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Help Get Metronome on CREAM...

In 2021, the Metronome team’s primary goal is to support MET’s next evolutionary phase by further integrating it into the DeFi ecosystem of today. Call it “Metronome 2.0.”Launched in 2018, Metronome was effectively “DeFi before DeFi.” It is a permissionless protocol that has operated autonomously without fault for nearly three years and holds tens of millions in permanently locked liquidity. But in order for it to be further recognized as a DeFi asset, MET needs to integrate in existing DeFi primitives. Through CREAM Finance, we can enable the use of MET for collateralized lending.First step: CREAMOn April 22, we will be submitting a proposal to CREAM Finance for the consideration of MET as supported asset on their lending platform. Voting weight is polled based on a wallet’s CREAM balance in the 28 days leading up to the vote.The Metronome community can maximize its collective voting power by holding CREAM (or crCREAM) tokens in their voting wallets for 28 days prior to the vote.What This MeansMET on CREAM means users can take out loans on their MET without sacrificing their existing holdings. MET is the ideal collateral token for loans because so much locked liquidity translates to a price floor users can reference to more safely determine an appropriate collateral ratio with.MET on CREAM also puts Metronome on a fast-track for a Vesper pool, enabling users to earn MET yield in the set-and-forget Vesper Grow pool framework.Finally, with CREAM and Vesper integration, MET can further establish itself in the existing DeFi landscape. Both platforms unlock new market features: yield aggregating opportunities through Vesper and speculative activities associated with CREAM lending.This helps to establish a healthier, more comprehensive Metronome market which we seek to utilize for further listings and adoption by other products, as well as the first major step to building out Metronome 2.0.Metronome will be joined by counterparts at Spacechain and Vesper to get-out-the-vote. There will be more news closer to the date with an explanation on how to vote with your CREAM. Make sure to spread the word so all supporters are aware and can help contribute toward Metronome’s future in the DeFi ecosystem!


21. 03. 23

Metronome’s First Balancer ...

Metronome (MET) is now available to trade on Balancer. Additionally, we’ve deployed a permissionless liquidity pool that Metronome holders can contribute to. As of today, users can trade MET and become liquidity providers in the Balancer pool. Additionally, Balancer has whitelisted MET, so liquidity providers can passively earn BAL in addition to revenue generated by trading fees.Understanding BalancerBalancer is a protocol where users can create liquidity pools for different trading pairs, similar to Uniswap or the MET DEX (aka the Autonomous Converter Contract). The difference: Balancer has the added capability of creating pools pegged to different ratios which automatically rebalance as needed.This unique “balancing” component introduces the ability to create “permissionless index funds.” The MET pool is set to 80% MET and 20% ETH.And since MET was whitelisted by Balancer, liquidity providers can earn BAL tokens according to their liquidity provided.Lastly, this addition represents an additional market for users to trade and watch. More MET markets translate to a healthier Metronome ecosystem, and we encourage you to promote MET and earn fees by providing liquidity to the Balancer pool. If you’re a developer, check out this recent tutorial if you’d like to learn more about setting up your own price feeds to assist trading.Metronome was among the original DeFi projects and we’re excited that its shared surface area with this exciting category continues to grow. Look forward to more updates throughout the year.


20. 09. 08

Metronome Update — June 2020

Metronome Update — June 2020June was a busy month for the Metronome team, as it continued to build out the MET ecosystem and promote MET’s role in DeFi.Listings and IntegrationsOn June 11, the Metronome team announced a MET/ETH pair listing on the Bittrex Global exchange, joining the existing MET/BTC pair. To support the news, Managing Director Jordan Kruger and Communications and Marketing Lead Phil Gomes held an AMA in the Bittrex Global Community Telegram channel. (Review the AMA here.)Metronome quickly followed the new Bittrex listing by announcing an integration with CoinPayments, a payment processor that enables merchants and businesses to accept MET.To close out the month, the Metronome team announced a new listing on LAtoken, further broadening the availability of MET.Content from the CommunityIn June, one of our community members, John Marks, posted a Medium article discussing Metronome as a reliable monetary system for DeFi. The article was a thoughtful exploration on the Metronome system focusing on its issuance and the Autonomous Converter. The Metronome team later published its own thoughts on the piece and looks forward to more content from John and the rest of the community.MessariFinally, Jordan Kruger presented Metronome during Messari’s Mainnet conference. Jordan gave a brief introduction on Metronome and its smart contracts before diving into Metronome’s place as a payment layer in the DeFi space. The presentation included impressive DeFi and usage stats, as well as why Metronome’s core principles — portability, reliability and self-governance — have enabled Metronome to anticipate the requirements for a DeFi future.


20. 07. 01

From the Community: Metrono...

One of the members of the Metronome community, John Marks, recently posted an article about Metronome. The piece, which shows he’s spent more than just a little time with the Owner’s Manual, discusses one of the team’s favorite topics: Metronome as an autonomous, reliable central bank for DeFi.A few points that we felt were worth reiterating here, particularly as the team continues to evangelize Metronome’s role in DeFi.First is an interesting formulation of the Autonomous Converter Contract concept:Just as modern central banks act as “lenders of last resort” in times of economic turmoil, the Metronome Autonomous Converter Contract acts as MET’s “buyer of last resort.” … It is a guarantee that your MET can be liquidated at some price, no matter what. In central bank jargon, you can think of this as Metronome performing open market operations.The notion that the Metronome system gives purchasers an on-chain method of exchange serves as a demonstration of the certainty in the system. This might even underscore that certainty to a greater degree than the hard-coded policies that govern the founders’ retention or even the Proceeds Contract that ensures all MET stays in the ecosystem. There will always be a market for MET, that’s one of the reasons why it’s there.Then, there are two points made in the John’s post that deserve to be taken together:Unlike other cryptocurrencies, MET are never given away or earned by mining — they can only be purchased in the daily descending price auction. Bitcoin’s mintage, in contrast, is not similarly predictable just due to the nature of proof-of-work. Ethereum’s long-term mintage is, frankly, anyone’s guess.And:Metronome provides assurances programmatically, that is, through an autonomous and unchangeable set of smart contracts, designed to operate in perpetuity without a single upgrade to the code.The Metronome Auction Contract is designed to eventually achieve a 2%/year inflation rate for MET. The necessity or desirability of a hard cap is a matter of intense debate, to be certain, but we believed it was more desirable to be able to predict the supply of Metronome at any given time. Proof-of-work approaches, for all of their advantages, don’t necessarily admit of this.The important distinction here is that Metronome’s key contracts are of the set-and-forget variety — the “programmatic” approach that John describes. Whereas the protocol for, say, Bitcoin or Ethereum can (and does) change due to hard forks and the like, Metronome will always behave according to the rules set out in its Owner’s Manual.In summary, after two years since launch, we look forward to reading further insights from the likes of John and others as the DeFi landscape continues to unfold.[Note: John Marks (a pseudonym) is a Europe-based crypto hedge fund manager exploring decentralized finance and more. John reached out to the Metronome team some time ago with interest in publishing an article.]


20. 06. 15

Metronome Update — April 2020

Metronome Update — April 2020Flipside Data CooperativeFlipside Crypto has been evaluating Metronome for the past year. The Metronome FCAS score has been accessible on sites such as CoinMarketCap, and now users will be able to analyze the Metronome network for themselves using the Flipside Data Cooperative dashboard. To tell you the truth, it shows that we still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, it’s a benchmark (alongside Messari) that we trust and support.Messari MainnetMetronome’s managing director, Jordan Kruger, will be presenting Metronome’s latest developments and 2020 overview at Mainnet by Messari. The inaugural three-day event will be held June 1–3, 2020 and will feature 24/7 virtual programming.Business Development EffortsAs we mentioned last month, the Metronome team is hard at work expanding Metronome’s availability. We continue to have ongoing discussions with crypto-ecosystem participants who are excited about Metronome’s monetary system and its potential to build out additional DeFi applications. The feedback has been encouraging — and honest. But, mostly, it has continued to inspire the Metronome team to keep building on Q1–2020’s early successes. What has become clear during this time is the notion that our decision to focus on infrastructure and business development has been the right one. Further, interest in Metronome’s autonomous monetary system has eclipsed that of Metronome’s other unique features.More to come,The Metronome Team


20. 05. 11

Metronome Update — March 2020

Metronome Update — March 2020The Metronome team hopes that everyone reading this is staying safe and healthy. Here’s a wrap-up of the previous month.Community ManagementAs previously discussed in our official Telegram channel, we will be moving that channel into notify-only starting this week beginning April 13.This was a difficult decision, and it was one that the Metronome team did not make lightly. With the departure of our most recent community manager, it wasn’t fair to have an official telegram channel that was unmoderated.That said, we’ve noticed other communities have popped up over time, most notably the Metronome Lounge on Telegram, where you may find Metronome team members checking in from time-to-time. This Medium and the Telegram will continue to be the source for official updates from the Metronome team.Edge WalletThe Metronome team expanded the available wallet options for holding MET this past month by announcing the integration of MET token with Edge, a leading multi-asset non-custodial wallet. The recent MET integration enables users to hold MET in their Edge wallet, as well as trade MET for other crypto-assets using its in-app exchange functionality. Edge is available on Android and iOS.Converter UpgradeSince the launch of the new website last September, MET users have had access to the Autonomous Converter Contract (ACC) to convert their ETH to MET. As of March 17, they can now do the converse — convert their MET to ETH — just like they can in the Metronome Wallet. Note that this requires users to connect Metamask. This latest upgrade improves the usability of the MET token and increases user experience of using the buying app on the website.Focus in 2020In the first quarter of 2020, Metronome showed considerable momentum in business and ecosystem development, particularly with Bancor, Kyber, and others. Obviously, the current global pandemic took some wind out of these sails, but the team nevertheless remains focused and committed to this ecosystem-building effort. What has become obvious during this time is that the Metronome multi-contract monetary system appears to be, nearly two years after launch, what most excites the people we talk to. More updates and content to come regarding that topic.More to come,The Metronome Team


20. 04. 13

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