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Karma is a social networking platform designed to give users all over the world incentives for good behavior and to receive karma in exchange for humanity.

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KARMA’s Live — Special Than...

KARMA’s Live — Special Thanks to EOS Sw/eden, dfuse and moreKARMA’s movement from EOS (mainnet) to WAX (mainnet) is now complete. The transition was seamless and all in-app transactions are now happening on the WAX blockchain. If you haven’t yet, make sure you update your iOS or Android app to the newest version of KARMA. If you held KARMA in an EOS account outside of the KARMA app, then you can just use the same active private key and import your WAX account using KARMA or a wallet like Lynx.Special Thanks to dfuse & EOS Sw/edenThe team behind EOS Sw/eden aided the move from the EOS mainnet to the WAX mainnet by collaborating with KARMA.An overwhelming amount of the API requests are constantly being sent to EOS Sw/eden’s servers mainly for querying data from the blockchain. They separate these requests to different nodeos instances partly to ensure that incoming transactions would not be over billed by the API-nodes or the peering nodes on their way to the producer’s queues. EOS Sw/eden pulled up one extra nodeos instance on the EOS-side, and one on the WAX-side to help handle an increased load of incoming transactions.From the start, we have been using the powerful and intuitive APIs of dfuse to power KARMA. dfuse allowed us to port from the EOS mainnet to the WAX mainnet, almost instantly, without the need to refactor our backend, as they offer the same tooling for both chains. With that, KARMA only had to change the dfuse endpoints that it was calling, making the transition almost plug-and-play from the standpoint of reading and writing to the blockchain. The team at dfuse also offered exceptional support from the early days of the dapp to the transition to WAX — which is not often seen in the blockchain space!Key LinksiOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/karma-social-network-for-good/id1446344513Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.karmaapp.karma&hl=en_USNeed Help? Join The KARMA Community: https://t.me/karmaappKARMA is a social network designed for those who create the value, to actually earn it. Users are incentivized to do good, share positive & original content and receive KARMA from every like their content receives.Download the app today and get rewarded for sharing good content!


19. 12. 17

KARMA Is Moving From EOS To...

KARMA Is Moving From EOS To WAXThe KARMA project has been building on EOSIO since day 1. We are as optimistic as ever on EOSIO technology. It’s important to understand the difference between EOS (the chain/token) and EOSIO (the software used to deploy chains, tokens & smart contracts). You can think of each chain as their own nation, with their own set of rules and unique characteristics.KARMA has been at the forefront of innovating and creating solutions for friction points to make an app utilizing blockchain that can reach millions of users. Early on KARMA created a way to pay RAM for all users and was the first app on EOS to enable “We Pay CPU”. Even with all of that, on EOS we feel there are major points of friction holding KARMA back from being able to reach the goals of the project. Things like account creation cost, the high cost of CPU/bandwidth and the lack of access to funding from the ecosystem.Issues With EOS (Mainnet)- Block Producer’s lack of a response to the EIDOS situation & upgrades- Account Creation cost (between $0.40 — $1.50)- Cost of CPU/Bandwidth - Lack of a functioning Worker Proposal SystemTaking all of this into account, the question needed to be asked. Is EOS (mainnet) the best place currently to run KARMA for both user experience and cost? After going through all of the options and factors involved, the conclusion arrived at was that WAX was the best option for the KARMA project at this time.Why WAX?- Quality/Active Block Producers- Office Of Inspector General (to ensure quality Block Producers)- Free Accounts (or extremely cheap/less than a penny)- CPU/Bandwidth Cost- Worker Proposal System - Real world businesses coming to WAX with a high number of users- Creating NFT (items) to acquire & swap within KARMAWhat do I need to do for the switch to WAX?For Accounts in the KARMA app: The switch will happen like magic. An account on WAX will be created for you with the same public key and a matching balance of your KARMA tokens will be in your new WAX account when viewing your balance in the KARMA app.For Accounts holding KARMA outside of the app: WAX accounts will be created for every KARMA holder. These accounts will be created on WAX with the same public key as your current EOS account holding KARMA. You’ll be able to take the same active private key and access your KARMA in your WAX wallet. Lynx is a great wallet that can be used on desktop to import a key and use your wax account.After the switch to WAXOnce the switch is complete, all KARMA tokens will be frozen & burned on the EOS mainnet to keep the total supply of KARMA the same.LinksWebsite: https://www.karmaapp.io/Telegram: https://t.me/karmaappTwitter: https://twitter.com/karmaapp_io


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KARMA Boost Revenue Burn De...

So far the introduction of boosting and tipping KARMA has been a great success! Over 8,382,617 KARMA has been spent by the community to boost their content. This has created a totally fluid and democratic content promotion system. It’s your tokens, and your choice on what message you want to share with the world.Boosting has become a great equalizer for new users to the platform. It gives a way for others to discover their content.Unfortunately the largest social media platforms that many of us use, are actively picking winners and losers. This is unacceptable and something that KARMA will continue to have no tolerance for.Often times, those who are spending KARMA to boost their content are also receiving KARMA from the likes and tips that they receive. This allows them to use the KARMA earned to further extend their promotions. This is a totally unique aspect of the BOOST system within KARMA. On platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you spend fiat to get X # of impressions and generally that’s it. There’s no shared incentive between promoter and viewer like there is within KARMA.Why does Ad Revenue get burned?Every day, new KARMA is created to guarantee that the community will earn rewards. KARMA spent on boosting content will then be burned/destroyed. This is done to offset the KARMA created from inflation, with the intention of making KARMA’s supply deflationary.Imagine an economic system where the community has a guarantee that rewards are coming, while the total supply is shrinking as opposed to just growing. Combine a stable or shrinking supply with a token that has several use cases and that’s when the magic starts to happen.When and where will the burn happen?Tokens flow when boosted to the EOS Account karmapromote.Starting this week promoted KARMA tokens will be burned once a week. This may change to happen in real time as opposed to once per week.The # of burned tokens will be tracked on the KARMA Website.—Website: https://www.karmaapp.io/Twitter: https://twitter.com/karmaapp_ioTelegram: https://t.me/karmaapp


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Claim your KARMA by August ...

KARMA Burn On August 3rdOn July 1st, 2018 we used the EOS genesis block snapshot to airdrop billions of KARMA to over 100k accounts. Users received KARMA at a 9:1 ratio for every EOS that they had at the time of the snapshot. KARMA did the first “Fairdrop” in blockchain history. Whales with 250,000 EOS and above were capped. The most KARMA they could receive in the airdrop was 2,250,000 KARMA. This was done to create a more fair distribution of KARMA to EOS holders.*If you acquired your KARMA any other way besides the initial airdrop, this burn won’t effect your KARMA.Current Total Accounts With KARMA: 170,030Why should I claim?Any KARMA not claimed by August 4th, 2019 at Midnight CST will be burned. This means the KARMA will be destroyed and will no longer exist. This will lower the total supply of KARMA that exists.Currently there’s approximately 1,434,550,71 KARMA that is unclaimed.Within eosio blockchains, holding tokens in an account costs RAM. In order to airdrop a token to an eosio account, the sender (token contract) needs to pay for all receivers account’s ram needed to store the token until they take possession. By airdropping to all EOS accounts the ram required accumulates quite a bit and has a substantial cost. Receiving accounts can claim their tokens and effectively take the RAM cost of storing the tokens to themselves. Claiming your tokens helps to relieve us from the cost of paying for your RAM. Additionally you express your interest to the project by becoming an active community member.How To ClaimIt’s very simple. To claim possession of your KARMA you can send “any” amount of KARMA to any eosio account.For Example: Send 0.0001 KARMA to “therealkarma” account and your tokens will be claimed by you and your account.“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”- Leonardo DaVinci—Website: https://www.karmaapp.io/Twitter: https://twitter.com/karmaapp_ioTelegram: https://t.me/karmaapp


19. 07. 31

KARMA Contract Updates: Nev...

KARMA Contract Updates: Never Worry About RAM AgainThis is extremely exciting and is a giant step forward for KARMA. Users should NOT have to worry about CPU/NET/RAM, especially people new to blockchain. It’s been a focus of KARMA since day 1, to make KARMA as easy and fun to use as possible. We want to make the EOS blockchain & blockchain interactions within KARMA, invisible to the users. We’re excited to announce that CPU/NET/RAM should not be an issue for users on KARMA anymore.The Primary Contracts For KARMA Now Cover:therealkarma: Power UpsPower Up history (used to make sure they get rewards if they powerup but haven’t claimed for a while)Refund requests when powering downthekarmadapp:PostsVoter history (has someone voted this day)Votes on postsInflation historyDaily post historyThe Only Thing A User Will Pay RAM For Within KARMATransferring KARMA to someone who doesn’t have any KARMA.This is an edge case as 99% of users within KARMA have some. With the initial 2,000 bytes of RAM that karmasignups buys for new accounts, this minimal/edge case action should never restrict a user from using KARMA.*If a user were to use their account outside of KARMA with another unrelated contract/dapp, they may be charged CPU/NET/RAM for those transactions.CPU/NET Within KARMA Is Not An IssueUsers accounts are currently required to cover CPU/NET usage within KARMA. With the help of CPU Emergency, if a user ever runs out, a button pops up that when clicked gives the users 10 EOS delegated to them so they can continue to use the app.—KARMA Website: https://www.karmaapp.io/


19. 07. 25

Content Boosting & Tipping ...

After months of development we’re excited to announce two fantastic features now live on KARMA.BOOST: Use KARMA (token) to promote your content to show up higher in the popular feed and get more attention to your content.TIP: Directly tip content creators on their post. 100% of your tip goes to the content creator of your choice.Content BoostingThe ability to boost your post is a crucial aspect of the tokenomics for KARMA. This adds a tremendous use case for the KARMA (token) in addition to the existing utility (influence) already being used daily by the community.Initially, 50% of all KARMA used to “boost posts” will be burned. The burning of KARMA will help to offset newly created tokens from inflation and can potentially even make KARMA’s supply deflationary. The other 50% of Boost revenue will be used by KARMA ltd to continue to grow the KARMA ecosystem.Boosted KARMA has a diminishing weight on a running 24-hour cycle. So if a user were to boost their post with 1,000 KARMA, 12-hours later, that post would have a boost weight of 500 KARMA. The boost weight is a crucial factor in how the popular feed is sorted.TippingUsers can already send KARMA using the app, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Things just got a whole lot more interesting. In addition to being able to like a post and have the content creator earn from your like, users can now directly tip anyone, instantly, on the content that they want to reward. We’re excited with what we’ve seen so far. KARMA seems to be making its way to quality content.Allowing users to directly tip their favorite content creators creates a frictionless, freedom of choice for the tipper and a direct, peer-to-peer connection between both parties.This is just the beginning of what’s to come for this feature. Soon, users will be able to dynamically adjust the tip amount directly on the post as well.Relevant Numbers For KARMA (As of Today)KARMA Staked (Powered): 2,109,859,358 KARMATotal Unique Accounts: 15,069Daily Transactions: 47.6k Boosted KARMA: 881,411 KARMA (First 36 hours)Download KARMA Today:iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/karma-social-network-for-good/id1446344513?mt=8Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.karmaapp.karma&hl=en_US


19. 06. 13

KARMA Updates On Rewards Ch...

Why voting rewards were removed?As with all changes on KARMA, the discussion for these changes began by active members of the community voicing their ideas for the betterment of KARMA. Voting rewards were being taken advantage of, by malicious users at a noticeable level and the community felt that something needed to be done. Some users were creating fake accounts to attempt to steal KARMA rewards from real community members acting with integrity. The goal is to have rules and systems in place that help create as fair of a rewards distribution as possible. Content creation is a key driver in value creation for KARMA and it should be rewarded as such.A genuine point of concern for the removal of voting rewards was the question of, “Would people vote less without this “incentive” to vote?”.Since the changes have been made, there’s been no drop in the daily number of likes and engagement within KARMA, it has increased actually.Current Numbers today (May 27th, 2019) for KARMA: Daily Impressions: 386,688Daily Transactions: 40,427Number of Posts: 3,040KARMA New Reward Updates/Improvements:The removal of voting rewards, and the allocation of that KARMA to post rewards.Power up rewards, now go straight to your (KARMA Power ) powered up balances (so they’d have to be powered down to be transferrable). Post rewards will still go to active balances after being claimed.Members of the KARMA community asked for clarification of the following:Current Annual Inflation Of KARMA:5%: Based On Total Supply of KARMACurrent Reward Breakdowns For KARMA Inflation:Post Rewards (Videos): 71.5%Post Rewards (Photos): 8.5%Power Up Rewards: 15%KARMA Development Fund: 5%In addition to: https://medium.com/therealkarma/karma-rewards-for-early-adopters-beyond-b50a0216377cKARMA Voting WeightThe example listed below has been the formula for KARMA post rewards since the app launched. This is a slight change from the initial idea proposed in the original KARMA White Paper. The original proposal put a cap on the voting weight that users could give to others with their “like” relative to the amount that they had powered up. This gives users with less KARMA Power the opportunity to make up for it, with more activity (i.e. benefit to the network) in how rewards from their “likes” are distributed to other users.Example:User A has 10 Million KARMA powered up (staked)User B has 1 Million KARMA powered up (staked)User A has a vote worth 10x of User B.Each upvote/like from User A carries a weight of 10 Million. So if User A casts 10 votes in a given day, User A contributes a total voting weight of 100 Million towards the daily totals. Each post receives its share of the daily post rewards, relative to its total voting weight received by those who liked it compared to all other liked posts that day.To see where post rewards are going in real time on the EOS blockchain: https://bloks.io/account/karmarewardsDefinitionsVoting Rewards: KARMA earned when you like another users post. (Removed)Post Rewards: KARMA earned when you get likes from other users.Join The Discussion: https://t.me/karmaappDownload For iOS: HEREDownload For Android: HERE


19. 05. 28

KARMA Partners with EFFECT.AI

KARMA Partners with EFFECT.AI utilizing EOS.IO“The KARMA EFFECT”Medellin, 19 March, 2019 — EFFECT.AI offers an on-demand human workforce combined with machine learning. Effect Force enables projects like KARMA to automate and scale out specific micro-tasks. These micro-tasks can quickly scale into the millions of tasks per day. Having an intelligent, flexible & decentralized system in place to handle these micro-tasks, is a core element for KARMA to achieve its full potential.Additionally, we’re excited about the potential of the Effect Smart Market. It is an AI Marketplace where projects like KARMA can go and search for task-ready smart algorithms to help automate & reduce costs for specific tasks.KARMA ltd. is excited to announce a partnership between KARMA & EFFECT.AI.Areas that KARMA & EFFECT.AI can collaborate:Content ApprovalAs KARMA scales up, there will be an exponentially increasing number of daily posts on the platform. KARMA plans to utilize the Effect Force to quickly & accurately identify uploaded content using several data points. These data points will be used primarily to identify abusive posts and also great content.Spam & Abuse ReductionKARMA is committed to providing a free and open social network encouraging creativity and expression. With every user-generated content platform, spam & abuse are a problem to deal with. The best way to handle spam & abuse is by having systems in place to fairly & efficiently filter problematic posts. We see an opportunity to work with EFFECT.AI to improve and scale these systems as KARMA grows, while utilizing EOS to maintain transparency.Ad Approval/Disapproval ProcessAdvertisements with burning mechanics are coming to KARMA. Ads shown natively in KARMA will go through an approval process according to the app store guidelines to ensure the quality of the advertisements.We see an opportunity to utilize Artificial Intelligence in this process to increase the approval/disapproval speed and ensure accuracy & fairness.Global Charitable EffortsBoth KARMA & EFFECT.AI have strong commitments to impact social good. We plan to have both communities work together to multiply our efforts within our charitable endeavors and initiatives.Ads OptimizationImproving the quality of Advertisements on KARMA is essential to enhance user experience and grow the ecosystem. We hope to utilize EFFECT.AI’s AI Marketplace (coming soon) to find an AI that can quantify public data to better serve advertisements on KARMA.EFFECT.AI is a great addition to the EOS ecosystem and will lay the foundation for using AI both, decentralized and democratic.*Technical Details Will Be Released SoonFor more information on EFFECT.AI:Web: https://www.effect.ai/Effect Force: https://force.effect.ai/Telegram: http://t.me/effectaiTwitter: http://twitter.com/effectaixReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/effectaiFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/effectai


19. 03. 20

KARMA Voting Rewards Update

VOTING REWARDS UPDATE:Users now will need a minimum of 100,000 KARMA powered up (staked) for their account to be eligible to earn a share of the daily voting rewards.Why this addition to the smart contracts?This minimum requirement will help to deter spam accounts aiming to come onto KARMA and collect voting rewards. The goal of this change is to ensure that KARMA allocated to voting rewards arrives in the hands of users adding value to the platform.Post RewardsThe current tokenomics for this will remain the same. In an update coming very soon, users will be able to check how much KARMA they earned on each post from each individual users upvote/like. To understand how your voting power works here’s a simple way to understand it below.For example 1 Million KARMA Powered Up (when you’re upvoting others):You upvote 1 post that day, that upvote has your full weight of 1,000,000.You upvote 5 posts that day, each upvote carries a weight of 200,000.You upvote 10 posts that day, each upvote carries a weight of 100,000.The weight of these votes are then factored with the total votes that day across all posts on KARMA taking their individual voting weight into account. So each additional vote spreads out your voting weight evenly across all posts that you vote for.Power Up Rewards (Staking)The Current tokenomics for this will remain the same. There’s some interesting updates coming to power up rewards that will benefit daily active users. More to come on this soon.Here’s how to calculate it:Your KARMA Powered Up/Total Number of KARMA Powered Up = Your % of total KARMA Powered. Then take your % of KARMA powered up and multiply by the total amount of KARMA in the Power Up Rewards pool for that day.


19. 03. 06

KARMA 2019 Roadmap

KARMA 2019 (Artwork Created by PIXEOS)Medellin, 6 February — 2018 was an exciting year for KARMA. The project was born, tokens were airdropped and the app was launched all within a matter of months. As exciting as it is to look at what’s happened, the focus has to be on today and the exciting things coming next. KARMA became the first social network to launch on EOS. As a result of KARMA going live, some amazing things have happened. Real people around the world, are waking up with a sense of purpose and creating awesome content helping out complete strangers.We’ve created a social network where people value positivity, optimism & community over traditional social media platforms designed to make you physically addicted, who use you as their product as they sell your time and give you nothing in return.Points Of Focus For 2019Integrating an advertising platform into KARMA — Pay for Ads with KARMAImplement deflationary mechanisms within the KARMA ecosystemMaking onboarding new users extremely easy — Simple sign upOnboarding 1 Million Users — Mass AdoptionAdding features that improve:1. Content Quality2. User Discovery, Feature Discovery & Post Discovery3. Enhance the user-experience at every levelKARMA EcosystemQ1 2019Launch New WebsiteEasy Onboarding — Sign up for KARMA with FacebookeCommerce Store Integration — Shop with KARMA Improving UI and Adding Several In-App FeaturesQ2–Q3 2019Advertising Integration — Advertise on KARMAKARMA Web Version — Access KARMA on your computer and EOS wallet appsIn-App Games — Fun & addicting games with token burning mechanicsCharity Integration — Discover & connect with amazing charitiesQ4 2019Merchant IntegrationsMore To Be Announced… :)


19. 02. 06

KARMA Partners With PixEOS

Medellin, 23 January, 2018 — With a foundation of shared values, KARMA and pixEOS today announced the forging of a strategic partnership.Both pixEOS and KARMA are focused on providing opportunities to those in need. This common chord unites both communities as they strive to create a better place for humankind.pixEOS is designing a profit sharing platform that allows artists to earn income as they immortalize their work on the EOS blockchain, minting a non-fungible token (NFT) that is auctioned to collectors. KARMA has built a social network of philanthropically minded members who seek to reward those who help their communities. Joining together, KARMA and pixEOS will strive towards creating an ecosystem that gives its members opportunities they would not have otherwise had.KARMA Co-founder Dallas Rushing and his team are enthusiastic about the partnership. “At its core, pixEOS aims to make the world a better place by creating and driving value to artists. The KARMA community aligns with the mission of pixEOS, and we look forward to all of the cool things yet to be created by our communities.”pixEOS Co-founder Fred Nogueira also shared his thoughts on the partnership. “pixEOS was born as a profit sharing project with a charitable spirit. We want to help people on our way to delivering an outstanding project to the blockchain universe. KARMA is the perfect match and it’s a dream come true to team up with them and contribute to making the world a better place.”The teams at KARMA and pixEOS look forward to offering both communities special opportunities in the near future, so stay tuned!Website: https://pixeos.io/Telegram: https://t.me/PIXEOS


19. 01. 23

KARMA: Version 1 Is Now Live!

KARMA: Version 1 Is Now Live!Los Angeles, 23 December, 2018 — KARMA: Version 1 is now fully live and utilizing the EOS Mainnet. Currently KARMA is available in the Google Play Store for Android and has been submitted to Apple for review. KARMA is the first social network utilizing the EOS blockchain to record and secure on-chain transactions. Users can now use KARMA to follow & interact with their friends, share content, power up their KARMA and instantly send & receive KARMA with ZERO fees. All from their mobile phones.HOW TO USE KARMAHere are the different links to download KARMA. Currently a web version is in the process of being developed as well.Download For iOS or Android Below:iOS: Download using Test Flight. (Currently being reviewed by Apple)Android: Available here. Download and leave a review if you enjoy KARMA..APK: If you’re unable to use the Google Play Store in your country.WHAT WILL I NEED?If you don’t have an EOS account make sure that you store your activate private key safely.An EOS Active Private Key (Create Accounts Using EOS Lynx)Stake Some EOS For CPU & Ram (How Much?)Create an awesome profile on KARMA.Make your first post & follow some people.IMPORTANT UPDATESUsers can now claim KARMA rewards daily, instead of every 7 days.Bonus Rewards & Inflation Rewards are now live.HOW MUCH EOS DO I STAKE TO USE KARMA?We recommend you use a great tool created by EOS New York called EOS Charge. You can type in your EOS account name and view how many times you’d be able to perform certain actions on KARMA with the amount of EOS you have staked for CPU & NET.Try It Here: https://www.eoscharge.io/?filter=karmaEOS Charge helps you see how many transactions you can perform with your CPU/NET.FEATURES COMING SOONDirect Messaging — Message your friends directlyImproved Profile & Wallet — Features to be announcesCharity Integration — Discover awesome charities and help contributeWeb Version — Release date will be announced soonOnboarding Without A Private Key — Details to be announced soon on this*More features are currently in the works and will be announced in the near future.-Dallas RushingCEO, KARMA LTDJoin The KARMA Telegram: https://t.me/karmaappMerry Christmas!


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KARMA Rewards For Early Ado...

KARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & BeyondAligning incentives is the key element in the creation and success of a decentralized community. The community has expressed immense support of the initial 1 million KARMA per day which was allocated as a pre-app bonus for staking rewards.We’ve listened to the KARMA community and decided that it makes the most sense to allocate 1,724,550,000 KARMA over the next 9 years as bonus rewards instead of utilizing the KARMA for “Future Airdrops”. Airdrops are an amazing tool to establish an initial community. Beyond a projects initial airdrop, the question then arises, “Is it better to do more airdrops or add extra rewards for users of the actual platform?”. Factoring in community feedback and weighing the options, adding extra rewards for users seems like the superior choice.This re-allocation creates immense incentive for early adopters and will continue to support a growing user base for years to come.KARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & BeyondThis KARMA will flow as bonus rewards to users who have their KARMA Powered Up and are actively using the application daily. KARMA is a social network for good and it makes the most sense to reward early adopters of KARMA and help to create a better world.The rewards will be distributed over the next 9 years as follows:Year 1 @ 2,000,000 KARMA Per Day = 730 Million KARMA (2019)Year 2 @ 1,000,000 KARMA Per Day = 365 Million KARMA (2020)Year 3 @ 500,000 KARMA Per Day = 182.5 Million KARMA (2021)Year 4 @ 400,000 KARMA Per Day = 146 Million KARMA (2022)Year 5 @ 300,000 KARMA Per Day = 109.5 Million KARMA (2023)Year 6 @ 200,000 KARMA Per Day = 73 Million KARMA (2024)Year 7 @ 170,000 KARMA Per Day = 62.05 Million KARMA (2025)Year 8 @ 100,000 KARMA Per Day = 36.5 Million KARMA (2026)Year 9 @ 55,000 KARMA Per Day= 20 Million KARMA (2027)The daily bonus will be allocated across 3 pools as follows. This is in addition to the daily KARMA created through inflation. These numbers are subject to change if the ratios can be improved for the greater good of the platform.Power Up Rewards — 1.3 Million (65%)Content Creator Rewards — 400k (20%)User Engagement Rewards— 300k (15%)*Allocation is based on Year 1 @ 2,000,000 KARMA Per Day.Website: https://www.karmaapp.io/Telegram: https://t.me/karmaappTwitter: https://twitter.com/karmaapp_ioeMail: hello@karmaapp.ioKARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & Beyond was originally published in therealkarma on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 12. 06

KARMA Beta Now Open To The ...

KARMA Beta is available for iOS and AndroidKARMA ltd. is excited to announce that the KARMA beta app is now available to everyone. The beta testing thus far has gone amazing and we have gotten tremendous feedback from the community. KARMA is available on both iOS and Android.We are now in the final phase of beta testing as we prepare to launch KARMA: Version 1.0. The goal of this final phase is to polish up the UI and fix any tiny bugs that may persist. Simultaneously, KARMA will be tested internally on the EOSIO main net over the next week and scheduled for launch.Things you’ll need for testing:1. Download The App For Either iOS or Android2. Create A Kylin Testnet Account & Copy Your EOS Active Key3. Join The KARMA Beta Telegram Group*The KARMA on the beta is NOT real KARMA. Do not try to send or receive this KARMA with an exchange or actual EOS Account.Switch to Kylin TestnetIt’s really easy to make a new test net account here for the KARMA beta.1. Go Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZFOHQLQJTQ&feature=youtu.beDownload The IOS Versionhttps://testflight.apple.com/join/FvYn8n7qDownload The Android Versionhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.karmaapp.karma&hl=enKARMA Beta Telegram Grouphttps://t.me/joinchat/Csf24w9aBlh6ZxNd6SrcGwKARMA Beta Now Open To The Public was originally published in therealkarma on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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