, 2019 — SIRIN LABS ( is proud to open its first flagship store in Asia, at a prime location in the Ginza quarter of Tokyo. This expansion follows the grand opening of the first flagship store in London, which took place in January 2019, and answers the increasing demand for FINNEY across Japan and Asia.The grand opening event took place on Thursday, June 27th in the Ginza quarter, with guest starring of Sidmar Antônio Martins, head coach of Fujieda MYFC and legendary goalkeeper. As of July 1st, FINNEY is available for purchase by the general public.FINNEY, the world’s premier, ultra-secure blockchain smartphone that runs SIRIN OS™, is priced at $999 and will be available not only in the new concept store that’s powered by GOLDEX, but also across additional consumer electronics brands including BIC CAMERA, YAMADA, and RAKUTENBIC & AMAZONBIC.“Japan is a global leader when it comes to blockchain enthusiasts and crypto holders, so it was clear to us that this had to be the first destination we expanded to in Asia,” says Zvika Landau, CEO of SIRIN LABS. “From now on, the crypto community in Japan will enjoy the hands on experience of operating FINNEY, and will enjoy the space we’ve created with Ginza for meetings and gatherings to learn more about cryptocurrency and the blockchain space.”FINNEY is currently being sold by resellers and partners in more than ten countries.***More about FINNEY:FINNEY™ offers its users the most secure and truly mobile blockchain device available with its own embedded cold storage crypto wallet, combined with state-of-the-art mobile technology and design.The multi-layered cybersecurity suite that FINNEY™ offers is an ultra-secure handset with a machine learning-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that protects from network attacks, host-based attacks, unsecure device definitions, and constantly detects online and offline on-device cyber threats.The unique sliding design of the Safe Screen is one of FINNEY’s strongest features, and operates as the gateway to the crypto world by activating the cold storage wallet. Functioning on dedicated hardware and software, SIRIN LABS offers the utmost security to care for users’ tokens, as the Safe Screen has a separate power switch. The Safe Screen also allows users to independently verify that FINNEY™ wallet transactions include the correct amount, the correct currency, and are being sent to the correct address. This empowers users to verify that they’re not being tricked by malware or hackers looking to steal and send their cryptocurrencies or tokens to a fraudulent third party.In addition to state-of-the art technology and cyber protection, FINNEY™ also offers the highest level of modern and expressive design. The phone is framed with high gloss metal, mirror polished aluminium, and 3D Gorilla Glass on both the posterior and anterior of the device. These are accompanied by the metallic signature Shield Element surrounding the camera, sensors, and fingerprint scanner.About SIRIN LABSSIRIN LABS, an industry leader within mobile cybersecurity, has developed FINNEY™ — the premier, ultra-secure blockchain smartphone with an embedded cold storage crypto wallet. Our vision is to bridge the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market by solving the two greatest barriers to the crypto market: security and user experience.With the experience gained from the production of the first SIRIN LABS phone, SOLARIN™ (which is globally recognised as one of the most secure phones in the world), and after concluding one of the largest ICOs in history in December 2017, SIRIN LABS has paved the way for the technological advances brought forth in FINNEY™.FINNEY™ runs SIRIN OS™, an ultra-secure and Google-certified modification of Android.SIRIN LABS has strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Cardano and FIH (Foxconn International Holdings — makers of the iPhone, Xbox, and Kindle), as well as Amazon and Amazon Launchpad. World champion boxer Gennady Golovkin is a global Brand Ambassador for SIRIN LABS.SIRIN LABS opens flagship store in Tokyo was originally published in Sirin Labs on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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19. 06. 25

Machine Learning Intrusion ...

Machine Learning Intrusion Prevention System (ML-IPS) technology enables FINNEY™ ultra-secure smartphoneMost smartphones currently on the market do not include any native cyber protections and will instead rely on user downloaded applications. The major issue with this is that these applications are not able to penetrate deep into the operating system. Instead, the sit on the application layer, which is the most vulnerable area, and the easiest to circumvent.Unlike those other smartphones, FINNEY™ utilizes the SIRIN OS™, which is a stock version of Android that has been modified to include significant security features in every layer of the operating system beginning from the kernel itself.The crown jewel of FINNEY™’s comprehensive cyber security suite is the built-in machine learning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). But what exactly is an IPS? What does it do? And how does it make FINNEY™ so secure?Simply put, an IPS that is built into the operating system creates a pro-active and preventative layer of protection designed to stop any potentially harmful or malicious activities before it even starts. And since it is built into the operating system, circumventing it is incredibly difficult and complex, if it’s even possible at all.The IPS works to protect your data, security, and privacy through every major attack surface your device regularly encounters.Network AttacksHackers and other malicious actors will sometimes attempt to trick the user, or their device into connecting to their network instead of their intended network. This is done by creating a secondary network, potentially with an identical name, to a reputable network.If someone goes to a tech conference, coffee shop, or any other commonly used open WiFi network, and attempts to connect to the WiFi, if there is a rogue network present, they might accidentally connect to a rogue network instead.Someone who set’s their device to automatically connect to known WiFi networks (as most of us do), could have their device connect to a malicious network, at any point in time, without any prompting, and without their knowledge. Once connected to this network, much of their data could be put at risk.FINNEY™’s IPS is be able to detect potentially problematic networks and prevent the device from connecting to them unless the user actively elects to connect to a potentially malicious network.Phishing and MalwareAs smart and careful as we are, none of us are immune to acting quickly and accidentally clicking on a malicious link or installing a malicious application. It might not be common, but it only needs to happen once to completely turn your life upside down.That’s where FINNEY™’s IPS comes into play. If and when a user clicks on a link that they think is safe or accidentally installs the wrong application, the IPS will alert the user of the potential danger before any security is compromised.Unknown AttacksThe most challenging aspects of protecting a device is maintaining that protection. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, new exploits are constantly being discovered, and hackers are consistently exploring new and different avenues they can use to steal your data.The current industry standard is to wait for a security flaw to be discovered, and then patch that flaw to protect devices. The problem with this standard is it leaves devices unsecured for an indefinite amount of time. All other mainstream devices require constant patching and updating in order to remain secure.FINNEY™’s IPS isn’t static, it’s a machine learning program. What that means is that it’s able to learn how to recognize unknown or unrecognized attacks even before it’s updated or patched. Both FINNEY™ and the IPS will receive updates to ensure that it has as much information as possible, but the machine learning aspect of the IPS ensures that FINNEY™ devices will remain secure, including the time between when an exploit or flaw is uncovered to the point that a patch is able to be applied.Ultra-SecureFINNEY™ is the gold-standard in mobile security since it doesn’t rely on the user to protect the device (as most others do), and it takes a pro-active approach to securing our user’s data, security and privacy.The proactive approach the SIRIN LABS took in designing SIRIN OS™ and FINNEY™ was to ensure that IPS would be able to protect our users in real-time, while the device is online or offline, and against all attacks, regardless of if they are known or unknown vulnerabilities.FINNEY™ shifts the paradigm by providing users with a safety net through the IPS. Security issues that require patching will arise, users will click on links they shouldn’t, and install applications they are unfamiliar with. But through FINNEY™’s IPS, you can be confident that regardless of any of these factors, your device will remain secure.

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19. 04. 30


When individuals within the crypto community hear about the new trend of blockchain-enabled smartphones which include a cryptocurrency wallet, many fear for the security of their stored currencies. These fears are far from unfounded due to the number of software wallets and exchanges that have been hacked over the last 18 months alone.There are several different precautions that all crypto users should take to ensure the security of their wallet’s private key, and all of the crypto that the wallet contains. A few examples include: storing wallet information offline, exclusively using cold-storage wallets, and only using secure devices in order to access the cold storage wallet. While these factors can be incredibly effective at preventing nearly all cyber-attacks, there remains the frightful and elusive $5 Wrench Attack.The $5 Wrench Attack is a heinous crime (beating the crypto holder with a $5 wrench) by which someone attempts to circumvent all of the digital protections placed on a wallet by threatening the owner with harm or death if they do not transfer the content of their wallet. While this is also a legitimate fear, FINNEY™ users will be able to use an advanced security precaution to protect their currency, even in the case of such an attack.The FINNEY™ wallet is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, also known as an HD Wallet. These wallets have the ability to create multiple public keys for the same private key. Each additional public key is, in practice, a unique and functional sub-wallet with a unique public key and an additional passphrase.The ability to create multiple sub-wallets from a single seed is similar to keeping funds in separate checking and savings accounts. These additional sub-wallets provide FINNEY™ users with the ability to store small amounts of crypto in the main wallet for regular or daily use, and larger amounts of crypto in a sub-wallet.This passphrase is called The 25th Word, since it is supplemental to (and just as important as) the 24-word phrase used to recover the seed in the event that the owner loses access to their wallet account. This passphrase serves a number of different functions.First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that neither the phone nor the blockchain has any identifying information which indicates that any sub-wallets exist. This is called Zero Knowledge, where none of the devices or networks retain any information about sub-wallets.Secondly, the added passphrase acts as an additional safeguard to protect stored crypto. In the event that wallet security is compromised, not only would the malicious actor need to know that a sub-wallet exists, they would also need to crack the additional passphrase for the sub-wallet as well as the main wallet., this is a method for users to be able to protect themselves from the $5 Wrench Attack. For example, if a FINNEY™ user were to set up their wallets in this way, in the rare occurrence that they were attacked and the attacker demanded their crypto, the majority of their crypto would be protected.Upon entering the wallet’s password, the balance shown would be the balance of the main wallet only. The balance of the sub-wallet would remain hidden, with no knowledge that the additional currency is stored at all.This wallet functionality, although somewhat advanced, is still a relatively simple process to go through. It doesn’t require a whole lot of in-depth knowledge regarding blockchain or coding and is one more way that SIRIN LABS is able to provide security, safety, and peace-of-mind to all of our FINNEY™ users. Most importantly, it’s a significant step towards the advancement of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency towards the mainstream.Go Crypto!

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18. 12. 27

Big Week and SIRIN LABS

Big Week at SIRIN LABSSIRIN LABS has been very vocal about our vision and mission to bridge the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market. Our focus has been on driving mass adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies by creating an ecosystem that is accessible to crypto experts and novices alike through FINNEY™, SIRIN OS™, and the SRN Token. This week has been monumental in terms of the steps we were able to take in order to have our vision and mission realized.Going MainstreamThis week, SIRIN LABS enabled FINNEY™ purchases through the online shop in ETH, BTC and Fiat currencies. This is an exciting development since it widens our potential customer base beyond those who own SRN tokens or who are currently active in crypto, to potential customers who are interested in crypto but for some reason haven’t taken the first step yet.The addition of BTC, ETH, and Fiat enables us to reach out to those who value security and usability and enable them to obtain FINNEY™ regardless of their crypto level. This, in turn, elicits more engagement in crypto, and brings us closer to mass adoption.Lift-off With Amazon’s LaunchpadWe also announced that around January 15th our marketplace will be open to the public. The significance and importance of our partnership with Amazon and Amazon Launchpad cannot be stressed enough.The platform and visibility that Amazon and Amazon Launchpad will provide to SIRIN LABS and FINNEY™ is immense, and will continue to enable SIRIN LABS to reach outside of our community to discover even more individuals who are interested in crypto, and introduce them to FINNEY™.More Than Just FINNEY™SIRIN LABS also announced that January 15th would be the release date for FINNEY™-related accessories, including cables and cases. This means that FINNEY™ users won’t need to worry about keeping their FINNEY™ safe; instead, they’ll be able to have piece-of-mind about both their FINNEY™ device as well as the crypto stored inside of FINNEY™’s embedded cold storage wallet.Expanding the SRN EcosystemThis week also marked an important partnership with CoinGate, the payment gateway for blockchain transactions. This partnership will significantly expand the SRN ecosystem by enabling SRN token holders to use their token for payment not only in the SIRIN LABS store, but in over 4,000 additional CoinGate online stores as well.This partnership, we believe, will bring additional utility for the SRN token, and as a result will create additional demand for the SRN token. It is also indicative of our continued belief and support for the SRN ecosystem, and our constant and consistent efforts to see it flourish.This Week, TL:DRThe third week of December marked significant progress towards growing the consumer base for FINNEY™, continuing support for the existing SIRIN LABS community, and significantly expanding the potential for both SIRIN LABS and the FINNEY™ blockchain smartphone.The future is bright for SIRIN LABS.Go Crypto!

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18. 12. 20

SIRIN LABS’ Dedication to S...

On December 5th, 2018, day 2 of the Slush conference, HTC’s Chief Decentralization Officer Phil Chen took to the stage to discuss some of the ideals and the vision behind HTC’s new Exodus phone.Mr. Chen, in conversation with Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, began with an explanation of some of the various options for wallets along with pros and cons for each. He accurately pointed out that cold storage wallets are the most secure option, but also voiced concerns regarding challenges of usability.Chen cites the user experience challenges associated with cold storage wallets to justify HTC’s decision to use a hardware wallet instead of a cold storage wallet. In fact, both he and Charlie Lee talk about the necessary trade-offs or balances of security for the sake of user experience and usability. HTC appointed Chen to his role as CDO, many in the crypto community (including us) were incredibly excited. It seemed as though HTC was going to start taking the crypto sector very seriously, and have Chen represent the values and ideals of the crypto community directly to HTC.This is why hearing Chen speak in this way regarding crypto cybersecurity is both incredibly disappointing, as well as, unfortunately, not surprising at all. The compromise of security for the sake of user experience is not new; it has been going on within the mobile industry for many years.On Page 1 of the SIRIN LABS whitepaper which was published in October 2017, the second paragraph states:“The current generation of smart devices compromises on user security. The focus is overwhelmingly on user experience, at a huge cost in fraud and cybercrime. We believe the digital economy of the future cannot tolerate this trade-off: device architecture demands a paradigm shift that enables true security, while maintaining excellent user experience.”SIRIN LABS, since the inception of our whitepaper, has held an unwavering belief that security and user experience are not mutually exclusive. While it is much easier to reduce a device’s security for the sake of user experience, our belief is that cryptocurrency demands the highest security possible. Users will be putting their trust in us to safeguard their currencies, and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously.SIRIN LABS believes that any company that wants to build a crypto-enabled device must provide the highest levels of security for the currencies stored within. Security must be the #1 priority, with no trade-offs, compromises, or balances. We disagree with both Chen and Lee that enabling the superior security from a cold storage wallet necessarily compromises user experience (UX).What we have built in FINNEY™ is the embodiment of our vision: a simple and easy-to-use device, with an embedded cold storage wallet that isn’t cumbersome or frustrating to use. Simply put, FINNEY™ provides users with the level of security the crypto community deserves without compromising on its usability.As a recent hands-on review from Digital Trends states:“The user experience team that worked on the Finney’s wallet app has delivered on its promise to create an incredibly user-friendly system, which makes payments simple — just like they should be. Paying a bill, or sending money, takes only a few steps. It starts out with scanning a QR code, entering the amount, and then verifying the details using the slide-up Safe Screen cold storage wallet. This is the Finney’s standout design feature, and what keeps your money safe and secure. The hardware is separate to the phone’s hardware and isn’t connected to the internet until it’s necessary.”FINNEY™ is a product of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for crypto. We built FINNEY™ to bridge the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market by providing users with unparalleled security and uncompromised usability. The crypto community deserves nothing less.

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18. 12. 06

FINNEY™’s Nodes

Note: This article deals with some of the specific mechanics of a blockchain network. You may want to familiarize yourself with the internal mechanics of blockchain networks before readingA question that many people in the crypto community have been asking about SIRIN OS™ is whether or not it will enable FINNEY™ to function as a full node, or a light node by default. It’s a question that we grappled with for quite some time as we were developing FINNEY™ — how SIRIN OS™ services will participate in the blockchain?A node, for those who aren’t aware, is an application that is storing a complete version of the blockchain, and is being constantly and consistently updated with the new blocks that have been added to the chain. A light node is a node that operates just as a full node, but with only downloading the block headers, and therefore requires much less storage space, but just as much system resources.Nodes, both full and light, need to verify, store, and rebroadcast all of the network blocks. Due to the speed of the Ethereum network, these interactions require that the node is constantly active and constantly transmitting and receiving.All of the advantages related to being a full node revolve around actual participation within the network. Only full nodes are able to signal for changes to the network, or mine blocks, and a light node, while it requires less storage space, provides no additional functionality, other than being able to independently confirm/verify blockchain requests and transactions. These factors are significant in the daily operation of the blockchain network, but they’re not part of the primary function for FINNEY™.As we evaluated the pros and cons for setting up FINNEY™ as a node by default, it became clear to us that there are good nodes and there are bad nodes. We define a bad node as a node with poor inter-connectivity with other nodes, poor geographic diversity with its neighbors and/or poor network infrastructure.In a case like this, the Bad node would need to receive block updates from miners who are located across the globe. The distance could create a few seconds of delay between the confirmation of a mined block and receipt of the information to the node. While a few seconds delay doesn’t sound significant, keep in mind that Ethereum blocks are mined roughly every 12 seconds. So if blocks are consistently mined in a location across the world, the node could wind up being a few blocks behind.By contrast, a good node is one that is connected to a well distributed network of peers that is maintained in order to communicate new blocks throughout the network and communicate those blocks throughout a diverse geographic area. What this does is increases the global distribution for any given block, and significantly reduces the chance that the block will wind up as a side chain. Additionally, and by association, it also significantly increases the chances of a block being accepted into the mainchain on the blockchain network.FINNEY™ was developed as an ultra-secure and mass-market blockchain smartphone. If users were to attempt to use FINNEY™ as a node, it would put a substantial strain on the battery, and significantly reduce both the available storage space as well as its battery life. Setting up FINNEY™ as a light node would enable the user to query certain network states, such as account balance, without as much of a resource footprint, but it would do so in an inefficient way.It is for this reason that FINNEY™ will not be just operating through good nodes, but great nodes that have the internal network communication to be able to fast-track mined blocks throughout the globe, but to also strategically spread out user requests (such as balance queries, or TX reports) throughout their network to reduce the load or strain on any single node.FINNEY™ was built with the masses in mind, and will be able to benefit from a curated network of nodes for optimal blockchain interactions.Go Crypto!Originally published at on November 15, 2018.

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