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DAD는 전 세계 광고를 연결하는 인프라를 만들기위해 노력하는 차세대 탈중앙화 광고 플랫폼입니다.

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DAD Monthly Report 2020–06

DevelopmentDAD-chain:Implemented VBFT algorithm, optimized block synchronization, and fixed some bugs;Added 17579 lines of codes, added 23 files, submitted codes 178 times;Released version 1 time.DAD-dsp:The data provider connected to the SDK and is responsible for completing the advertisement requests, display, and data collection;Added 120403 lines of codes, added 35 files, submitted codes 15 times;Released version 3 times.Product & DAppDSP bidding system design, including RTB interface design, AdExchange docking, adapter, processor requirements, 50% completed;Advertising anti-cheat portrait construction, including but not limited to false traffic portraits, real traffic portraits, and behavioral portraits, 100% completed;Research on advertising anti-fraud risk control strategies, including pre-prevention, interception during the event, and post-event processing. 30% completed.Market & PRThe market value holds a steady ranking of the top 140 in Coinmarketcap;The Telegram group has 1,000 online daily users.Community BuildingTelegram: 8964Twitter: 1978Facebook: 3362Medium: 691Kakao: 1063Team & RecruitmentRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerAI Algorithm EngineerCommunity Operation ManagerBusiness Development (BD)개발 진척DAD-chain:VBFT 알고리즘을 구현, 블록 동기화를 최적화, 일부 bug를 수복;18756행 코드 추가, 23개 파일 추가, 935번 코드 제출;1번 발행.DAD-dsp:트래픽 제공측 sdk에 접속, 트래픽 제공측의 광고 포지션의 광고 요구를 완성,전시 그리고 데이터 수집하는 것을 담당;120403 코드 추가, 35개 파일 추가,15번 코드 제출;3번 발행.제품 & DAppDSP 가격 경쟁 시스템 설계, RTB 인터페이스 설계, AdExchange연결, 어댑터, 프로세서 요구 정리 등이 포함, 완성도: 50%;광고 안티 스팸 화상 구성, 포함하지만 허위 트래픽 화상, 리얼 트래픽 화상, 행위 화상 등에 한정되지 않습니다. 완성도: 100%;광고 안티 치팅 위험 통제 전략 연구, 사전 방범, 사중 차단, 사후 처리의 세 단계를 포함하는 리스크 포인트를 취합하여 전략을 제작. 완성도: 30%.마케팅 & PR시가 랭킹이 Coinmarket 톱 140위에 안정;텔리그램 그룹의 일일 온라인 유저는 1000명에 달합니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 8964Twitter: 1978Facebook: 3362Medium: 691Kakao: 1063팀& 모집모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가인공지능 알고리즘 엔지니어커뮤니티 운영 매니저비즈니스 발전 (BD)Follow us on social mediaWebsite: Monthly Report 2020–06 was originally published in DADChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


20. 07. 05

DAD Monthly Report 2020–05

DevelopmentDAD-chain:Completed new command line CLI modules, updated WebSocket subscribe, and added event release filters. Added the wasm port, the pre-execution of smart contracts supports querying, adding a Merkle proof port, optimized synchronization speed;Added 4206 lines of codes, added 34 files, submitted codes 968 times;1 release.DAD-DSP:Implemented cookie mapping function;Added 4331 lines of codes, added 12 files, submitted codes 7 times;2 releases.Product & DAppDSP bidding system design, including RTB interface design, AdExchange docking, adapter, processor requirements, 10% completed;Advertising anti-cheat portrait construction, including but not limited to false traffic portraits, real traffic portraits, and behavioral portraits, 70% completed;Research on advertising anti-fraud risk control strategies, including pre-prevention, interception during the event, and post-event processing. 10% completed.Market & PRThe market value holds a steady ranking of top 190 in Coinmarketcap;The user activation of the telegram community has increased stably with an average daily chat record of more than 300, among them, users from Indonesia and South Korea are more active. Since DAD listed Indodax, the number of Indonesian users joining the community has increased;Successfully listing on CoinGecko and Blockfolio, CoinGecko Launched back in 2014, it’s one of the earliest and largest data aggregators in the industry. CoinGecko currently tracks more than 4,700 coins and over 300 exchanges.Community BuildingTelegram: 14331Twitter: 1979Facebook: 3362Medium: 688Kakao: 1063Team & RecruitmentRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerAI Algorithm EngineerCommunity Operation ManagerBusiness Development (BD)개발 진척DAD-chain:새로운 명령행 CLI 모듈을 완성, websocket 구독 업데이트 및 사건 배포 필터 추가, wasm 인터페이스 추가, 스마트 계약의 사전 실행 조회 지원, merkle 증명 인터페이스 추가, 동기화 속도 최적화;4206행 코드 추가, 34개 파일 추가, 968번 코드 제출;1번 발행.DAD-DSP:cookie mapping 기능 실현;4331행 코드 추가, 12개 파일 추가, 7번 코드 제출;2번 발행.제품 & DAppDSP 가격 경쟁 시스템 설계, RTB 인터페이스 설계, AdExchange연결, 어댑터, 프로세서 요구 정리 등이 포함, 완성도: 10%;광고 안티 스팸 화상 구성, 포함하지만 허위 트래픽 화상, 리얼 트래픽 화상, 행위 화상 등에 한정되지 않습니다. 완성도: 70%;광고 안티 치팅 위험 통제 전략 연구, 사전 방범, 사중 차단, 사후 처리의 세 단계를 포함하는 리스크 포인트를 취합하여 전략을 제작. 완성도: 10%.마케팅 & PR시가 랭킹이 Coinmarket 톱 190위에 안정;전보 커뮤니티의 사용자 활성화는 평균 일일 채팅 기록이 300 개 이상으로 안정적으로 증가했으며 그 중에서 인도네시아와 한국의 사용자가 더 활동적입니다. DAD가 Indodax를 상장 한 이후 지역 사회에 가입 한 인도네시아 사용자 수가 증가했습니다;CoinGecko 및 Blockfolio에 성공적으로 상장 된 CoinGecko는 2014 년에 출시되어 업계 최초이자 최대 규모의 데이터 수집 업체 중 하나입니다. CoinGecko는 현재 4,700 개가 넘는 동전과 300 개가 넘는 거래소를 추적합니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 14331Twitter: 1979Facebook: 3362Medium: 688Kakao: 1063팀& 모집모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가인공지능 알고리즘 엔지니어커뮤니티 운영 매니저비즈니스 발전 (BD)Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


20. 06. 05

DAD Token distribution

DAD Tokens are published using the ERC20 standard with a total supply of 1 billion.The circulating supply will be released in batches. 1/2 of the total supply will be initially released to launch the economy system. Thereafter, 1/2 of the remaining will be released each year. All remaining amounts will be released in the fifth year.DAD Token is divisible to the 9th decimal place to satisfy circulation needs after its price goes up.Community and user rewards 35%The community, including users and developers, is of vital importance for the DAD blockchain.This portion will be distributed to communities in various events to reward volunteers and developers who contribute code or suggestions for DAD open source projects.Institutional partners 15%Institutions can provide resources to support the early development and operations of the DAD blockchain. They are also of great significance for long term growth and development.Partners 20%The DAD blockchain will have business functions in the real-world economy. Partners can provide all kinds of resources required by the launch and growth of the DAD blockchain. Their help on ecological distribution and business development is indispensable.Ecosystem expansion 15%This part of tokens will be used for activities to enrich the DAD blockchain ecosystem, including building applications, promotions, forming strategic partnerships in order to grow the coverage and usage of the DAD blockchain.Core team 15%To provide long term support and incentives for the core team to complete the product and technology development of the DAD blockchain and to provide continuous future enhancements and maintenance.


20. 05. 19

DAD Monthly Report 2020–04

DevelopmentDAD-wallet:Integrated web extension-polyfill-ts components for managing popup window creation and destruction during the smart contract invocation process;1005 lines of code added, 2383 lines of code deleted, 33 file modifications, 85 commits;3 releases;DAD-DSP:Integrated xlsx components to export report information;1328 lines of code modified, 28 commits;3 releases;Browser Background:The asynchronous background can synchronize and parse blockchain transaction data in batches to generate relevant statistical information.;3328 lines of code added, 38 commits, 85 files added;1 release;TS Add Smart Contract SDK FunctionPledge delivery costs, manage advertising statuses, enter application and advertising space information, and manage application and advertising space statuses;2576 lines of code added, 63 commits, 238 files added;4 releases;Product & DAppDevelop the DAD Token Swap Function, which can support the mapping of DAD tokens from the OEP-4 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol. 60% complete.Design DSP Real-Time Bidding product. 30% complete.Modeling of Anti-Spam Portraits for advertising, including but not limited to False Traffic Portraits, Real Traffic Portraits and Behavioral Portraits, etc., 30% completed.Market & PRSuccessfully launched Indodax, the largest currency transaction exchange in Indonesia, taking DAD/IDR as transaction pair;The market value holds a steady ranking of the top 290 in Coinmarket;Successfully held a 10-day “Quiz Time” event, which attracted more than 500 users. The user activation of the telegraph community has increased significantly with an average daily chat record of more than 800;To better achieve the strategic cooperation between partners, the Klaytn consensus node server run by DAD was migrated to Ankr cloud.Community BuildingTelegram: 14611Twitter: 1969Facebook: 3362Medium: 686Kakao: 1063Team & RecruitmentRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerAI Algorithm EngineerCommunity Operation ManagerBusiness Development (BD)개발 진척DAD-wallet:스마트 계약 프로세스 중에 팝업 창 생성 및 폐기를 관리하기 위해 통합된 webbexension-polyfill-ts 구성 요소를 사용했습니다;1005행 코드 추가, 2383행 코드 삭제, 33개 파일 수정, 85번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-DSP:보고서 정보를 내보낼 xlsx 구성요소 통합;1328행 코드 수정, 28번 제출;3번 발행;브라우저 백그라운드:백그라운드 비동기화는 대량으로 블록체인의 거래 데이터와 생성된 통계 정보를 동기화 및 분석할 수 있습니다;3328행 코드 추가, 38번 제출, 85개 파일 추가;1번 발행;TS 스마트 계약 SDK 기능 추가:광고 스마트 계약 입구 최적화하여 고객이 광고 정보를 입력, 배송 비용 보증, 광고 상태를 관리, 애플리케이션 및 광고 자리 정보를 입력, 애플리케이션 및 광고 자리의 상태를 관리할 수 있습니다;2576행 코드 추가, 63번 제출, 238개 파일 추가;4번 발행;제품 & DAppDAD 토큰 전환 기능의 개발을 진행하여 DAD 토큰을 OEP-4 협의를 ERC-20 협의로 투영할 수 있습니다. 완성도 60%;DSP 실시간 가격 경쟁 제품 설계, 이미 30% 완성하였습니다;광고 안티 스팸 화상 구성, 포함하지만 허위 트래픽 화상, 리얼 트래픽 화상, 행위 화상 등에 한정되지 않습니다. 완성도 30%마케팅 & PR인도네시아의 제일 큰 법화 거래소 Indodax 런칭 성공, DAD/IDR를 거래 쌍으로 사용;시가 랭킹이 Coinmarket 톱 290위에 안정;10일간 ‘퀴즈 타임’ 행사를 성공적으로 개최하여 총 500명이 넘는 사용자의 참여를 이끌어냈습니다. 일평균 채팅 기록은 800건 이상입니다.파트너 간의 전략적 합작 직책을 더 잘 수행하기 위해 DAD가 실행되는 Klaytn 공감대 절점 서버를 Ankr 클라우드로 이전합니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 14611Twitter: 1969Facebook: 3362Medium: 686Kakao: 1063팀& 모집모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가인공지능 알고리즘 엔지니어커뮤니티 운영 매니저비즈니스 발전 (BD)Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


20. 05. 05

DAD Monthly Report 2020–03

DevelopmentDAD-wallet:Used window-post-message-proxy as the communication component between web pages to realize interactions between other systems, such as DSP and SSP;731 lines of code added, 2743 lines of code deleted, 53 file modifications, 75 commits;4 releases;DAD-DSP:Used roadhog to debug and build locally, where the Mock function is implemented independently on the backend;3192 lines of codes modified, 47 commits;2 releases;DAD-SSP:Data mapping and visualization based on d3-shape, recharts, and realizing the slot report page; integrated xlsx components to export report information;3254 lines of code modified, 47 commits;3 releases;DAD-explorer:Integrated dropload components to refresh the transaction record list for mobile platforms; data visualization based on echarts for daily transactions and charts for new addresses;4315 lines of code modified, 58 commits;3 release;DAD Official Website:ERC20 Deposit interface added;2020 lines of code modified, 14 file modifications, 15 commits;1 release;Smart Contract:Advertiser functions are responsible for pledged corresponding delivery budget assets, advertising entries, and managing advertising delivery statuses. Traffic providers are responsible for managing information entries and status management for applications and advertising spaces;3974 lines of code added, 7 new files, 8 commits;2 releases;DSP Background:Monitors user ad statuses in real-time, counts user click behaviors, issues rewards, and provides current displayable ad information to traffic providers. Background timing processing has completed advertisement place and advertiser fee settlements. Provides user reward inquiries and collections;8861 lines of code added, 64 files added, 99 commits;2 releases;Browser Background:Add address numbers, the newest blocks, and transaction records; transaction details, query advertising center information;8354 lines of code added, 64 commits, 173 files added;3 releases;Official Website Background:Add ONT address generated for users to purchase and ERC20 Withdrawal Function;604 lines of code added, 3 files added, 7 commits;1 releases;Official Website Background:Generate ONT purchase address for users and Receive Purchase Function, Batch Process User Withdrawal Function;3580 lines of code added, 33 files added, 8 commits;1 release;Product & DAppDevelop the DAD Token Swap Function, which can support the mapping of DAD tokens from the OEP-4 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol. 40% complete.Design DSP Real-Time Bidding product. 10% complete.Add advertising anti-cheating label system definition. 20% complete.Market & PRSuccessfully launched Bitmax exchange.Market value enters the top 300 of CoinMarketCap.Reached a currency agreement with the head of a country’s legal currency exchange which will be launched soon.Community BuildingTelegram: 22578Twitter: 1900Facebook:3519Medium:686Kakao:1019Team & RecruitmentRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerAI Algorithm EngineerCommunity Operation ManagerBusiness Development (BD)개발 진척DAD-wallet:DSP와 SSP와 같은 다른 시스템 간의 상호 작용을 실현하기 위해 웹 페이지 간의 통신 구성요소로 window-post-message-proxy를 사용;731행 코드 추가, 2743행 코드 삭제, 53개 파일 수정, 75번 제출;4번 발행;DAD-DSP:roadhog 로컬 디버깅과 빌드를 사용하며 Mock 기능은 백엔드에서 독립적으로 실현;3192행 코드 수정, 47번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-SSP:d3-shape를 기반으로 recharts는 데이터의 맵핑 및 시각화를 진행하여 slot 보고서 페이지를 실현; 통합 Xlsx 구성 요소로 보고서를 내보냅니다;3254행 코드 수정, 47번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-explorer:통합 dropload 통신 구성은 모바일 플랫폼 구현을 위한 거래 기록 목록 리셋을 실현; 일일 거래에 대한 echart 및 새 주소에 대한 차트를 기반으로 데이터를 시각화;4315행 코드 수정, 58번 제출;3번 발행;DAD 공식 홈페이지:ERC20 충전 기능 페이지 추가;2020행 코드 수정, 14개 파일 수정, 15번 제출;1번 발행;스마트 계약:광고주 기능은 서약된 해당 배송 예산 자산, 광고 항목 및 광고 배달 상태 관리를 담당합니다. 트래픽 공급자는 애플리케이션 및 광고 공간의 정보 입력 및 상태 관리를 관리합니다;3974행 코드 추가, 7개 파일 추가, 8번 제출;2번 발행;DSP 백그라운드:사용자의 광고 상태를 실시간으로 모니터링하고 사용자의 광고 클릭 행위를 집계, 보상을 발송하며 동시에 데이터 공급자에게 현재 전시 가능한 광고 정보를 제공합니다. 백스테이지 처리는 광고 투입을 완료하고 광고주 요금 정산을 완료합니다;8861행 코드 추가, 64개 파일 추가, 99번 제출;2번 발행;브라우저 백그라운드:신규 증가한 주소 수, 최신 블록, 거래 기록, 모든 블록, 거래 리스트, 사용자 주소 상세 정보 및 거래 기록, 거래 상세 정보, 광고 중심 정보 조회;8354행 코드 추가, 64번 제출, 173개 파일 추가;3번 발행;공식 홈페이지 백그라운드:사용자가 충전에 사용되는 ONT 주소 추가, ERC20 출금 기능 추가;604행 코드 추가, 3개 파일 추가, 7번 제출;1번 발행;백그라운드 자산 관리:사용자에게 ONT 충전 주소와 충전 입금 기능을 생성, 대량으로 사용자의 출금 기능을 처리;3580행 코드 추가, 33개 파일 추가, 8번 제출;1번 발행;제품 & DAppDAD 토큰 전환 기능의 개발을 진행하여 DAD 토큰을 OEP-4 협의를 ERC-20 협의로 투영할 수 있습니다. 완성도 40%.DSP 실시간 가격 경쟁 제품 설계, 이미 10% 완성하였습니다.광고 안티 치팅 라벨 시스템 정의를 추가하였습니다. 이미 20% 완성하였습니다.마케팅 & PRbitmax 거래소가 성공적으로 온라인.시가가 CoinMarketCap 톱 300에 진입.모 나라 톱 법화거래소와 통화 협정을 하였으며 곧 런칭할 예정입니다커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 22578Twitter: 1900Facebook: 3519Medium: 686Kakao: 1019팀& 모집모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가인공지능 알고리즘 엔지니어커뮤니티 운영 매니저비즈니스 발전 (BD)Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


20. 04. 05

DAD Monthly Report 2020–02

DevelopmentDAD-wallet:Integrated dropload components to refresh the transaction record list; supports smart contract calls;525 lines of code added, 2162 lines of code deleted, 43 file modifications, 97 commits;3 releases;DAD-DSP:Integrated DAD-DAPI communication components to achieve various scenarios of campaign smart contract invocation; dynamically loads models and routes based on DVA, loads on demand;2978 lines of codes modified, 53 commits;3 releases;DAD-SSP:Based on react, ANT-design, DVA, and Mock, best practices for enterprise-level back-end management systems. Integrated DAD-DAPI communication components to achieve smart contract invocation scenarios, such as account login, apps, on-chain slots, etc;2714 lines of code modified, 54 commits;2 releases;DAD-admin:Dynamic routing based on DVA and loading on demand; account login and management functions based on DAD-DAPI components, including activations, deletions, and other operating scenarios; configured extraBabelIncudes to realize complication compatibility;3752 lines of code added, 2973 lines of code deleted, 44 file modifications, 42 commits;3 releases;DAD-explorer:Lightweight responsive front-end based on bootstrap, jQuery; Integrated DAD-DAPI communication components to realize account logins;3745 lines of code modified, 49 commits;2 release;Smart Contract:The platform management function is responsible for reviewing advertiser and traffic provider information, counting user clicks on advertisements, reward distribution, and advertiser consumption settlements. Records user click events;4852 lines of code added, 6 new files, 11 commits;2 releases;DSP Background:User management is responsible for user creation and management. Advertiser functions are responsible for advertising information entries, reviews, deliveries, and status management;9472 lines of code added, 73 files added, 101 commits;3 releases;Lucky Box Background:Optimizes the display effect of ads, Records user’s behaviors of browsing ads;346 lines of code added, 5 new files added, 2 commits;2 release;Browser Background:The interface service is responsible for querying daily transaction statistics; adding querying user reward information and reward entries; test coin functions;7936 lines of code added, 39 commits, 195 files added;3 releases;Product & DAppUpdated the DAD wallet to V1.0.3 that supports multiple languages, including Korean. Added custom functionality Wallet Lock Time, which can enhance the Wallet plug-in security, and the user can customize the Wallet Lock Time. Added Asset display functionality and access to the exchange API to display DAD asset prices in the wallet in real time.Tested the DAD test network and optimized the stability of multi-node deployment to prepare for the test network going live.Market & PRExplored the application scheme for traffic monitoring in decentralized advertising with partner Klaytn.Negotiated with a number of fiat currency exchanges in Southeast Asia and South America. The listing plan is steadily bring promoted.Community BuildingTelegram: 21309Twitter: 1887Facebook:3525Medium:684Kakao:976Team & RecruitmentNew Members:One Front End DeveloperRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerSenior Operation ExpertCommunity Operation ManagerBusiness Development (BD)개발 진척DAD-wallet:집성 dropload 구성 요소, 실시간 거래 기록 리스트 리셋을 실현; 스마트 계약 사용 지원;525행 코드 추가, 2162행 코드 삭제, 43개 타일 수정, 97번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-DSP:집성 DAD-dsp 통신 요소, campagin의 스마트 계약의 다양한 시나리오를 실현; DVA를 기반으로 Model과 경로를 동적으로 로드하고 온디맨드 로드를 사용;2978행 코드 수정, 53번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-SSP:React, ANT 설계, DVA 및 Mock을 기반으로 엔터프라이즈 레벨 백엔드 관리 시스템을 구현하였습니다. 통합 DAD-DAPI 통신 구성 요소, 계정 로그인 실현, 앱, 온체인 slot 등 스마트 계약 시나리오;2174행 코드 수정, 54번 제출;2번 발행;DAD-admin:DVA를 기반으로 한 동적 라우팅, 온디맨드 로딩, 활성화를 비롯한 DAD-DAPI 구성 요소 기반 계정 로그인 및 관리 기능, 설정 및 기타 운영 시나리오, 응용프로그램 호환성을 실현하도록 추가BabelIncudes를 구성;3752행 코드 추가, 2973행 코드 삭제, 44개 파일 수정, 42번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-explorer:boostrap, jQuery의 경량 응답식 프론트 시트를 기반으로; 통합 DAD-dapi 통신 구성 요소 계정 로그인을 실현;3745행 코드 수정, 49번 제출;2번 발행;스마트 계약:플랫폼 관리 기능은 광고주 및 데이터 공급자에 대한 정보 검토, 사용자 광고 클릭 집계, 보상 배포 및 광고주 소비 결제를 담당하며 사용자 광고 클릭 이벤트를 기록;4852행 코드 추가, 6개 파일 추가, 11번 제출;2번 발행;DSP 백그라운드:사용자 관리는 사용자 창건 및 관리를 담당합니다. 광고주 기능은 광고정보 입력, 심사, 투입 및 상태 관리를 담당합니다. 트래픽 제공 측 애플리케이션의 입력, 검토 및 상태 관리;9472행 코드 추가, 73개 파일 추가, 101번 제출;2번 발행;Lucky Box 백그라운드:광고 전시 효과를 최적화, 유저의 광고 검색 행동을 기록;346행 코드 추가, 5개 파일 추가, 2번 제출;2번 발행;브라우저 백그라운드:인터페이스 서비스는 일일 거래 통계, 유저 보상 정보와 보상 수령 조사 입구, 테스트 코인 수령 기능을 추가;7936행 코드 추가, 39번 제출, 195개 파일 추가;3번 발행;제품 & DAppDAD wallet V1.0.3 업데이트하였으며 여러 언어를 지지하며 한국어 버전을 추가하였습니다. 지갑 시간 잠금 기능을 추가하여 지갑 플러그의 안전성을 증가하였으며 유저는 지갑 잠금 시간을 정할 수 있습니다. 자산 표시기능을 추가하였으며 거래소 API를 접속하여 실시간으로 지갑의 DAD 자산의 가격을 전시할 수 있습니다.DAD 네트워크를 테스트하여 여러 절점의 배치 안정성 문제를 최적화 하였으며 네트워크 온라인의 테스트를 위하여 준비하고 있습니다.마케팅 & PR파트너 Klaytn과 분권형 광고에서 트래픽 모니터링의 적용방안을 탐색하고 있습니다.동남아와 남미에서 여러 법화거래소들과 협상하였으며 계획은 착실히 추진되고 있습니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 21309Twitter: 1887Facebook: 3525Medium: 684Kakao: 976팀& 모집새로운 멤버:1명 프론트엔드 개발모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가고급 운영 전문가커뮤니티 운영 매니저비즈니스 발전 (BD)Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


20. 03. 05

DAD Monthly Report 2020–01

DevelopmentDAD-wallet:Based on dad-ts-sdk, achieved basic scenarios, such as private key and mnemonic login, multi-account management and switching, account recovery and export, transfer, etc.;400 lines of code added, 2422 lines of code deleted, 56 file modifications, 107 commits;3 releases;DAD-DSP:Data mapping and visualization based on the D3-shape and recharts to achieve the campaign report page;3385 lines of codes modified, 64 commits;2 releases;DAD-SSP:Based on Antd UI design language, provided common usage scenarios of back-end management systems;integrated DAD-DAPI communication components to achieve smart contract invocation scenarios, such as account login, apps, on-chain slots, etc.;2578 lines of code modified, 44 commits;2 releases;DAD-admin:Integrated DAD-DAPI communication components to realize aps, slots, campaigns, and other check operations for implementing smart contract calls;4235 lines of code added, 4790 lines of code deleted, 39 file modifications, 31 commits;1 release;DAD-explorer:Implemented DAD transaction record querying, tested token collection, advertising walls, and other basic scenarios;4059 lines of code modified, 57 commits;1 release;Smart Contract:Uses Golang to develop native smart contracts. Smart contracts are responsible for managing user advertisers, traffic providers, users, and platform management functions.5382 lines of code added, 7 new files, 9 commits;3 releases;DSP Background:The management background is responsible for user and role management, advertiser advertising management, traffic provider applications, and advertising space management, and background management systems.16717 lines of code added, 143 files added, 129 commits;3 releases;Lucky Box Background:When the ad slot displays the advertisement, the background queries can display the advertisement and provides users to click on the advertisement.649 lines of code added, 6 new files added, 1 submission;1 release;Browser Background:The browser background is responsible for synchronizing blockchain data to MySQL for easy querying. The interface service is responsible for querying all information; test coin functions.8636 lines of code added, 34 commits, 235 files added;3 releases;TS Add Smart Contract SDK Function:Encapsulating the advertising smart contract interface for clients to enter advertising information.1 file added, 694 lines of code;2 releases;Product & DAppThe DAD admin system v1.0.0 can perform audit functions of the DAD decentralized advertising system, including account creation for advertisers and traffic particles, as well as review and confirm campaigns, applications, and slots. 100% complete.Market & PRDAD and ONT continue to cooperate even further. ONT is the first public chain in China. The DAD mainnet will cooperate with ONT in aspects of on-chain identity, high concurrency, and cross-chain technology.DAD in-depth strategic partner Yeahmobi is rewarded as Tiktok Elite Overseas Advertising Partner of the Year.Community BuildingTelegram: 21445Twitter: 1885Facebook:3547Medium:683Kakao:868Team & RecruitmentRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerFront End DeveloperSenior Operation ExpertCommunity Operation Manager개발 진척DAD-wallet:DAD-ts-sdk를 기반으로, 개인키와 니모닉 로그인, 여러 계정 관리와 변경, 계정의 복구 및 내보내기, 전송 등의 기본 조작을 할 수 있습니다;400행 코드 추가, 2422행 코드 삭제, 56개 파일 수정, 107번 제출;3번 발행;DAD-DSP:d3-shape를 기반으로 recharts는 데이터의 맵핑 및 시각화를 진행하여 campaign 보고서 페이지를 실현하였습니다;3385행 코드 수정, 64번 제출;2번 발행;DAD-SSP:Antd UI 디자인계 언어를 기반으로 백엔드 관리 시스템의 공용 시나리오, 계정 로그인, 앱, 온체인 슬롯 등과 같은 스마트 계약 시나리오를 달성하기 위한 통합 DAD-DAPI 통신 구성 요소를 실현하였습니다;2578행 코드 수정, 44번 제출;2번 발행;DAD-admin:통합 DAD-dapi 통신 조립은 app, slot, campaign 등 check 조작의 스마트 계약 콜을 실현하였습니다;4235행 코드 새로 추가, 4790행 코드 삭제, 39개 파일 수정, 31번 제출;1번 발행;DAD-explorer:DAD 거래 기록 확인, 테스트 토큰의 수집, 광고 벽 및 기본 시나리오를 실현하였습니다;4059개 파일 수정, 57번 제출;3번 발행;스마트 계약:Golang을 사용하여 네이티브 스마트 계약을 개발하고 스마트 계약은 사용자 광고주, 데이터 공급자, 사용자 및 플랫폼 관리 기능을 관리합니다;5382행 코드 새로 추가, 7개 파일 새로 추가, 9번 제출;3번 발행;DSP 백그라운드:관리 백그라운드는 사용자 및 역할 관리, 광고주 광고 관리, 트래픽 제공 측 애플리케이션 및 광고 비트 관리 및 백그라운드 관리 시스템을 담당합니다;16717행 코드 새로 추가, 143 파일 새로 추가, 129번 제출;3번 발행;Lucky Box 백그라운드:광고 자리 전시 광고의 경우 조회 백그라운드에서 광고를 표시할 수 있고 사용자가 광고를 클릭하여 광고를 제공할 수 있습니다;649행 코드 새로 추가, 6 파일 새로 추가, 1번 제출;1번 발행;브라우저 백그라운드:브라우저 백그라운드는 블록체인의 데이터를 동기화하여 mysql가 편리하게 조회할 수 있도록 책임집니다. 인터페이스 서비스는 일일 거래 통계, 신규 증가한 주소 수;8636행 코드 새로 추가, 34번 제출, 235 파일 새로 추가;3번 발행;TS 스마트 계약 SDK 기능 새로 추가:광고 스마트 계약 인터페이스를 캡슐화하여 고객이 광고 정보를 입력;1개 파일 새로 추가, 694행 코드;2번 발행;제품 & DAppDAD 관리 시스템 v1.0.0은 광고주 및 트래픽에 대한 계정 생성 등 DAD 분산 광고 시스템의 감사 기능을 수행할 수 있을 뿐 아니라 캠페인, 애플리케이션, 슬롯을 검토하고 확인할 수 있습니다. 100% 완료.마케팅 & PRDAD와 ONT는 더 많은 협력을 진행하고 있습니다. ONT는 중국의 1위 공동 체인이며 DAD 메인 인터넷은 미래의 체인에서의 신원 식별, 높은 동시성 및 크로스체인 기술 면에서 ONT와 합작을 진행할 것입니다.DAD의 전략적 합작 파트너 Yeahmobi는 Tiktok Elite Overseas Advertising Partner of the Year가 되었습니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 21445Twitter: 1885Facebook:3547Medium:683Kakao:868팀& 모집모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가프론트엔드 개발고급 운영 전문가커뮤니티 운영 매니저Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


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DAD Monthly Report 2019–12

DevelopmentDAD-wallet:Added SLOT Blockchain Smart Contract Interface;3 Submits, 5 File Edits, 86 Lines Inserted, 77 Lines Deleted;Test Version, 1 Version, v1.0.3;DAD-DSP:Adjusted CAMPAIGN STATUS;10 Submits, 14 File Edits, 307 Lined Inserted, 18 Lines Deleted;Test Version, 1 Version, v1.0.1;DAD-SSP:Adjusted APP STATUS, Added SLOT to Blockchain;8 Submits, 13 File Edits, 490 Lines Inserted, 48 Lines Deleted;Test Version, 1 Version, v1.0.1;DAD-admin:Developed DAD Audit System;Audit Account & Management Functions; 31 Front End Submits, 39 File Edits, 4235 Lines Inserted, 4790 Lines Deleted;3 Back End Submits, 27 File Edits, 1350 Lines Inserted, 261 Lines Deleted;60% Complete;DAD-explorer:Fixed navigation bar BUG; 4 Submits, 11 File Edits, 24 Lines Inserted, 19 Lines Deleted;Test Version, 1 Version, v1.1.1Smart Contract:Changed status permission reviews of CAMPAIGN, APP, and SLOT.Added SLOT to Blockchain; 1 Submit, 3 File Edits, 228 Lines Inserted, 12 Lines Deleted;Product & DAppDAD ADMIN SYSTEM v1.0.0. Used to audit DAD’s decentralized advertising system. It includes account creation for advertisers and publishers, CAMPAIGN, APPLICATION and SLOT audits and confirmation. It’s 60% complete.Released DSP SYSTEM v1.0.1. Added audit functionality, changed advertisement injection procedure. Once CAMPAIGN is created and paid, it will be delivered to DAD AUDIT SYSTEM for processing. 100% complete.Released SSP SYSTEM UPDATE v1.0.1. Added audit functionality, added SLOT to Blockchain. Creation and activation will be delivered to the DAD AUDIT SYSTEM to proceed. 100% complete.Market & PR12.1 DAD held a meeting in Seoul. Herman, DAD COO, attended the event and demonstrated the decentralized advertising system.12.15 Cooperation started with Xangle, South Korean. Xangle is the fastest developing and most accurate information disclosure platform for the encryption industry.12.18 DAD has been detailed by, a Chinese platform specializing in Blockchain.Community BuildingTelegram: 29115Twitter: 1918Facebook:3561Medium:681Kakao:799Team & RecruitmentNew Members:One Front End DeveloperRecruiting:Senior Go Development EngineerCryptographerFront End DeveloperSenior Operation ExpertCommunity Operation Manager개발 진척DAD-wallet:SLOT 블록체인에 합의 입구 추가;3회 제출, 5 파일 수정, 86행 삽입, 77행 삭제;테스트 버전, 1개 버전, v1.0.3;DAD-DSP:CAMPAIGN STATUS 조정;10회 제출, 14 파일 수정, 307행 삽입, 18행 삭제;테스트 버전, 1개 버전, v1.0.1;DAD-ssp:APP STATUS 도정, 블록체인에 slot 추가;8회 제출, 13 파일 수정, 490행 삽입, 48행 삭제;테스트 버전, 1개 버전, v1.0.1DAD-admin:DAD의 검토 시스템 개발;계정과 계정 관리 기능을 검토; 프론트엔드 31회 제출, 39 파일 수정, 4235행 삽입, 4790행 삭제;백 엔드 3회 제출, 27개 파일 수정, 1350행 삽입, 261행 삭제;60% 완료;DAD-explorer:네비게이션 바 버그 수복;4회 제출, 11 파일 수정, 24행 삽입, 19행 삭제;테스트 버전, 1개 버전, v1.0.1스마트 합의:CAMPAIN, APP, SLOT의 상태 권한 수정, 블록체인에 SLOT을 추가;1회 제출, 3개 파일 수정, 228행 삽입, 12행 삭제.제품 & DAppDAD ADMIN 시스템 v1.0.0. DAD는 광고 시스템의 검토 기능을 중심화할 수 있으며 광고주 트래픽측의 계정 창건, CAMPAIGN, APPLICATION 그리고 SLOT의 검토와 확인이 포함되어 있습니다. 60% 완료.DSP 시스템 v1.0.1 발표. 검토 기능을 추가하였으며 광고 투방 절차 수정, CAMPAIGN을 창건과 지불 후에는 DAD 검토 시스템이 처리합니다. 100% 완료SSP 시스템 업데이트 v1.0.1 발표. 검토 기능을 추가하였으며 블록체인에 SLOT을 추가하였습니다. APPLICATION, SLOT의 창건 활성화는 DAD 검토 시스템이 처리합니다. 100% 완료.마케팅 & PR12.1 DAD는 서울에서 미팅을 한번 진행하였으며 DAD 수석 운영관 Herman은 분권형 광고 시스템을 전시하였습니다.12.15 한국 Xangle와 합작을 달성, Xangle는 암호화 업계에서 가장 빠르고 정확한 정보 노출 플랫폼 입니다.12.18 DAD는 중국 블록체인 플랫폼 feixiaohao.com에 수록되었습니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 29115Twitter: 1918Facebook:3561Medium:681Kakao:799팀& 모집새로운 멤버:1명 프론트엔드 개발모집:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가프론트엔드 개발고급 운영 전문가커뮤니티 운영 매니저Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


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DAD Team and South Korean C...

On December 1st, DAD held a meeting in Seoul. Herman, DAD COO, attended the event and demonstrated the decentralized advertising system DAD has developed. Releasing this decentralized advertising system means that DAD has hit another milestone in the field of blockchain advertising, and DAD is gradually making its vision a reality.Herman first introduced the origins behind the DAD project at the meeting. DAD is a blockchain project initiated by the top ten advertising companies in the world. Its parent company has more than 110,000 global advertisers and 150 million monthly active users. Plus, DAD is a supernode for the blockchain projects Klaytn, Ontology, NEO, and VSYS. DAD has also joined the governance committee for the blockchain project Klaytn, led by South Korean internet giant Kakao, and worked with committee members, including the aforementioned Kakao, LG Electronics, Celltrion, and Philippine Union Bank to promote development for a global blockchain ecosystem.Herman introduced the problems that plague the traditional advertising market, including fraudulent traffic, user information leaks, opaque advertising data, and users’ inability to make money by browsing ads. Subsequently, both community members and fans were presented with recent research and development results on a decentralized advertising system (internal beta). In this system, it is possible to implement decentralization online through the DAD test chain and smart contracts. Users browse published ads through publisher platforms and can receive their own advertising revenue in the DAD browser. Advertisers and publishers can also query funds and data of each advertisement on the blockchain. This system perfectly utilizes characteristics inherent to blockchain to solve the shortcomings that exist in the current advertising system, unveiling a brand new development direction and future for online advertising.Content on the Internet is borderless, and advertisements on the Internet are also not bound by national borders. However, traditional advertisers have erected barriers in a borderless advertising landscape. Advertisers, publishers, and users may come from different countries, and fund settlements will become complicated, inefficient, and lag. As an internet advertising giant, Facebook tried to open up its own ecology throughout its own companies by issuing Libra. However, the SEC’s supervision has shuttered these efforts. DAD’s decentralized advertising system has already taken the next step. The DAD advertising system can be used to complete global advertising and cross-border settlements. Advertisers, publishers, and users can freely transfer between the three with DAD tokens. This will greatly improve settlement efficiency for traditional advertising and make global online advertising placement simple yet efficient. Blockchain development, even today, is still in its infancy. DAD is the first to use blockchain technology to innovate in the advertising industry and has seized this opportunity. At the same time, with the Asian market’s openness towards blockchain, DAD has a ripe opportunity to surpass Facebook and to realize its vision to be the first decentralized infrastructure that connects global advertising. Blockchain technology has brought new opportunities to various industries. It is believed that with the parent company’s wealth of experience in the traditional advertising market and its continued exploration into blockchain technology, DAD is expected to become a leader in the future blockchain advertising market.


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DAD Monthly Report 2019–11

DevelopmentCode OptimizationAdvertiser: Pledge, place adsPublisher: Enter information, advertising fee settlementUser: View ads, earn rewardsProduct & DAppPublish blockchain browser V1.1 on the test network, add features including claiming test tokens, ads wall, user’s personal center, claiming, ad rewards.Publish DAD Wallet V1.0.2 on the test network, enable access to smart contracts for ad placement.Publish DSP (Demand-side Platform) V1.0, access DAD low-level test chain to support features, such as checking ad placement results, creating and placing ads.Publish SSP (Sell-side Platform) V1.0, access DAD low-level test chain to support features, app and ad slot releases, revenue reports on an advertising slot.Through smart contracts on the DAD test chain, support features including release of advertising slots, placing ads, viewing ads, and revenue settlement.Marketing & PRNov 7, DAD reached strategic cooperation with Dipbit, who announced that DAD was is the only partner they have reached cooperation with.Nov 22, DAD was included by CoinmarketcapNov 28, DAD debuted in Klaytn GC Summit in South Korean and introduced its in-house developed Decentralized Advertising System.Community BuildingTelegram: 29082Wechat: 245Twitter: 1941Facebook:3567Medium:680Kakao:807Team & HiringNew Members:1 Senior Go Developer1 New Media OperatorHiring:Senior Go DeveloperCryptographerFront-end DeveloperSenior OperatorSenior Test Engineer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------개발 진척코드 최적화광고 주요 기능: 품질보증, 광고투여트래픽 주요 기능: 트래픽 제공 측 정보 입력, 광고지불결제사용자 기능: 광고 보기, 보상 수령제품 & DApp테스트 블록체인 브라우저 V1.1 버전 발표, 테스트 코인 수령, 광고 벽, 사용자 개인 센터, 광고 보상 기능 추가하였습니다.테스트 네트워크 DAD walletV1.0.2 버전 발표, 스마트 계약 세션에 대한 광고 투입을 지지합니다.DSP (Demand-side Platform) V1.0 버전 발표, DAD 하위 테스트 링크를 연결하여 투입 효과 차트 보기, 광고창작과 투입기능을 지지합니다.SSP(Sell-side Platform) V1.0 버전 발표, DAD 하위 테스트 링크에 접속하여 트래픽 측 애플리케이션 및 광고 비트 지원패브릭, 광고 비트 수익 차트 보기 기능을 지지합니다.DAD 테스트 링크를 통하여 스마트 계약은 광고 부스 배포, 광고 투입, 광고 시청 및 수익 결제를 지지합니다.시장&PR11.7 DAD와 Dipbit 전략 합작을 달성하였으며 Dipbit는 DAD를 유일한 전략 광고 합작 파트너로 발표하였습니다.11.22 DAD는 coinmarketcap에 수록되었습니다.11.28 Klaytn 한국 GC 정상회의에 등장하였으며 자체 연구 중심화 광고 시스템을 처음 발표했습니다.커뮤니티 건설Telegram: 29082Wechat: 245Twitter: 1941Facebook:3567Medium:680Kakao:807팀&채용새 멤버:1명 베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어1명 뉴미디어 운영채용:베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어암호학 전문가프런트엔드 개발고급 운영 전문가베테랑 테스트 엔지니어Follow us on social mediaWebsite:


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DAD has been invited to par...

DAD has been invited to participate in the Klaytn GC Summit and demonstrated the Decentralized Advertising SystemDAD attended the Klaytn GC SummitOn November 28, 2019, DAD was invited to participate in the Klaytn GC Summit held in Seoul and delivered a keynote speech on DAD. The Klaytn Governance Committee is an alliance of multinational companies and organizations, including industry giants, such as Kakao, LG Electronics, Celltrion, and Union Bank of the Philippines. The committee is responsible for running the consensus node network and promoting ecosystem development.DAD, on behalf of Yeahmobi, gave a keynote speech at the GC Summit and debuted DAD’s decentralized advertising system. Klaytn is a blockchain project owned by the South Korean mobile internet giant Kakao, a leader in social apps in the South Korean mobile internet, with about 158 ​​million registered users and more than 50 million monthly active users. The GC Summit invited GC members, mainstream media representatives, and Klaytn community representatives to attend. The day was filled with industry insights. GC members shared their achievements in the blockchain field over the past year. DAD also brought its own decentralized advertising system.DAD COO Herman discussed the characteristics, status, and inherent problems in traditional internet advertising at the conference. The scale of the internet advertising market has now exceeded one trillion US dollars. It is beyond doubt that if anyone wants to place ads today, the internet will be their primary channel. However, there are too many problems in the current internet advertising market. For example, it is difficult to obtain accurate advertising channel data, and false traffic is near ubiquitous. Advertisers who have invested heavily cannot effectively reach their target customers, and users spend a lot of time and energy browsing without being rewarded. Problems like these have become pain points to further internet advertising development. Traditional internet giants have monopolized this market and turned a blind eye to these issues. It is difficult for vested stakeholders to have the motivation to reform, and emerging companies in the original ecology are not capable of posing serious challenges.The emergence of blockchain has solved this deadlock. Decentralization, the nature of blockchain, automatically fit into the advertising industry that faces hundreds and thousands of viewers. The transparent and traceable sources of data in the blockchain enables advertisers to clearly search for their advertising flow. And users, with their important role in the advertising ecosystem, can also earn something by browsing ads. Through the blockchain, advertising is no longer a black box, and everything has become open and transparent. Through the blockchain browser, advertisers can search for each flow of funds, settlement for advertising expenses, and how many real users have watched or interacted with a specific ad, which will effectively solve traffic fraud.Herman showed the decentralized advertising system independently developed by the DAD team at the conference. This is another important step for DAD after its launch in Bithumb, the largest exchange in South Korea, and it is also an important node for implementing the DAD decentralized advertising system. The entire advertising system uses blockchain technology to govern the community. Traffic providers can publish their advertising spots to attract high-quality advertisers and improve advertising efficiency. Advertisers can also view the flow of their funds on the DAD chain through the system. As a user, as long as the DAD Wallet plug-in is installed, you can earn an income by browsing ads.Through Herman’s briefing, we can see the great opportunities the blockchain has brought to the traditional advertising market. Emerging industries often create new opportunities. DAD still has a long way to go in the blockchain advertising. Let’s wait and see what it takes to become increasingly powerful in this emerging market.


19. 12. 04

DAD officially announced a ...

Recently, Dipbit Exchange officially announced a deep strategic cooperation with the DAD (Decentralized Advertising) project. Dipbit announced that DAD is the sole strategic advertising partner. The two parties will cooperate to promote the effective and transparent promotion of brand influence, and jointly promote the construction of an Internet advertising platform based on blockchain technology.DAD is a new generation of decentralized advertising blockchain dedicated to building the infrastructure to connect to global advertisement. Through the blockchain technology, the advertising data is more open and transparent; through the lightning network, small-scale high-frequency liquidation in the advertising field becomes possible; through the economic incentives of the token, the ecological societies are more active in maintaining ecological and healthy development.DAD, which currently has a mature advertising business model, has attracted the support of quality investment institutions such as OGC, NEO Ecological Fund and DHVC Danhua Capital. Currently DAD is the super node of several top blockchain projects, including Klaytn, Ontology, NEO and VSYS. At the same time, DAD joined the governance committee of Klaytn, the top blockchain project led by Korean Internet giant Kakao, and worked with members of the committee such as Kakao, LG Electronics, Celltrion, and Philippine United Bank to promote the development of the global blockchain eco-system.Dipbit officially opened beta in May 2019, with users in more than 70 countries around the world, has a first-class technical team, who has served BAT, Google, Facebook, etc., strong capital support, one-on-one customer support, holding Australia and Estonia Digital currency trading license, compliant operation.Currently supporting mainstream currency transactions (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.), Fiat currency transactions, etc., supporting Chinese and English languages, committed to becoming a global infrastructure platform leader in providing digital asset investment and trade for individuals and providing digital assets for institutional circulation.Nowadays, the cheating problem in the advertising industry is too serious. The advertisers spend money but have no effect. They can’t transparently monitor the quality of the distribution channels. Dipbit believes that through the cooperation with DAD, this problem will be solved, and advertisers can get the best traffic. Users can also see the most interesting advertisements, no middlemen, and achieve mutual benefit.With the establishment of strategic cooperation, Dipbit and DAD will work together to build a transparent and fair blockchain advertising ecosystem.


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The trading volume of DAD h...

DAD has launched South Korea’s largest exchange — Bithumb South Korea and Bithumb Global at 4:00 p.m. local time on October 29. There is a strong market’s reaction to the people after DAD opened trading on Bithumb, South Korea,Due to the market sentiment, the 24-hours trading volume of DAD on Bithumb South Korea reached 64.626 billion KRW (about 39.73 million US dollars) In the past one day, ranking the second in all trading pairs of Bithumb South Korea and is second only to BTC. On top of the ranking, is BTC’s 78.255 billion KRW trading volume (about 66.96 million US dollars). As trading volumes soared, prices continued to rise, peaking at 520.975 KRW (about $0.445). At present, the trading volume continues to rise and market sentiment is optimistic. To celebrate the official listing of DAD on Bithumb Global and give payback to the community, we will hold a “50,000 DAD Grand Prize Pool” event with Bithumb. During the event, you only need to recharge your Bithumb Global account with DADs or multiple mainstream digital currency then you can get up to 6000 DAD awards。Welcome to the event! (The event link is at the end of the article) DAD would like to thank every friend who accompanied DAD to grow up. In the future, we will cooperate with more high-quality projects, provide even more high-quality exchanges and give more feedback to the community. Please stay tuned to our project. The future is coming.Bithumb Global event link::


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DAD to partner with DVP str...

DAD & DVPDAD to partner with DVP strategicallyEconomic loss relating to blockchain security incidents has been increasing every year. According to BCSEC statistics, in 2018, the number of critical security incidents reached a record of 139, resulting in economic loss of $2.238 billion. In the first half year of 2019, the number of critical security incident reached 68 cases, causing economic loss of $684 million. The means of security attack are constantly evolving and difficult to prevent. We are pleased to announce our partnership with DVP, a decentralized vulnerability platform. Through this partnership, DAD can improve the loophole warning and urgent response mechanism, and then improve the blockchain industry’s overall security.About DVPDVP protocol will be built on the DVP blockchain, where each participant uses the protocol points to pay, receive, or enhance the verification service. The DVP protocol addresses the security issue of blockchain projects by creating scalable, low-cost systems. The protocol contains the major reward payment system: An automated bounty payment system for rewarding the participants who find vulnerabilities, establishing an automatic reward payment system for white hats and the vendors. Thanks to the distributed network of participants, DVP protocol is able to mitigate the impacts of malicious players, provide the computing power required, as well as exert governance.Cooperation ProspectsDAD is still at its infancy stage, and it must develop with its security technology synchronously. As a blockchain project, it’s mostly related with financial sector, security must be a high priority. Otherwise, vulnerability might cause huge irretrievable economic loss. Our cooperation with DVP has solved this problem very well. We have settled in the DVP platform. It makes our blockchain network more robust and secure,and it further protects the security of our users’ assets. In the future, more DAD’S open source projects will participate in DVP’s security testing to optimize our code in a decentralized way continuously.DAD official website: https://dad.oneFind DAD elsewhereDAD official websiteTwitter/Facebook/LinkedIn


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