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DigitalNote: Exciting News ...

DigitalNote: Exciting News Announcement 2020 — Plus Other Updates!2XDNThe past few months have seen a great deal of development and dialogue on continuing to build the DigitalNote product that will realise our vision of “becoming the blockchain of choice,” serving a broad range of business use cases. Today we are happy to announce the news of a significant development that will fast track DigitalNote in realizing this vision. At the end of this update, we’re sure you will feel as excited about the future of our beloved blockchain as the team does.There are two kinds of crypto projects in the ecosystem today — ones that are driven by the hype and others that focus on creating value. The former rarely focus on a long term vision and generally want to make a quick buck, and run away, trapping investors forever. The latter focus on developing the best in class products, believing that adoption will eventually drive growth and reward the businesses, investors and the community for their patience and support. As many of you know already, DigitalNote XDN has always subscribed to the latter category. We have always believed in spending time on building a solid platform and technology rather than creating hype. With the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the team have been busy helping others whilst developing DigitalNote for our community at the same time.Most people define a DeFi project to be based on the popular ERC-20 token. Not many people are aware that DigitalNote has been a DeFi project right from the beginning (securing yield through staking & Master Nodes as its core structure) — However, we are never associated as a DeFi project because we do not have a base in the ERC-20 domain. With the recent work over the past several months on DigitalNote, it is time to call in our card and allow the community to associate XDN as a DeFi project and attract new investors and a wider audience.Whilst only the truly decentralized and non-ICO-based blockchains, like ourselves, will stand the test of the time and will evolve as winners — the journey to get there isn’t often easy. In our progression, we’ve seen major improvements moving from the old XDN Cryptonote chain to the new Satoshi Bitcoin Core, with significant blockchain stability. Over past several months, we have achieved so many milestones — including creating a web wallet which will be wrapped into a “lite” Android and iOs mobile wallet, listing on well-reputed exchanges, and significant effort in educating our user base in the use of our products using our latest WIKI for DigitalNote.So are you ready for the really exciting news?To encompass the popular demands of the DeFi market, we give you DigitalNote 2XDN on the ERC-20 blockchain.What’s in it for you as an XDN holder?Great question!We’re going to airdrop 2XDN free to existing XDN “hodlers”. (NB Please see terms and conditions to participate in the airdrop these will be released at a later date.)Why are we doing this?This is a pivotal phase of the greater DigitlNote XDN revolution and sets the foundation to execute subsequent phases of our vision.Make DigitalNote more interoperable in the crypto ecosystem: Ethereum is the most popular platform for interoperable tokens. By introducing 2XDN ERC-20 tokens, our blockchain wouldn’t operate in silos. As a result, the number of use cases we will be able to serve will increase dramatically.Better exposure and awareness for DigitalNote: the more we become visible in the crypto ecosystem, the more integration opportunities will emerge.More partners to work with: as a result, our footprint will increase.Faster execution of our roadmap: the speed of development will increase and we will achieve our goals quicker.Significant Investor benefit.Wallet Flexibility: use your favorite wallet to store your 2XDN tokensEasy Swap: use Uniswap, and any other DEX that allows trading ERC20DApps: 2XDN can be used on most DApps supporting ERC-20 tokensMove XDN to 2XDN and vice versa: earn rewards on the XDN network (planned for the future)More exposure for your investment: there are over 100 million Ethereum wallet addresses out there giving access to a far larger community.So when is it happening and how will this affect me as an Investor?The current plan is to implement the airdrop to participating XDN holders at block 300,000. (approximately 50 days from now.)Rest assured, a lot of activity will be seen between now and the day of the airdrop. Here are a few of the things the team are going to focus on:Explore DeFi trading platforms (Uniswap, etc)Finalize the airdrop ratio. This will be announced in the coming weeks. All current XDN holders can participate in the airdrop. Current and new community members running MasterNodes on the current XDN network will have an additional incentive to keep running their MasterNodes so that the XDN network is not destabilized in the process of the airdrop.We will also conduct selected airdrops to the public to help expand our Discord community and ecosystem.Update XDN roadmap on the website to reflect the latest vision and direction.Work on growing our partnerships with other projects and influencers in the crypto space who align with our product’s vision.Draft a detailed communication to the “hodlers” on how exactly the airdrop process will work — so that they are well prepared to make sure that any XDN holder takes advantage of this opportunity.Run campaigns to create awareness about the project and the roadmap.Bring more liquidity to the XDN ecosystem.In addition, there are a few other exciting initiatives that are happening:DigitalNote Foundation: we’re working on formalizing the current structure of the core team into a foundation which will help enable donating funds for the project — which we will be able to use to expedite developing features.Weekly video meetings on roadmap progress: we’ve been working actively via discord & telegram. The team has weekly video conferences to plan and take stock of progress made against the plan. This has increased the level of energy of the team to benefit our community.Education on DigitalNode blockchain: we’re working on several initiatives to educate the crypto community on the features of DigitalNote and how it can help across many use cases. This will help us in getting more projects, developers, and investors interested in our product. To name a couple of initiatives, we have tied up with professionals for creating video content, and creating a wiki to cover all aspects of DigitalNote — one-stop for developers, investors, and businesses looking to leverage off DigitalNote XDN.As a team, we all feel so proud to be part of this amazing product. We feel proud of what we have achieved over the past few months, and with aggressive plans in place, we feel we are on a journey to write history. We’re also very proud to have you as amazing members of our community. Let’s work together to realize our vision of “becoming the blockchain of choice” for a wide range of business. If you aren’t already part of the XDN family, get engaged today and “enjoy the journey” with us.This is the beginning for Crypto, and more so for DigitalNote — the future is bright, stay focused, stay strong, stay together!The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.


20. 09. 29

DigitalNote (XDN) — Open fo...

DigitalNote (XDN) — Open for Business on HitBTCDigitalNote (XDN) has been completely integrated on HitBTC and all legacy XDN coins have been swapped.DigitalNote (XDN) is a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid cryptocurrency that is focused on encrypted messaging and secure transactions. Following its integration on the platform, all legacy coins have been converted to the new XDN chain automatically for users. HitBTC users, alongside the wider XDN community, can now confidently trade this new digital asset on the new chain, and deposits and withdrawals of XDN are now open.The DigitalNote team has worked very hard to make this happen and would like to thank HitBTC for continuing to support the projects’ evolution. The DigitalNote community also deserves relief and praise for their patience throughout this year’s swapping process. The network is constantly growing stronger and now has over 75 Masternodes and the team will continue to improve and develop XDN as an easy to use and cost-effective means of securing goods and services, with the prospect of mass adoption.Now that all exchanges have been updated and are trading on the correct network, the XDN team can concentrate on new challenges. DigitalNote will be launching the “XDN Bounty Program” to encourage community participation in the development of the project. We are confident that this will draw additional talent to help with the marketing and development of the blockchain as well as securing new business partnerships.More information on DigitalNote: HitBTC: https://www.hitbtc.comDigitalNote on Twitter: information regarding the 2019 DigitalNote Swap:


19. 11. 18

XDN’s New Era

Although this year’s XDN swap had a controversial start with a number of malicious users trying to exploit the claim process, the process as a whole has been a success. The pitfalls of the old network resulted in a tedious manual swap process in order to secure the integrity of our community’s funds so we are happy to move forward. DigitalNote’s Cryptonote origins have always been a major headache. Most developers, including Monero, have almost rewritten their codebase to overcome Cryptonote’s shortcomings and are inconvenienced with biannual forks to rid themselves of the plague of ASICs. DigitalNote chose to demolish its Cryptonote ties and star in a new and safer journey for its community using an enhanced ₿ (Bitcoin) Satoshi Core technology.For the devout XDN holder, it should be a relief that we have eliminated the risk of being classified solely as a privacy coin subjected to a potential blacklist that most exchanges are now enforcing. This includes popular coins such as DASH, PIVX, and ANON. The legacy Cryptonote technology made it impossible for XDN to conduct an automatic swap and in hindsight, it has probably been a blessing to our community. We would not have known the true picture of our coin supply, for example.We are confident that with the help of the community we can now dispose of the bad image we inherited from the original developer(s) and continue to refine DigitalNote to take a major and credible stand in the cryptocurrency sector. Now that the swaps are behind us, the team can concentrate our efforts on XDN development and partnerships to shape our destiny. We have some really exciting announcements ahead. The team could not have done this without you. Thank YOU for your support and all the devs who helped to make this happen.As promised here are the 3 burn addresses of 3,000,0000,000 XDN that the community can monitor.Each address has 1,000,000,000 XDN allocated to them. These addresses will not be touched and have been placed on reserve which means they will not stake. The community has full access to view the balances on these accounts to ensure corporate governance. The team did not anticipate this result and there will be disappointed holders that missed the cut; however, we have done everything we could to warn people over the 6-month period to swap and we now enter a new era.BURN-01: dMsop93F7hbLSA2d666tSPjB2NXSAfXpeU daigDQ7VxAFwmhh59HstA53KYD5a4q81N5 dVibZ11CVyiso4Kw3ZLAHp7Wn77dXuvq1dhttp:// thanks from the XDN team to the entire XDN community for their patience during the swap.


19. 10. 09

DigitalNote (XDN) — New Coi...

DigitalNote (XDN) — New Coins for Old! — “XDN moonshot opportunity…”XDN recently broke the shackles of its stubborn and unreliable Cryptonote technology of the past, ushering in a new, fairer world, spanning finance, governance, and much more. It not only brings in a new way of transacting in a more efficient and transparent way but also offers the potential to initiate a completely new way of utilising the internet.XDN’s brand new Proof-Of-Work/Proof-Of-Stake (PoW/PoS) hybrid blockchain was created to improve security and the lack of privacy that is currently attributed to blockchain technology, both unifying and expanding possibilities. XDN’s Proof-Of-Work hybrid blockchain directly affects how the system handles block production and stimulates interest in doing so while bolstering security and protection from a 51% attack which still haunts many current projects. Delegates are incentivized to run Masternodes that help process and validate network transactions.Not only is XDN a more autonomous system, it is also more efficient and effective. The unique selection of block creators allows transactions to be validated in a matter of seconds, rather than the 10 minutes it takes the proof of work system employed by Bitcoin.XDN has been built around some of the best features in the crypto world including privatized transactions, encrypted messaging, staking rewards, Masternodes, PoS/PoW Hybrid with our revolutionary and unique VRX targeting system.This is a real breath of fresh air to the community holding XDN.DO NOT DELAY: The new XDN technology requires users to swap their old for the new coins before the cut off date, October 5 2019. Holders of old XDN can register their claim for new XDN 2.0 coins at Once approved, it takes about 15 minutes, start to finish to swap. Exchanges, Bittrex and UpBIT have already updated to the new chain. Holders of XDN on HitBTC and Freewallet may have to wait awhile for a resolution.The XDN team working on this project are incredibly responsive and have an active Discord server to help the community with wallet issues and general support. Join them today: can also find them on twitter: more information:


19. 08. 02


- Proof-of-work change to CryptoNightV1 (variant 1 also known as “monero7”) to remain ASIC resistant- Difficulty adjustment algorithm has been updated to Zawy’s LWMA to resist hash and timestamp attacks- Seed nodes updated to be operational (no more unresponsive seeds from old dev)- Block target reduced to 2 minutes- Difficulty is hardcoded to “reset” back to GPU levels for blocks immediately following the fork so that the network continues to work as intended and does not stall- Latest checkpoints and small Payment Gate bug fixMajor pools and exchanges have been notified in advance about the hardfork and the team will begin distributing the updated core in preparation for the fork. If there are any issues with major exchanges we will delay the fork date but as of now it is set tentatively for June 25th (or more accurately block height 668,946).The newest wallet client will be available on our github and posted on this thread for our users before the fork date: (the current V1.0.14b-beta is also newly released but it is pre-fork so you will need to update to the new post-fork client V1.0.15-beta release when it is available on our github). You must update your client or you will be transacting on the old network and will not be able to interact with pools, exchanges or other users.We will have more information soon, including future plans and other developments (bear with us, we first had to provide these major updates to secure the protocol for users ASAP). We wish this fork could have come sooner, but we can’t rush the fork now that the code is ready as we must have the exchanges and pools on board to make the transition as smooth as possible (if you want to complain, blame the disappearing dev).General InformationDigitalNote is a cryptocurrency forked from the original CryptoNote cryptocurrency, Bytecoin, in May of 2014. If you are familiar with Monero you may know that it is also forked from Bytecoin and was created just two months previously to DigitalNote. XDN provides the same anonymous and untraceable transactions of the base protocol, but builds upon it further to add two important features that define DigitalNote as we know it today today: encrypted messages and blockchain deposits. DigitalNote will never have an ICO of any sort in the future. No airdrops or premine.Official LinksGithub: (redesign in the works)Block Explorer: (official explorer coming soon — for now you must use minergate)CoinMarketCap: Us on Social MediaDiscord:


18. 06. 11

DigitalNote Official Transi...

Those familiar with DigitalNote’s history may know that one of the hardest things that XDN has struggled with in the past was the unification of its community and developers. Traders come and go, but it takes a team of self-motivated, skilled developers and a passionate community to succeed. Together we’ve experienced numerous technical advances and progress since the coin’s conception in 2014 when privacy coins were only first being experimented with. It all started as an anonymous cryptocurrency known as “duckNote” then evolved into “DarkNote”, which added encrypted messaging, and eventually took a quantum leap into “DigitalNote” with blockchain staking and merged mining. DigitalNote started as a fork of Bytecoin, just like Monero, and is arguably more technologically advanced than many of its cryptonote brothers. Throughout the years DigitalNote has blossomed into a powerful force verses censorship and government surveillance. Worldwide events and the prevalence of leak culture have continued to transform our societies for the better, amplifying the importance of encrypted, untraceable technologies such as DigitalNote that provide true financial privacy and P2P bank functionality.After months of trying to contact the previous developers, XDN’s future looked bleak. Something had to be done. Veteran community members and skilled developers gathered together about a month ago in a dedicated effort to continue to bring DigitalNote to its full potential. Today we announce publicly that DigitalNote is now officially in active development. Long term success and legitimacy are of utmost importance to the core team and we look forward to remaining transparent and focused. We are excited to work with the community to provide stability and innovation to the DigitalNote network.In the coming months we will see the first wallet update released from the new team with bug fixes and other changes. The full source code will also be available and compilable for all, unlike in the past. We will then be releasing open source pool software so that the network hash rate can be spread out more fairly to further secure the protocol. A web wallet will also be released that will allow users to access their funds securely from any web browser. There are many other features that we will incorporate into DigitalNote, but these are the immediate projects that are currently in development. We will also be revamping the website. This team is in it for the long haul and we look forward to meeting others who are like-minded and passionate.Please join us on our new official community channels:Website: XDN Dev TeamDigitalNote Official Transitional Statement was originally published in DigitalNoteXDN on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 04. 25

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