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Listening Mind is a global marketing data platform based on blockchain. First, fair compensation is provided to search data producers.
Search panels are collected in more than 20 countries in Asia, Americas and Europe to collect and analyze their profile data, search data, visit data, location data, and more. Enterprise customers will analyze this data and use it in their own marketing, and users participating in the search panel will receive LMT tokens as a reward .

The data collected through listening mind users is provided to companies and public institutions under a transparent management system with a block chain-based system. Therefore, companies can utilize the data to reduce waste of unnecessary advertising budgets, and to establish effective strategies and execute marketing activities.

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Why is Listening Mind proje...

Search Data is a “non-biased total data to ensure the true representativeness” and “searching” dominates the entire buying process and consumer behaviorTraditional research methods, such as questionnaires and user interviews, have the distinct disadvantage that they can be highly influenced by the environment or the question content or interviewer’s intent. Search data is information that displays one’s desire without bias. Other than the search data, no other kind of data presents more clearly the needs and desires of consumers, how they think and act, and why they are trying to do so.According to a McKinsey survey, 84% of consumers conduct online searches before walking into a shop. Such pre-purchase search activities of consumers have been accelerated by the spread of mobile terminals. Therefore, it is no surprise that AIDMA (Attention — Interest — Desire — Memory — Action), which used to be the classic CDJ model, has been replaced by AISAS (Attention — Interest — Search — Action — Share).The act of searching for information to make a reasonable decision is called the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ (ZMOT) by Google; ZMOT is derived from the ‘First Moment of Truth’ (FMOT) when a customer is initially found with the product or brand in a shop (offline). which occurs when you are first drawn to a product or brand online wields the strongest influence on the entire CDJ; search engines are the most influential entrants of ZMOT, regardless of countries or industries. If businesses can obtain the data that interests and entices search users, they will be able to figure out what the users search for before walking into a store, which products they compare, and what aspects they value the most. Simply by acquiring these types of information will be a turning point that will dramatically change the conventional marketing strategy and subsequent implementation.Forrest Research, which researched Microsoft’s search engine Bing, discovered that the search process dominates the consumers’ overall conversion activity from the initial research on products and services to the post-purchase experience. More than 70% of consumers have used search engines to search for new products and services, and have also used search engines to consider and buy (research, compare, deal). Another 50% stated that the purchase decision was made based on the search, and 20% of respondents stated that search engines were the most influential source for purchasing decisions. McKinsey survey discovered that 84% of potential customers were conducting research through the search process at the ZMOT stage., we have recently collected and analyzed social posts and community articles using AI-powered natural language processing technology. Based on these efforts, we have attempted to better understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. However, it’s not really that easy to get rid of the high level of biases that easily occur in social media due to the social behavior and user behavior in the community that wants to exaggerate or exaggerate oneself. Nevertheless, search data is information that displays your desires without bias. Other than the search data, no other kind of data presents more clearly the needs and desires of consumers, how they think and act, and why they are trying to do so.

Listening Mind

19. 04. 28

What is Listening Mind proj...

LISTENING MIND COLLECTS AND ANALYZES CONSUMER INTENTION DATA THROUGHOUT THE CONSUMER PURCHASE DECISION JOURNEY, ENABLES COMPANIES TO GAIN A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF CONSUMERS, AND RETURNS REWARDS TO INDIVIDUAL SEARCH USERS AS WELL AS FIXING THE DATA MONOPOLY OF SEARCH ENGINES AND PORTALS.Two problems Listening Mind aiming to solveAs we all know, 20 years have passed since the appearance of the #Internet, and the search engine has become an integral part of our daily lives. Presently, around 84% of consumers are conducting some sort of search in their consumer purchase decision journeys. Thanks to search engines such as #Google, #Yahoo, #Baidu, #Naver, and #Yandex, we are able to collect a range of information that allows us to make reasonable decisions.Of course, the information that consumers enter search engines can help companies to understand consumers to a greater extent. Given that search ad, which will develop into a $126 billion market by 2020, are based on the #keywords put into search engines by consumers, it is easy to see how much value consumers have given to search engines.However, there are two major problems with search services today. First of all, there is no fair compensation for search users who provide information as they search. Furthermore, at no time do search users know which company uses their information and how it is handled. The second problem is #consumer #information monopoly by search engines. Companies are not obtaining sufficient consumer information from search engines, even though they have contributed significantly to the growth of the search advertising market. If companies can get in advance what information consumers are looking for during the purchase decision process, they would be able to utilize their advertising budgets more efficiently through optimized #marketing #campaigns based on data.

Listening Mind

19. 04. 22

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