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Xriba has developed a variety of tools to address the ambiguity in evaluating ICOs from a financial perspective. With Xriba, you can record financial transactions on the block chain and provide dashboards based on those records to broaden decision-making to entrants and entrepreneurs and empower fair ICO assessments.

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Europe recognizes cryptocur...

Xriba will help companies to account for them in the financial statements.By January 2020 EU member states are obliged to recognize virtual currencies. Starting from the end of July 2018, the new EU directive 2018/843 will become effective, which implies this introduction.In fact, with this text the EU officially recognizes the cryptocurrencies, giving them a different legal status than the fiat currencies; Consequently with the introduction of this text, the nations that are part of the European Union are obliged to recognize them.This assumes that, after the regulation, cryptocurrencies will have to be universally accepted as payment. Companies that will also accept to receive cryptocurrencies as payment will need to account for them in order to correctly register them in the budget in according to the law of the countries in which they operate.Xriba is the first standard designed to register accounting within the Blockchain. A unique protocol created to bring transparency and responsibility to the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional business.About that we have developed a series of applications including: Mastrobook (with already over 50,000 registered documents) and Cryptobooks, for registration and accounting management and XribaPay, the first payment platform that allows companies to conduct financial transactions both in cryptocurrency that in fiat currency.Now we’re working on the release of the latter. In the beta version, XribaPay will be the first business wallet designed for the needs of entrepreneurs and all those who have to carry out business transactions. The main feature is the possibility of converting each transaction in cryptocurrency into a corresponding transaction in fiat, based on an accounting document and in according to the laws of your state.


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Xriba has an efficient arch...

Xriba has built an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows companies and users to interact with its protocol for financial transaction management, in order to record transactions in the blockchain.In December 2018 Xriba Protocol dashboard and API documentation will be finalized and ready.With Xriba it will be possible to release one or more physical or virtual debit card associated with one account and there will be the possibility to assign a debit card and pair it with a company employee. Payments will be able to be made in fiat or crypto. Every time a payment is made via debit card, a notification on the user’s smartphone will give a reminder to upload a file or take a picture of the receipt, which will be automatically and immediately reconciled in the books;The public will have the opportunity to benefit from Xriba debit cards, as early as the first quarter of 2019.During Q1 2019 the integration with other bookkeeping software systems, Xriba auditing for ICOs and the third version of Mastrobook app will be released.During the same period Xriba Crypyobooks dashboard for ICOs will be up and running.In the meantime, we will be working on creating solid partnerships with other bookkeeping platforms to be able to integrate with the Xriba protocol.With the development of the Xriba protocol, you will finally have a loyal partner that will bring transparency and accountability to crypto and traditional business, but above all it will help your company to save 70% of the time spent in accounting and payments. The revolution has just begun!


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Xriba Roadmap: The developm...

The first application on the Xriba protocol is “Mastrobook” and its Beta version is already operative since April 2018 and already used by 1000 Italian companies. The sale of its licenses was a huge success and we ran out of it in a very short time.Mastrobook is the first accounting software aimed at traditional companies providing a cutting-edge tool to better organize treasury and always staying on top of the accounts.Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the software extracts data from accounting documents, identifies any errors, offers support and assistance to the final user, reminding deadlines and documents for efficient accounting management.From end of July, licenses will be available for sale to all companies in Italy. This will allow to save 70% of the time spent on accounting and payments.On the Xriba protocol run two more applications: Cryptobooks and XribaPay.Cryptobooks is basically the crypto version of Mastrobook, only it will cater for companies that hold cryptocurrencies that will be then able to record crypto transactions automatically and convert them in the local fiat main currency.XribaPay will instead be the payment app linked to both Mastrobook and Cryptobooks, which will allow for payments to go out automatically after being invoiced.In Q3 Cryptobooks and Xriba e-payment mobile app will be available to the public.Xriba integrates bookkeeping, payments and a corporate wallet for both traditional and blockchain companies. The decentralized wallet will also be accessible via smartphone, and will be called ‘company vault.’ In Q3 of 2018 the first version of Business e-Wallet will be released.In the same quarter Founding members from multiple countries will finalize the launch of the “TokenCheck Foundation”, a non-profit organization which will provide products and services to establish transparency and accountability to the cryptocurrencies ecosystem.Cryptobooks & XribaPayCryptobooks app is the corresponding cryptocurrency version of Mastrobook. The main difference between Mastrobook and Cryptobooks is that Cryptobooks has some additional features that are specific to ICO start-ups.Mastrobook and Cryptobooks are built to be easily integrated with XribaPay, a payment app that will allow for payments both in fiat or crypto to go out automatically, saving time and costs for the final user and for the company.Thanks to the XribaPay smartphone app, you can open accounts quickly and easily.Opening an account will take only a few minutes and thanks to the app for Android and iOS, entrepreneurs will have constant access to their account to check the balance and make transfers.Furthermore, in the Q3 of 2018, the Xriba protocol will be operative and perfectly able to record accounting in the Blockchain.At the same time, the dashboard for the TokenCheck Foundation will be available together with the second version of the Mastrobook and the first version of Cryptobooks app.


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