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"MEETONE is a BP candidate for EOS.IO, and was elected Genesis BP in June 18th and has been committed to the development of the EOS ecosystem. MEETONE will launch an EOS-based side chain to provide an environment for EOS developers to develop securely and efficiently. It is a project that aims to become a portal that plays a diverse role in the EOS ecosystem, helping various DAPPs, communities, and funding within EOS. "

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What will happen at #B1June?

Recently, there have been many exciting developments in the EOS community: REX has attracted more than 50 million EOS within four days of launching, BPs have voted to burn the 34.17 million EOS accumulated from inflation in the eosio.saving account, ECAF has been abolished, and users who have lost their genesis account private key will now be able to recover it through through their ETH private key linked to their EOS genesis account (estimated to be 15–20 million EOS).The most anticipated event for the community, however, is #B1June! Whatever B1 has in store for us is likely to attract global attention and affect the price of EOS positively. Almost everyone seems to have a theory for what they think will happen come June. We are very curious as well and so we have conducted interviews with more than 20 BPs, dApp developers and community members to see what they think will happen.The top 10 predictions for #B1June:1. MEOS — B1’s social network dApp (top prediction)2. Promote the development of large scale dApps; possibly announce special partnerships with large institutions and/or the government; announcement of new industry talents joining the B1 team.3. EOSIO 2.0, possibly with a simpler user onboarding design4. Release wallet, biometric/unique ID codes5. B1’s roadmap6. EOS based stable coin7. UBI/URI8. 10 million unlocked B1 tokens might be: used to help users create free accounts, used for voting or be burned9. Allowing BTC and ETH cross-chain transfers through IBC, release EOS sidechain and IBC development roadmap10. B1 might be involved in other blockchain projectsThe following views are from BPs, dApp developers and community members (grouped by content relatedness):I hope we see an eosio contributions roadmap and a preview of a user-product, like MEOS. Beyond that, I suspect that we will hear a lot about why it’s being held in Washington DC ;)Editor’s comment: There’s a high likelihood that Washington D.C. holds special significance. Recently Dan and Brendan often tweets politically related contents and sometimes @realDonaldTrump.My guess is a combination of anouncements — the launch of the social media platform (MEOS); regulatory indication that EOS is a utility token; and a roadmap for the next year. I think we might also see the executive team bring on some addditional world-class renowned talent to the table as well. All and all, I can’t wait for June!Dan mentioned previously that they will be releasing a roadmap — 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year — so I expect the news to be quite longterm visioned and big scoped. I’m expecting (maybe more like hoping) for news release from B1 about a potential use case for EOSIO at a higher level such as in governments.Nate D: I think social/meos is likely, and probably some big partnerships (possibly with the government) to build custom solutions. Beyond that, I suspect it’s going to be something unique that we haven’t thought of. And I think there is a good chance one or more of those involve the b1 account balance 🙂John McCoffee: Social media that pays you, Unique ID, UBI/URI. Maybe fiat on/off ramp, and something to do with btc.There is much speculation on the specific products will deliver, whatever the announcements one thing is for certain, they will be focused on attracting mainstream real world users and businesses. The EOSphere Team believe that due to the #B1JUNE event happening in D.C. and confirming their intent to develop hybrid public/private chains for governments… we feel it’s likely this will form part of the announcement. We also expect a feature complete wallet, a social media platform, and at least one application to support enterprise level adoption.1. Our team predicts that B1 will release MEOS and start to voice their opinion by voting on issues on the referendum.2. I predict that B1 will release an on-chain voting tool.1. EOSIO community could expect few project releases which were suggested by Daniel Larimer last year, which involve a DEX and Social Network..2. Daniel has also hinted many times that Steem2.0/MEOS (social network) won’t be biased towards early adopters and people won’t be able to spam in order to earn quick bucks(much like Steemit), so we are expecting identity and URI launching on dApp layer.3. Also, there are hints that we would see the launch of beta-projects targeting real-world elections and solutions trying to bring transparency in the current government structures. Identities oracle, if launched, will open a plethora of opportunity for EOSIO community.4. We also feel the next phase will be about empowering the alternative EOSIO chains(MEET.ONE/Telos/BOS) which would help bring easy portability for dApps across all the networks.Editor’s comment: Both Tanish and aLex are predicting that the government collaboration project is possibly an on-chain voting tool, Ross thinks it might be a private chain, Yves feels that it could be an official recognition that EOS is a utility token.I would like to make a bold guess. Dan mentioned that in the future, most block producers will be large-scale dApps. I predict that large corporations, who are preparing to develop dApps on the EOS network, will be joining the BP election process. They will mainly be concerned with gaining power and influence within the network and not so much the block producer pay.Jonny Zhao: an EOS wallet with secure enclaveYvonne: We will see projects with new business models in core industries based on EOS.Special partnership announcement with Apple.Editor’s comment: Van Kai, Yvonne, and Eugene think that there will be cooperation with large corporations.There will most likely be a social-network related product.He mentioned two clues:Clue 1: B1 registered the MEOS trademark, and clearly written in the description: blockchain and social networkClue 2: B1 is hiring a “Content Moderator Lead” in Virginia ( The job description again clearly mentions social network. They are looking for a “lead” and the position is in Virginia, so it is likely an important position. This must mean that B1 is preparing to launch a social network. However, the social network will not take off unless they already have the EOS account registration problem solved. Dan mentioned in the hackathon that a hardware wallet can be used to prove unique identity and secure a private key. For example, a smartphone can be used to identify a unique user and secure a private key. This way, B1 can help onboard large numbers of new unique users by subsidizing them with free accounts without having to worry about people taking advantage of free accounts by creating thousands of accounts for themselves. (Another clue is that B1 is hiring iOS and Android developers in Virginia, this must mean that they plan to develop apps)B1 has probably decided to hold such a large scale conference off-online instead of online for a reason. It would make the most sense if they are looking to attract the attention of the main-stream media so that more people would be aware of their upcoming product. A social-media product would be the most obvious conclusion.Based on what I have gathered, I predict that we will see a new social media network(MEOS/steemit 2.0). It will be a large-scale dApp.B1 will use all its resources to promote this. There might be UBI (for example from B1’s 10 million unlocked EOS), easy to use private key management, IBC, and/or a demonstration of how dApps might run on the EOS network. At the same time, Dan will use all his experience from developing Steemit and competely devote it to the new social network.Building a social network is very difficult, especially one with a vibrant community. I have high expections for B1’s marketing, user onboarding and user retention plans.I predict to see’s MEOS project is announced which we believe has the potential to become the first massively used blockchain-based social media platform. I also think that they may have a secret up their sleeve concerning the 10 million EOS tokens that will be available to them based on their vesting schedule. Maybe we’ll see them used to create free accounts to really boost user adoption?1. Release a social network dApp MEOS (Dan will make many improvements based on his previous experience with Steemit), we might see UBI and a stable coin. Their might be legal risk for B1 to release a stable coin, so they might opt instead to release the codes.2. Open source wallet and unique ID codes (similar to what Scatter has)3. B1 might release codes for a new blockchain, block producers will be appointed by or under the control of B14. B1 might burn their 10 million unlocked EOS.5. I think B1’s June conference will have a marketing effect similar to that of Apple’s.Editor’s comment: B1’s 100 million EOS tokens slowly unlocks every day over 10 years. Ashe thinks B1 will burn what has been released, Bo and Josh think B1 will use the 10 million unlocked tokens to help users create free accounts. (The interviews were conducted separately, so neither Bo nor Josh knows what each other thinks)With the 1st year anniversary of the EOS mainnet quickly approaching, the entire EOS community is on its toes waiting to see what B1 will unveil at its June 1st event in Washington DC. My guess (and hope) is that B1 will finally unveil the much anticipated MEOS social media blockchain solution, specifically in the form of open source software which BP’s will be able to leverage to launch social media-driven blockchains. Ultimately, B1’s core business is that of a software development company and an investment firm, and I do not expect that they will be launching any of their own blockchains. Rather, I expect B1 to continue focusing on its two core business lines, continue developing industry-leading software, and relying on entrepreneurs and BP’s around the world in launching blockchains utilizing their software.Editor’s comment: Ashe and Rodrigo have opposing views regarding whether B1 will release a new blockchain.1. Will allow BTC and ETH to be transferred cross-chain based on EOSIO (Dan and Brendan mentioned that BTC can be ported to the EOS network)2. IBC and roadmap3. B1 mentioned that they will release the MEOS dApp, however I don’t think that UBI will be part of it.4. EOSIO lab will release more biometric identity related codes. B1 said that they will not develop their own wallet, so these codes will probably be released to the public.Editor’s comment: Ashe and Kai have opposing views on whether or not UBI will be included in MEOS.1. AcroEOS thinks B1 will talk about things related to REX, which is already running on the EOS network, in the upcoming June 1st conference.2. At the same time, they might release detailed solutions for how to achieve unique ID and authentication. Reason: A few months ago, B1 released an article mentioning a passwordless future and how it can be achieved through “passes”. My guess is that they will release a detailed solution.If we only need “passes” to achieve unique ID and authentication, then together with REX can lead to Dan’s URI.We also have high hopes for B1’s future plans and roadmap.1. B1 will probably release a new dApp, an EOS based social network. It will replace telegram and have lots more features.2. Like Apple, B1 will not only release a new feature, they will release new concepts that no one has thought of. I highly anticipate it!MEOS is the most highly anticipated dApp by the community.Editor’s comment: The above interviewees are all filled with anticipation for MEOS and speculated on what it might encompass.Though product improvements and innovations are highly anticipated, I hope that B1 can focus more on improving the foundations of EOS, helping to solidify EOS’s place as the “King of public chains”.I have chatted a lot with the community, here is what I think:1. A more convenient way for onboarding users2. IBC3. Biometric ID and wallet codes4. Social network based on EOS.5. Projects invested in by B1’s VC arm.6. Stable coin based on EOS.7. A more stable, secure and efficient version of EOSIO8. Influential partnershipsEditor’s comment: Sven and Vikin both hope to see improvements in the EOSIO codes, solidifying EOS’s place as the “King of public chains”.I have some thoughts on how a stable coin based on EOS might be designed.Stable coins currently occupy an awkward position in the market; there is an irreconcilable conflict between a huge market demand and insufficient fiat backing. Because of the huge market demand, some stable coins are choosing to “print” more coins than they have fiat in reserves. If they act strictly according to the law and only release as many coins as they have fiat in reserves, they can never fulfill market demand. This is a major conflict currently. If an EOS based stable algorithm can be realized, it will deliver a huge shock for the stable coin market. Theoretically, it will find a balance between providing enough liquidity to satisfy market demand and having enough assets for backing. Of course that is not to say that the EOS stable coin algorithm will be perfect, but I believe it will take over a huge portion of the stable coin market.I anticipate that B1 will release a EOS based stable coin.Editor’s comment: Benny, Vikin, Ashe and Allen all mentioned a stable coin. Benny described what he thinks the market’s reaction will be to an EOS stable coin.B1 will release new wallet codes and give out many free accounts. The new wallet can be used in conjunction with an iPhone like a cold wallet. It will be very convenient for the masses to use.It’s possible we will see a hardware wallet, a browser, and identity solution, or maybe all of the above at #B1June.It is also possible that all of our guesses and speculation over the last few months is incorrect, and B1 may pull out a big surprise. Either way, I am super excited!Identity for universal basic incomeEditor’s comment: The above interviewees predict that there will be a wallet, biometric scanner and an unique ID solution.EOS is still the best block chain operating system, we will see B1 release their roadmap for how they plan to achieve large scale adoption in the June conference.1. Decentralized Exchange2. MEOS3. UBI/URI4. Hardware wallet5. Unique identity solution6. Roadmap7. EOSIO 2.0The views above are our interviewees’ personal opinions, and are not to be thought of as investment advice.Ever since EOS came online almost a year ago, we have witnessed many proactive positive changes happening. Just as Dan said in April: Over the next year eosio will scale far faster than competition. Our journey with eosio is only beginningLet’s cross our fingers!Please leave a comment and tell us your thoughts and opinions!We have created a poll for the top 10 predictions in twitter. Come and vote! What do you think will happen at #B1June?Telegram: MEET.ONE wallet: will happen at #B1June? was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 05. 09

MEET.ONE has released the 4...

MEET.ONE has initiated a community code review of a proposal where ultimately a BPs multi-signature approval will be required before execution.This proposal will reduce inflation which is currently accumulating EOS in the system account eosio.saving. If the proposal is approved the EOS network will only retain 1% of the additional issuance for rewarding Block Producers.This proposal makes three changes to the EOS system:1. Change the system parameter continuous_rate to 0.009952. Change the 5% inflation rate to 1%3. Stop the transfer of EOS tokens to eosio.saving accountThe code is currently in the community review stage. After a successful review, MEET.ONE will initiate a BP multi-signature proposal in which block producers will be asked to approve the proposal.In the case the votes pass, the EOS system will only retain 1% of the additional issuance for block producer rewards.Reasons :1. The 5% inflation was pre-set by Dan Larimer at the release of the EOSIO platform, but we all not sure whether 5% is suitable for the real case. It’s reasonable to adjust according to reality. Recently Dan Larimer shared this same opinion that we should cancel 4% part.2. In the original code, 1% was used for block producer reward, and 4% was allocated for a future worker proposal (WPS). However, after one year of practice, the community did not form an effective and consistent consensus on how to use funds from the 4% WPS inflation.3. The majority of users who participated in the EOS referendum voting supported the cancellation of the 4% annual inflation, so this is the public opinion of the community. has released the 4% inflation removal EOS code change on Github was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 05. 08

This is the Unique Decentra...

On April 27th, the EOS special forum sponsored by MEET.ONE was successfully held in YunQi Town. Due to the superior performance and consensus of EOS, there are a large number of blockchain enthusiasts who prefer to develop on EOS. EOS developers from 13 different countries, more than 40 well-known EOS block producers, and dApp leaders jointly introduced EOS blockchain technology, the EOS community ecology, and how the blockchain can empower the internet to tens of thousands of young people participating in the 2050 conference.EOS Asia Joe: EOS Has Multiple Advantages in Technology and Community — Leading the IndustryJoseph Fanelli from EOS Asia first gave a keynote speech titled, ‘What is EOS’ . Joseph explained how to build blockchain technology, how it works in everyday life, and why choosing to develop on the EOS blockchain is a good idea. He mentioned that EOS has several unique advantages. It is free, scalable, flexible, and developer-friendly. Additionally, EOS is also supported by a huge community, which greatly promotes the large-scale adoption of EOS.MEET.ONE — Goh: EOS Achieves a Flow of User ValueGoh, founder of MEET.ONE, gave a keynote speech on “EOS’s Implications for Individuals.” He believes that the value of users has never been respected before the emergence of the blockchain represented by EOS. But users are not the chips of commercial companies. Classical Internet only completes the flow of information. The blockchain technology represented by EOS is a clear definition of internet property rights and realizes the flow of user value.MEET.ONE has launched a side chain to promote the blockchain and to empower the internet.eosDublin — Sharif: Irish Companies Actively Embrace EOS Blockchain TechnologySharif Bouktila, CEO of eosDublin, gave a keynote speech on ‘How to Help Traditional Enterprises Utilize EOS Blockchain Technology?’ He combined with practical cases in the past year, such as supply chain enterprises, online gift certificate enterprises, horse racing ownership retroactive cases (due to the relevant laws of the EU, it is not allowed to introduce the customer information in public), and introduced in detail how traditional enterprises adopt blockchain technology. By combining with blockchain technology, enterprises can use smart contracts to ensure the performance of relevant contracts, clarify ownership relationships and develop more businesses based on the community.Sharif indicated that as third-generation blockchain technology, EOS is the most cost-effective technology compared to BTC and ETH, with the least energy consumption and the highest efficiency, providing enterprises with high scalability, low cost, and high community participation.EOS sw/eden — Vahid: The World’s First Country to “Build” Based on the EOSIOVahid Toosi, CEO of EOS sw/eden, delivered a keynote speech on “Building a New Country” on the blockchain. Vahid talked about the first country “built” on the blockchain — the Liberland Free Republic — and its founding background, the decentralized autonomous system, the current scale, and the blueprint for future development. EOS was chosen, because it provides Liberland with the functions needed to manage the country on the chain, such as with the national assembly and the judicial system. The picture below shows Vahid presenting Liberland’s citizenship ID to the participants.According to his words, a specific testnet will probably be launched in the second quarter of 2019, and the construction of infrastructures, such as the mainnet, constitution, and identity system, will be completed in the third or fourth quarter 2019. In 2020, the registration system for public facilities, such as public transportation and shopping malls, will be fully implemented.Left to right: EOS Alliance-Myra, EOS sw/eden VahidRoundtable Dialogue 1:Trends of EOS dApps from a Global PerspectiveTruly embracing a global perspective, EOS Silicon Valley — Bo Yu, EOS sw/eden — Eric, EOS Tribe — Eugene, EOS BlockSmith — Rodrigo, EOSphere — Ross, EOSYS — Lievin Kim introduced the role EOS is playing in Sweden, Korea, Australia, China, and the United States. The application of dApps in Salt Lake City, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and other places have mapped the functional attributes of the most anticipated dApps in the future. Finally, they shared some development suggestions for the EOS main network.Left to right: EOS Tribe — Eugene, EOSphere — Ross, EOSYS — Lievin Kim, EOS BlockSmith — Rodrigo,EOS Silicon Valley — Bo Yu, EOS sw/eden — Eric, Peter from MoranMYKEY — George: Promoting the Massive Landing of Blockchain Applications Requires Lowering User Barriers to EntryGeorge Sheng, CEO of MYKEY, gave his opinions on “How to Achieve Large-Scale Landing of Blockchain Applications?” George mentioned that the current application of blockchain technology is mainly based on EOS, ETH, and TRON platforms. However, the amount of dApp users is still far away from large-scale applications. The large-scale landing of blockchain applications needs to be achieved by lowering user barriers to entry, attracting more outstanding developers, entering traditional giant players, and obtaining funding/resource support.ITAM — Damian: Content is Important, and Distribution is Equally ImportantDamian, the CCO of the Korean blockchain game creation and distribution company- ITAM, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Content is King, Digital Scarcity.” Damian began by quoting Buzzfeed CEO’s words, “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen… and she wears the pants.” He pointed out that content is important, and distribution is also very important. By comparing the development of foreign content platforms, he emphasized that content co-creation has become a new trend. Digital assets were actually born before Bitcoin, and the characteristics of blockchain distribution will bring new life to these digital assets.Left to right: ITAM-Damian, EOS Amsterdam-BrianD Community - Gogo: The Future Goal of D community is to have 100 million active users on the chain in one month.The founder of D Community, Gogo, delivered a keynote speech on “EOS x ACGN!” D Community is a young community whose base is in Asia. Gogo introduced its business structure, including ACG animation Community, anime expos, games, e-commerce, PGC, etc., to create a business model combining popularity and monetization. When mentioning why he chose blockchain, he said that a good community should be “commonly celebrated” so that each user can achieve their own value.D Community will run on the MEET.ONE sidechain, which has expanded to 310,000 new users in the past seven days. At the same time, he also indicated that D Community’s future goal is to have 100 million active users on the chain in one month.Roundtable Dialogue 2: Insight into the Active EOS Community in AsiaThe EOS mainnet has been online for close to one year. The heads of five domestic main BPs, EOS Beijing- Sven, Huobi Pool-Alina, EOS Cannon-Van Kai, EosStore- Lu Haifeng, EOS Gravity -Peter Li introduced their current opinions from their respective perspectives. Regarding the EOS community in China, they discussed from the perspectives of node operations, new and old replacements, and the expectations of the B1 #June1 activities. Although the EOS price suffered bear market, almost all the BPs from the EOS Family in Shanghai attended the forum last year, and they have been deeply involved in the EOS ecological construction. During the round table, the views of the guests were wonderful, and the atmosphere continued to positively heat up.Left to right: Moran- Heidi, EOS Beijing- Sven, Huobi Pool-Alina , EOS Cannon-Van Kai , EosStore- Lu Haifeng , EOS Gravity -Peter LiWhaleEx — Allen Zhao: At Present, the Main Network of One Million Accounts is Not EnoughAllen Zhao from WhaleEx gave a keynote speech of “The Vibrant and Prosperous EOS Community.” Allen mentioned that there are several important factors that promote ecological prosperity: new species, biodiversity, and biological evolution.He believes that although the number of EOS main network accounts has just exceeded one million in the previous two days, this figure is far from enough. Measures such as lowering user barriers to entry (free accounts) and supporting cross-chain (Bitcoin and EOS, Ethereum and EOS) are necessary. He is especially grateful to the EOS node operators and large amount of active staked tokens in EOS which stabilize the price and participate in the EOS ecological construction and evangelism.EOS 42 — Sean: Leasing EverythingSean, head of the Korean community operations at EOS 42, gave a keynote speech on ‘The New Thinking of the Token Economy’ explaining how the underlying EOSIO technology can help with enabling a lease for everything.In the beginning, Sean shared the growth data and business logic of the current sharing economy and pointed out the reality and rationality of using the underlying EOSIO technology to achieve a shared economy. At the same time, he thoroughly introduced Chintai in the blockchain leasing business, explained how to use the token economy to realize the operation mode of “all things can be rented,” and noted how he is looking forward to the potential of the future Chintai 2.0. Finally, Sean highlighted the team’s vision for contributing to the EOS community — “From community, for the community”.EOS Knights Jay:The Future of Blockchain GamesJay Lee of EOS Knights gave a keynote speech on ‘The Future of Blockchain Games.’ Jay first shared the team’s initial focus on developing EOS Knights — creating a fun, blockchain-based, consistently user-engaging game. Their team believes that blockchain games are defined as: using cryptocurrencies, developing open game rules, returning ownership to users, and transparency. He said that there are several development opportunities at present:a. Hybrid Blockchain / Traditional game — which can get rid of the limitations of pure dApp games;b. New platforms such as TRX, LINK, etc.;c. Version iteration and innovation — to bring a steady stream of vitality;d. The modification of traditional games to now incorporate blockchain technology has great market potential.Blockdynamics — Max Song: EOS-Based Big Data Analysis is PromisingMax Song, the founder of Blockdynamics, delivered a keynote speech titled, ‘Data Science and EOS.’ He pointed out that the EOS data is very large, which means that the analysis of relevant data is beneficial. Through clear charts, we can analyze who is the “bad guy” in the network, build a quantitative punishment model on the chain, and interpret different smart contracts.EOS Studio — Phil: From Silicon Valley to China, Development and Future of Blockchain — Technical ArchitecturePhil, the core developer of EOS Studio, delivered a keynote speech entitled, ‘From Silicon Valley to China, Development and the Future of Blockchain — Technical Architecture.’ He pointed out that the future blockchain can be looked at from the perspective of capacity expansion (TPS/storage/data transmission), ease of use (identity, stable currency, development), etc.President of the Blockchain Association of ZJU — Lowes Yang :Build a Systematic Learning Program for College Students Through EOSIOLowes Yang, president of the Blockchain Association of Zhejiang University, delivered a keynote speech on ‘EOSIO in Universities.’ He shared the various attempts Zhejiang University Blockchain Association has been making to publicize blockchain, such as organizing meet-ups, hackathons, etc. The association hopes to build a systematic learning program for college students through EOSIO blockchain technology and provide a complete product experience.Legal Nodes:Use Smart Contracts to Create Global Decentralized Law FirmsNestor and Margarita from Legal Nodes delivered a keynote speech entitled, ‘The Application of Blockchain in Legal Services.’ Nestor pointed out the expensive features of legal services: 80% believe that legal services are extremely expensive, and the legal services industry has a market size of $76 billion. Among thousands of legal services, the top 100 law firms have monopolized more than 10% of the legal market, which makes it a highly centralized industry.According to Margarita, in a global survey, more than 52% of respondents are willing to accept legal services provided by non-traditional law firms, and investment in emerging legal technologies has exploded in 2018, with an investment of more than $166 million.All these offer possibilities for the application of blockchain technology in the legal area, and Legal Node’s vision is to, “use smart contracts to create global decentralized law firms,” which will reduce the cost of legal services by 40% and achieve a wider range of legal business coverage.As one of the few blockchain themed forums, the EOS session was the only venue that was packed from the beginning to the end. This conference not only provided a stage for the new faces of EOS to show their ideas to Chinese users, but also each user was free to communicate and exchange ideas online. Each participating young person received an account registration invitation code for the EOS main network provided by MEET.ONE, so that young people can experience the EOS ecological vitality more conveniently.Through the one-day series of lectures, the BPs and dApps of the EOS community systematically popularized the concept of the EOS blockchain to young people who are passionate about technology, demonstrating the development achievements of the EOS community within one year, and how they are looking forward to future development.Pictures of Closed Meet-Up in April 26thSpecial thanks:Thanks to EOS Cannon’s professional host, Maria, and MEET.ONE’s Dmitri. Also thank you to the EOS Alliance’s Myra and EOS Amsterdam’s Brian for providing translation support, and as always thanks to all EOS community members for their support of this event.We are in a great family. It’s fantastic to be a part of this with all of you.Open the link to see more Wonderful moment:The whole process of the forum has been recorded. We will sort out the subtitled video and release it as soon as possible. Thanks to all the members of EOS community for their support.Contact: is the Unique Decentralized EOS Community was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Cross-Chain Transfer MEETON...

Users can transfer MEETONE tokens from the EOS Mainnet to the MEET.ONE sidechain. Today’s tutorial will show you how to use Scatter for cross -chain transfers. You can open or to finish the operation.1. Log in to your EOS account in ScatterAs you can see below, I logged into my EOS account, selltheearth.2. Open and click “ EOS Mainnet=> Wallet => Transfer Token”3. Click “Attach Scatter Identity”4. On the Scatter page, choose the desired EOS account and click “ Login”For example, I choose my EOS account, selltheearth.5. After logging in, fill in the transfer informationPlease read the tutorial carefully. If you fill in the wrong information, you may lose your assets.a. Transfer To Account: bank.mb. Memo:Your MEET.ONE account name to receive MEETONE tokensc. Token Symbol: MEETONE(eosiomeetone)d. Quantity: More than 100In the following example, I transferred 100 MEETONE tokens from my EOS account, selltheearth, to the MEET.ONE account fb5ixbpik2.m through the smart contract bank.m. Please note that fb5ixbpik2.m went in the “Memo” line and bank.m went in the “Transfer to Account” line.6. Click “Transfer” and then choose “Allow” in Scatter.7. Transaction Complete8. Wait for 3–5 minutes and then click on “MEET.ONE Mainnet”. You will then be able to search your MEET.ONE account name and check whether you have received MEETONE tokens.Besides , you can also use eostoolkit.ioLog in to your EOS account in Scatter2. open , click “Attach Account”, On the Scatter page, choose the desired EOS account and click “ Login”.3. Choose“ Transfer Tokens”a. Recipient: bank.mb. Memo:Your MEET.ONE account name to receive MEETONE tokensc. Symbol: MEETONEd. Quantity: More than 100In the following example, I transferred 100 MEETONE tokens from my EOS account, selltheearth, to the MEET.ONE account fb5ixbpik2.m through the smart contract bank.m. Please note that fb5ixbpik2.m went in the “Memo” line and bank.m went in the “Transfer to Account” line.4. Click “Send”, and then choose “Allow” in Scatter.5. SuccessWhite paper: Transfer MEETONE Tokens with Scatter was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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How to AirGrab MEETONE toke...

AirGrab Time:13:00UTC Feb 27th — 13:00UTC Mar 6thThe MEETONE tokens will arrive on Mar 7thNotice:1. The number of EOS tokens on EOS Mainnet at the moment of the snapshot (2:00 UTC Feb 19th)(include: EOS balance + staked EOS + refunding EOS) determines the number of AirGrab tokens you are eligible to receive at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE;2. Newly registered EOS accounts, after snapshot, (2:00 UTC Feb 19th), cannot Airgrab MEETONE tokens;Step 1: Open Desktop Scatter1. Make sure you have import EOS account in scatter;2. If you have Scatter extension version, please remove it.Step 2: Connect EOSX with ScatterOpen “” in the browser2. Click “Attach Scatter Identify” Under Wallet option3. Choose the Sidechain account to loginStep 3: AirGrab in EOSX1. Click “Contract” on the left2. Input “airgrab.m” in the Contract name blank3. Click “Get Contract”4. Click “Open” under the Actions5. Input the following info- symbol need to fill in “4,MEETONE”6. Click “Push Transaction”Step 4: AirGrab SuccessClick “Allow” (Confirm airgrab)2. Transaction completeAirGrab DONE !!!White paper: to AirGrab MEETONE token in Scatter? was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 03. 01

MEET.ONE 익스플로 가이드

2월26일 오후 10시, MEET.ONE사이드 체인이 정식 런칭 되었습니다. MEET.ONE 지갑을 버전 2.1.0으로 업데이트 한 뒤, MEET.ONE 계정에 로그인하여, EOS 메인넷에 있는 MEET.ONE 토큰을 MEET.ONE 사이드 체인에 옮길 수 있으며, MEET.ONE 사이드체인 BP 투표 등에 사용하실 수 있습니다.MEET.ONE 토큰 airgrab, 계정생성, RAM 매수/매도 등 서비스는 2월27일 오후 10시 MEET.ONE 사이드체인이 활성화 된 후 정상적으로 사용 가능합니다.1. MEET.ONE 계정 전환하기1.”나의페이지”에서 “핸드오버 Net”를 선택하고, “MEET.ONE” 사이드체인을 선택하여 네트워크를 전환하십시오.2. “쾌속 도입”을 클릭한 후, 새로운 페이지에서 가져올 계정을 선택하고 “확인”을 클릭하십시오.주의사항:a. 2 월 19 일 오전 11:00 스냅 샷 기준으로, 이후에EOS 계정의 프라이빗 키를 변경 하셨을 경우, 스냅샷 전 프라이빗 키를 사용하셔야 합니다. (위의 예시와 같이 ‘meetonefree’ 계정이 회색으로 표기되어 있을 경우, 전환이 불가합니다.)b. 스냅샷전 생성된 73만개 EOS 계정은 무료로 MEET.ONE 계정을 획득할 수 있지만, 스냅 샷 후에 생성 된 새로운 EOS 계정은 MEET.ONE 무료 계정을 획득할 수 없습니다.3. EOS 계정을 성공적으로 MEET.ONE 사이드 체인에 전환했을 경우, 각 계정마다 무료로 10 MEETONE토큰에 상응하는 CPU + NET 리소스와 4.85KB의 RAM 리소스를 획득할 수 있습니다.2. 크로스 체인 이체EOS 네트워크의 MEETONE 토큰은 MEET.ONE 체인으로 전송 가능합니다. 구체적인 방법은 아래와 같습니다.1. EOS 메인 네트워크로 설정하시고, 하단의 “디스커버리” 페이지로 이동하여 “크로스 체인 이체”를 클릭하십시오.2. 귀하의 사이드 체인 계정 이름 (MEETONE토큰을 받기 위한 계정)과 이체 수량을 입력하고 “확인”을 클릭하십시오.주의사항a. MEET.ONE 사이드 체인 계정은” .m” 으로 끝나며, 입력하신 계정명이 다를시 자산 손실 생길 수 있습니다.b. 크로스 체인 이체하실 MEETONE 토큰 수량은 100개 이상이여야 합니다..c. 크로스 체인 이체가 성공했을 경우, 해당 페이지에서 이체기록을 확인할 수 있습니다. EOS 메인넷 환경에서 트랜잭션 완료를 확인 후, 사이드 체인 계정에서 상응하는 수량의 MEETONE 토큰을 전송받게 됩니다. (3 ~ 5분 정도 소요)3. 사이드 체인 BP 투표21 개의 BP는 모든 MEETONE 토큰 홀더 투표에 의해 선발됩니다. 투표 규칙은 EOS 네트워크의 투표 규칙과 유사합니다. MEETONE 토큰을 스테이킹 해야하며, 언스테이킹은 요청 후 3 일후 가능합니다.. 1개 MEETONE토큰으로 최대 30개 BP에게 투표권을 행사할 수 있습니다.디스커버리 페이지에서 “노드 투표”로 이동하여 투표 할 노드를 하나씩 선택하고 투표할 토큰 개수를 입력하십시오.주의: 아래 설명 된 3가지 기능은 2월27일 오후 9시 부터 사용 가능합니다!4. MEETONE 토큰 Airgrab한국시간 기준 2월 27일 오후 10시, 사이드 체인이 정식으로 활성화 된 후, 유저는 MEET.ONE 네트워크에서 “MEETONE airgrab”을 신청 할 수 있습니다.디스커버리 페이지에서 “MEETONE 수령 신청”을 오픈한 후 AirGrab을 클릭하십시오. 신청에 성공하셨을 경우, 3월 7일에 2 EOS : 1 MEETONE비율로 에어드롭을 받으실 수 있습니다.주의사항:a. 에어드롭의 수량은 2월19 일 스냅 샷을 기준으로 EOS 계정에 있는 EOS 개수에 따라 배당됩니다. (스테이킹 된 EOS + 언스테이킹한 EOS + 언스테이킹 중인 EOS)b. 19일 스냅 샷 이후에 새로 등록 된 EOS 메인넷 계정은 본 서비스를 사용하실 수 없습니다.5. RAM 판매 및 구매2월27일 오후 10시, MEET.ONE 사이드 체인이 활성화 된 후, 유저는 MEETONE 토큰을 사용하여 RAM을 판매 또는 구매 하실수 있습니다.MEET.ONE 사이드 체인 Github 링크:연락처: 익스플로 가이드 was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Explore MEET.ONE sidechain ...

Be sure you updated the MEET.ONE wallet to version 2.1.0.On February 26th at 13h00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will officially launch. Users can easily import their MEET.ONE account, execute a cross-chain transfer of their EOS Mainnet MEETONE tokens to the new sidechain, vote for BPs.On February 27th at 13h00 UTC, the MEET.ONE sidechain will be officially activated. Users can AirGrab MEETONE tokens, create a new sidechain account, buy RAM and other functions. Check the description below.1. Import of MEET.ONE accountIn the “Me” page, click “Switch Network”, choose “MEET.ONE”;2. Click “Fast Import”, choose the account you want to import, click “Import”;Notice:a. If you have changed the private key after the snapshot (Feb 19 10:00 UTC +8), you will still need to enter the old private key for importing your EOS mainnet account to the new sidechain;b. Newly registered EOS accounts, after the snapshot (Feb 19 10:00 UTC +8) are unfortunately unable to obtain a free MEET.ONE sidechain account;All imported accounts to the new sidechain will receive 10 MEETONE tokens staked to CPU&NET and 4.85 KB of RAM for free;2. The MEETONE Mainnet token cross-chain transfer to MEET.ONE sidechain to MEET.ONE wallet EOS mainnet “Discovery” page, find “Cross-chain transfer”;2. Enter your sidechain account name (for receiving MEETONE) and transfer amount, click “Confirm”;Special reminder:a. All sidechain accounts end with “.m” if you enter the incorrect account name, you may lose your assets;b. The transferred amount of MEETONE through the cross-chain service has to be more than 100 tokens;c. Sidechain accounts will receive the corresponding quantity of MEETONE tokens after the transaction confirmation on the EOS mainnet, (3–5 min.).d. The Cross-chain transaction record displayed in the page.3. Block Producer Voting token holders can vote for up to 30 Block Producers, voting will determine the TOP 21 Active BPs responsible for signing the MEETONE Blocks.Go to “Discovery” page, click “BP Vote”, choose the BP team;Enter the number of MEETONE tokens to vote; (Proxy feature will be available later)Notice:The voting rules are the same as for the EOS Mainnet, which requires you to stake MEETONE tokens as well as be aware of a three-day unstaking waiting period.The followings two functions are available after February 27th at 13h00 UTC.4. MEETONE AirGrab February 27th at 13h00 UTC, users can switch to MEET.ONE sidechain in the wallet( Me=> Switch Network => MEET.ONE), open “Discovery” page, find the “MEETONE AirGrab” feature;Click “AirGrab”, 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE.The MEET.ONE Airgrab distribution will be on March 7th;Notice:The amount of EOS tokens on EOS Mainnet at the moment of the snapshot (Feb 19th 10h00 UTC +8) (include: EOS balance + staked EOS + refunding EOS) determines the number of AirGrab tokens you are eligible to receive at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE;Newly registered EOS accounts, after snapshot, (Feb 19 10h00 UTC +8), cannot Airgrab MEETONE tokens;5. Buy/Sell RAMFrom February 27th at 13h00 UTC, users can switch to MEET.ONE sidechain in the wallet( Me=> Switch Network => MEET.ONE), open “Discovery” page, click “RAM trading”, use the MEETONE token for trading RAM.White paper: MEET.ONE sidechain in the MEET.ONE wallet. was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 02. 26

MEET.ONE sidechain countdown.

In 3 days the MEET.ONE sidechain will be live, Block Producers will begin production and will start claiming rewards. dApps will be competing for transaction attention and users will be playing games on a daily basis.Recently we were thinking about what the community would need in the short term? Our answer is clear.. new use cases and new solutions to stimulate ecosystem growth on top of the EOS and MEET.ONE network! We also considered what barriers exist for new dApps and services to build their projects on a DPoS blockchain, we believe the answer to be resources and limited Transactions Per Second (TPS). The MEET.ONE sidechain aims to remove these barriers.Using our experience of migrating projects from Ethereum to EOS such as and the community we have built during this initiative, we have now leveraged these connections to invite further Ethereum projects to participate in the EOSIO community and join the MEET.ONE blockchain.Further to this, if you have created your project on Ethereum and are facing challenges especially scalability issues, please contact the MEET.ONE Team and we will help you to migrate your project to the fastest and user friendly blockchain in the world.We also have a message to our existing community and users, if you know of solid projects which are looking for the fastest blockchain with free RAM, CPU and Network resources, you know how to find us. If not, here is our contact information!Be ready to get your free MEET.ONE accounts!!! Detail information here. sidechain countdown. was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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732677 EOS accounts have al...

February 19th at 02:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE team has completed the snapshot of EOS mainnet holders. The snapshot involves 732677 EOS mainnet account, all these accounts could obtain free sidechain accounts ending with “.m”. And each sidechain account will receive 10 MEETONE tokens staked to CPU&NET and 3.5 KB of RAM for free.February 26th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially launched. EOS mainnet account private key can be easily imported to MEET.ONE side chain account via wallet such as MEET.ONE and StartEOS.February 27th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially activated. All MEETONE token holders can vote for 30 block producers, from which will be chosen top 21 active block producers.35 teams around the globe announced supporting the MEET.ONE sidechain.Asia, 14AcroEOS, KoreaBlockGo, ThailandEOS Arabia, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEOS Beijing, ChinaEOS Cannon, ChinaEOSflytoMARS, ChinaEOSPark, ChinaEosStore, ChinaGravity Pool, ChinaMEET.ONE Pacific, ChinaStarteos, ChinaEOSIO.SG, SingaporeTelos Instasia, MalaysiaGoingOS, ChinaNorth America, 9EOS Costa Rica, Republic of Costa RicaEOS Nation, CanadaEOS San Diego, AmericaEOS San Francisco, AmericaEOS Silicon Valley, AmericaEOS Tribe, AmericaInfinitybloc, AmericashEOS, AmericaTelos NewYork, AmericaEurope, 6Attic Lab, UkraineCryptolions, UkraineEOS Barcelona, SpaineosDublin, IrelandEclipse 24, the United KingdomTelosDAC, the United KingdomSouth America, 3EOS Argentina, ArgentinaEOS Venezuela, VenezuelaTelos Venezuela, VenezuelaOceania, 2Aloha EOS, Hawaii, AmericaEOSphere, AustraliaAfrica, 1EOS Nairobi, KenyaFrom February 27th at 13:00 UTC to March 6th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE sidechain users can claim their MEETONE Tokens via AirGrab at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE (the number of airdrops will be determined by the number of EOS Tokens in your Mainnet account at the time of the snapshot).March 7th MEET.ONE team airdrop tokens to the accounts which finished AirGrab action.Notice:1. The number of MEETONE tokens were determined by the number of EOS tokens on mainnet account at the moment of the snapshot.2. After snapshot, newly registered EOS accounts cannot obtain free sidechain account and Airgrab.3. You can find the snapshot file on Github: paper: EOS accounts have all snapshot was originally published in MEET.ONE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 02. 19

Transaction History
Transaction History Market Market Transaction volume Address
ZBG MEETONE/US 1.94 32,257,141.03 Short cut
Bancor Network MEETONE/BN 2.65 5,467,444.34 Short cut
Chaince MEETONE/EO 2.83 3,027,737.44 Short cut
CoinMex MEETONE/ET 11.95 0.00 Short cut
BITHUMB To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut
DragonEx To be provided later To be provided later To be provided later Short cut
Security verification

There is security verification of the project
Why security verification is necessary?

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