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캐나다 블록체인 기업인 누코가 개발한 AION은 독립되어 있는 다양한 블록체인을 연결해 주는 인터체인 블록체인입니다. AION은 첫 3세대 블록체인으로 퍼블릭/프라이빗 블록체인 기관들이 AION을 통해 네트워크를 구성하는 것을 목표로 합니다. AION 네트워크 참여자들은 인터체인 트랜잭션을 이용할 수 있습니다.

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A Methodology for Roadmapp ...

Roadmap format includedThis methodology is a collaboration between Mike Mason and Yao Sun.The blockchain industry is still in its discovery phase, progress and innovation often come in bursts. As with all research driven fields, the environment is often highly entropic and incongruent to expectations of steady progression.The truth: it’s a paradox for us to message the entropy of the environment, then present a concrete and opaque timeline that gives the impression of concrete, steady progression. This practice, followed by many in the industry promote unrealistic expectations about how a research and discovery-oriented industry works and signals more to ambitions than realism.So, how can we promote the truth, keep the community (you) informed, and keep our mindsets clear for the next year?Some context before an answerWe’ve taken inspiration from mainstream and mature open source projects. They’ve got it figured out as their developer teams demand and rely on this being true.Time spent in this field acclimates you to the rate at which technologies that blockchains are dependant on oscillate in progression. To observe this effect we first need to split the scope of projects within the blockchain space between:Tinkerers: Those that innovate use-cases on top of a blockchain platform, using existing tools that are available.Tool Builders: Those that seek to expand the toolbox.For Tinkerers, timelines are often dictated by the time it takes the iron out the use-case, assemble the required components (Smart Contracts, off-chain storage & computation source, user frontend) in various configurations to match the user requirements. In projects like these timelines are often feature based, predictable and based on the scope and feature set of the use case. This is in contrast to timelines of tool builders, which seeks to expand the toolbox, to enable use-cases that would not exist without the expanded toolbox.We believe this is the true nature of progression in the blockchain industry; discoveries that suddenly and fundamentally change the ideas and assumptions of what is possible. A good example of this is the tried and true use-case that Ethereum enables, leading to wide adoption of blockchains for a variety of use-cases. Another upcoming example is that of Algorand, with the introduction of VRFs that is quickly being adopted into other projects and impacts the way on-chain randomization is viewed.In fact, a lot of the most important discoveries are being made by various teams around the world within the last year. The right people, right place, right time make the biggest changes to the industry.If you believe this, then the idea of roadmaps as a list of bullet point and timestamps is jarring and incongruent. In truth, diving into a research field and signalling as such while also providing a concrete roadmap is paradoxical but common within the industry. Too often, the hardest parts of a project get hidden under a relatively mundane grouping. The consequence: the reader is often misled about the complexity of a project and then confused when items don’t come to fruition.The best roadmaps are ones from projects that have a statistically viable sample to draw requirements from, ones that must be diligent and organized about roadmaps for their impact to downstream dependencies. We found similarities within roadmaps for these projects that convinced us of their effectiveness:Thematic ConsistencyRoadmaps should convey clearly an overall theme that guides the overall motivation behind each item within the roadmap. It should be very clear to the reader how each item feeds into this overall theme. This conveys a sense of priority for the audience and encourages a healthy convergence of expectations throughout the year.A Logical BreakdownFollowing on from the theme is a logical breakdown of items within the roadmap as they concern different elements of the system and different parties. This grouping naturally creates a more detailed context about the tasks themselves, who would be performing them and how their scope (from our perspective) relative to the global.Clarity of contentIt should never be difficult for a reader to understand what is being worked on. While predicting the future can often be an impossibility, what is being worked on now and our predictions for future targets should always be conveyed in an easily digestible manner. In fact, the system that worked best for our teams internally is one that conveyed a good sense of progression through the breakdown of items into logical tasks and checkpoints and assigning them priority and perceived difficulty/risk of these items.Secondly, descriptions should account for an increasing level of emergence, depending on the depth the reader is willing to go. This amounts to providing simplified “here’s the gist” descriptions to all users, and providing more in-depth details, examples, and reference content to those interested. Where applicable, readers should be notified how this change impacts them. This is critical to downstream dependencies that may be dependant on changes to the network.Beyond the principles mentioned above, here is a structural format we believe is a good representation of what should be included in a roadmap.The Roadmap FormatFeel free to use it for your project!ConclusionIn the coming weeks we will be releasing our roadmap to the public with this format as our guide. The roadmap takes into account work being undertaken across the Foundation from research, to production development, to ecosystem funding, documentation and more. From all the things we looked at, arguably the most important was “Recommendations”, a roadmap feature we only saw from the React project. This roadmap feature is philosophically in line with how we think about this document in that it is “real talk” aimed at letting you know what this milestone means for you, given you’re developing on the platform. Stay tuned for updates on this in the coming weeks!A Methodology for Roadmapping Public Blockchain Networks was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 03. 25

REBUILD Conference is coming

Rethinking, everything.Hear speakers from Aion, Web3, Ethereum, The Atlantic, Algorand, Bitcoin (core), Messari, IBM, The Former Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and more…🎟 👇 (early bird tickets are 30% off)Rebuild Conference 2019: GenesisLast May we hosted our first developer conference in Toronto, Canada — AIONEX. The event was a platform for highlighting research, initiatives, technology and ecosystem development on and surrounding the Aion platform.This year we’ve decided to take a different approach to the conference and make it a more collaborative industry effort. We will discuss not only the technical breakthroughs and challenges in the blockchain industry but also shine a light on big challenges this technology is taking on.The mainstage will host talks and panels for two days from leading thinkers and technologists. This is a perfect place to learn from industry veterans, social critics and contrarians on the biggest issues facing humanity in the 21st century. These talks are interwoven with technologists currently building web3 applications and plumbing aimed at solving these global issues.The conference is called REBUILD — Genesis 2019DETAILSWhat: The 2019 Rebuild Conference is an event with presenters on both sides of one of the most important issues of our time — technology and its effects on society. You’ll hear from thought leaders, technologists, investors, journalist, authors and academia on a variety of topics centred around the internet, the problems it creates, and new advances in blockchain infrastructure aimed at solving them. We want to invite likeminded individuals to join in advancing dialogue on these important issues.Date: April 23rd- 24thWhere: Toronto Reference Libraryhttps://medium.com/media/06b79c47b6dda44e4d90e4deeb2260f4/hrefHOW TO ATTENDBuy a ticket and join us on the 23rd of April. 🎟 👋 (30% off)Rebuild Conference 2019: GenesisREBUILD Conference is coming was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 03. 04

Syná wallet library now su ...

A fully integrated product suite includes Android / iOS mobile applications and a Google Chrome plugin that supports AION and ATS tokens.These products are in BETA and have known issues. Please report any issues to Feedback@theoproject.ioDownload Syná for iOSDownload Syná for AndroidDownload Syná+ Google Chrome PluginThe THÉO Project (the brand that captures the essence of the entire suite of tools) announced today the release of its cryptocurrency wallet library, Syná.Syná offers consumers an easy to use and intuitive way to manage their digital identity and wealth.The fully integrated product suite includes android / iOS mobile applications and a Google Chrome plugin, Syná+, all available for download today. The THÉO Project will also soon launch Syná Desktop, an integrated desktop solution capable of cold storage interaction. Syná wallets offer both standard and advanced crypto tools taking into consideration multi-protocol usage when building the design interface.By maintaining a clean user experience with a focus on simplicity rather than over bearing features, Syná will address some of the challenges the crypto space has seen to date. Syná+, the Google Chrome plugin, and the soon to be launched desktop wallet will offer easy management of users’ identities (private and public keys) to interact, per account, with different dApps — acting as a digital ‘passport’ to the crypto ecosystems of tomorrow.Download Syná for iOSDownload Syná for AndroidDownload Syná+ Google Chrome PluginSyná wallet library now supports Aion was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 02. 28

Like building developer tools?

We need your help.Apply to build these tools → hereIn 2019, we will shift main support of our Virtual Machine to the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM). A Java VM that will unlock a new development environment and programming workflow for developers building on blockchain protocols. This shift requires a set of self-sustained tools and add-ons to popular Java development tools. If you like building developer tools and would like to get paid for your efforts, we’d like to bridge those two desires. 🙏First off…If you haven’t already, read the following posts about the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM). In them, we walk through why we see promise in the Java ecosystem for our Virtual Machine as well as what a smart contract in Java looks like.Aion Virtual Machine (AVM): Why Java and the JVM?Hello World … from the Aion Virtual Machine!The Java Development WorkflowEarly on in this project, we found it was going to be important to understand how Java developers currently work. We didn’t want to force developers into adopting new workflows or do things that they’re not used to already doing. So we decided to focus on integrating blockchain development into existing Java workflows.From this, we found that there were four logical groupings for development tasks:From here, we isolated areas in the workflow (specifically development, testing, and deployment) that have blockchain tooling requirements where the developer is blocked as well as quality of life experiences that will make development easier.The result was the following list of grants and bounties (all of which are now available).Java Contract standards and templatesWhile we have been working internally on standard Java “smart contract standards and templates” we need help expanding the breadth of these to include other common patterns in blockchain application development.Plugins for IDEsOur research has highlighted IntelliJ and VScode as popular among Java developers, but we acknowledge that there are many more IDEs preferred by the community (apparently there’s a huge bunch of you that still use VIM). We need to build plugins that aid in syntax, linting (class library restrictions), debugging, local deployment/testing, and more. If you’d like to help get coverage on more IDEs, let us know.Command Line InteractionAn easy way for devs to interact with their contracts through the command line. Specifically, compiling, testing, and deploying to the test-net.Build Tool IntegrationsGradle, Maven and stand-alone utils.Other misc workflow improvementsAre we missing something? Feel free to let us know what you’d like to build!👇Aion Blockchain Bounty and GrantsLike building developer tools? was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 12. 19

WandX Founder & CEO Abhina ...

Join us here for an AMA with WandX Founder & CEO Abhinav Ramesh AMA on Wed., December 19th at 10 am EDThttps://www.reddit.com/r/AionNetwork/comments/a43e1x/wandx_founder_ceo_abhinav_ramesh_ama_wednesday/WandX is strategic decentralized infrastructure development partner based in Bangalore, India. Wandx is launching the following products: Aion Coin with Ledger integration within the WandX wallet, a decentralized exchange that has a unique feature called Basket Protocol and node infrastructure for decentralized applications.WandX: A decentralized exchangehttps:/wandx.co/WandX is organized around the idea of creating smart crypto-instruments for the new-age crypto trader. And to that effect, WandX is building a robust, decentralized multi-blockchain DEX-based trading platform powered by a proprietary Bakset Protocol. WandX’s basket protocol allows token traders to create a composite “basket” of tokens on smart contracts, tradable at one go. This way of token trading helps hedge risks and better manage one’s portfolio of crypto tokens. With the rapid tokenization of the global economy, the key to crypto success will depend largely on the ability of new age crypto asset holders to transact, transfer, and trade easily and smartly, and WandX is working to enable this ecosystem through smart crypto financial instruments.Abhinav RameshAbhinav is the Founder and CEO at WandX, a first-of-its-kind multi-blockchain DEX with a unique ‘basket’ trading protocol that allows one to buy into a collection of tokenized assets in a single transaction. In his earlier role at Ernst & Young, he was a management consultant working on supply chain transformation projects. He’s an Ironman finisher, and enjoys sports and reading in his spare time.Please submit your questions and/or upvote the best questions, and WandX’s Abhinav Ramesh will respond to the top questions for this 1 hour AMA.https://www.reddit.com/r/AionNetwork/comments/a43e1x/wandx_founder_ceo_abhinav_ramesh_ama_wednesday/WandX Founder & CEO Abhinav Ramesh AMA Wednesday, December 19th at 10am EDT was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 12. 19

The Aion Foundation Report

Below is a press release and a link to our first Aion Foundation Report. But before you read it, we would like to briefly explain why these types of initiatives are so important.In 2014, the world was forever changed as a new funding model powered by crypto-currency offered enthusiasts of decentralization the ability to bootstrap the creation of a new ownerless web. Since then, more than 1,000 projects have been funded, and we’ve seen real incremental innovation that keeps us optimistic. However …There have been misstepsFor a variety of reasons, many of these projects have not, or will not, deliver on their vision - leaving members of these communities questioning the movement altogether. For those projects that are still building, many exist within a black box, and their future remains uncertain.What needs to change?We believe reform must come from within, which is why we’re designing and promoting a new standard in transparency and accountability for decentralized projects.We hope that the Aion Foundation Report serves as a meaningful example of good governance. It is also our hope that others follow in our footsteps to lift this technology out of the fog of consumer uncertainty and into an era of mainstream adoption.What’s in the report?Our report opens with a letter from Matthew Spoke, CEO and Co-Founder of the Aion Project and a Director of the Aion Foundation. Matt’s letter speaks to the importance of transparency and why the Aion Foundation has chosen to take this step.The report then goes on to outline the organizational structure and finances of the Aion Foundation, and discusses its role in the broader Aion ecosystem.The Aion Foundation leaned heavily on the wisdom of Deloitte to produce a report that it hopes will serve as a standard for accountability and transparency for the entire industry.How We OperateHave a voice in thisIf you’d like to be an active participant in this conversation, we’ve opened a question period on Reddit to field questions. In the AMA style, we will answer top community questions on December 13th. See Reddit AMA below:https://medium.com/media/17bf8d8289707b5dccacdea7f5fae484/hrefPRESS RELEASEFor Immediate Release 5 December 2018Contact: hello@aion.orgAION FOUNDATION RELEASES FIRST INTRODUCTORY REPORTReport creates a new standard in transparency and accountability for blockchain projects(Cayman Islands) — The Aion Foundation announced today the public release of its first report detailing the creation of the foundation and its work, goals, financials and more.The Aion Foundation has long been an advocate for transparency in the blockchain industry.As decentralized systems evolve, so do the ways in which consumers interact with them — and it has become increasingly important to standardize public disclosure of metrics, operations, and financial realities.“This report is our way of sharing with our community, supporters, and everyone who may be interested — who we are, what we do, what we are about, how we are thinking about our work, our purpose, our mission, and the work that we are prioritizing,” said Matthew Spoke, CEO and Co-Founder of the Aion Project and a Director of the Aion Foundation.The report opens with a letter from Mr. Spoke, speaking to the importance of transparency and why the Aion Foundation has chosen to take this step. The report goes on to outline the organizational structure and finances of the Aion Foundation and discuss its role in the broader Aion ecosystem.The Aion Foundation partnered with Deloitte to produce the report. The Aion Foundation has made transparency a top priority, and hopes this report and future reports will serve as a standard for accountability and transparency for the industry.“For us, this is just the beginning — this is a conversation we intend to be having with our community for many years to come,” said Spoke.For anyone interested in being an active participant in this conversation, The Aion Foundation has opened a question period on Reddit to field questions. In the AMA style, the Aion team will answer top community questions on December 13th.###The Aion Foundation Report was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 12. 05

#AionSwap Final

After 12 weeks of amazing community participation and support, we have finally reached the end of the Aion Token Swap!https://medium.com/media/d64d4505af50fafc4e11df54ec286c04/hrefOver these 12 weeks, we built an ecosystem of mobile, web, hardware and desktop wallets plus leading global and regional exchanges. Providing our community with multiple options and tools depending on their technical experience and preferences.We also launched the first Aion bridge, the Token Transfer bridge marking the first token swap to provide a trustless mechanism to migrate assets. We saw overwhelming adoption with over 95M AION crossing the Token Transfer bridge. Shout out to all the pioneers that swapped using the bridge!By putting our technology to the test and bringing together an engaged ecosystem of global partners and community members, we have completed the swap period with over 94% of ERC-20 tokens converted. This amazing participation in such a condensed period of time marks the Aion Token Swap as the most engaged token swap to date.As of November 30th, at 23:59:59 UTC the Swap will be officially over, and we will commence a recovery process for AION tokens.So, if you still haven’t swapped your AION Tokens to AION Coins, the easiest way for you to complete the swap is to use Changelly, just click the link below.Swap AION ERC20 to Mainnet | Changellyaion.changelly.comTo read more about Changelly supporting the AION Token swap, take a look at the article below.Wanna swap your AION ERC20 tokens to Aion Coin? Do it with Changelly! Hey there, Aion holders! We have a really good news to announce for each one of you who wants to seamlessly swap an old…medium.comExchanges Listing The AION CoinAION Coin can now be purchased or sold on the following exchanges.Binance — https://www.binance.com/enBCEX — https://www.bcex.ca/index/coinsLAToken — https://latoken.com/Dragonex — https://dragonex.im/en-us/Bitfinex — http://bitfinex.com/Kucoin — http://kucoin.com/ChangeNow.IO — http://changenow.io/Bilaxy — https://bilaxy.com/Bitbox — https://www.bitbox.me/Changelly — https://changelly.com/VBTC — https://vbtc.exchange/CoinBene — https://www.coinbene.com/BitFinex — https://www.bitfinex.com/EasyRabbit — https://easyrabbit.net/BitForex — https://www.bitforex.com/Wallets Supporting The AION CoinAION Coin can now be held in the following wallets.Aion Wallet — https://docs.aion.network/docs/install-the-aion-desktop-walletLedger — https://www.ledger.comCoinomi — https://www.coinomi.com/en/Cryptocurve — https://cryptocurve.io/Magnum — https://magnumwallet.co/Vault (Beta) — https://vaultwallet.io/AIWA Chrome Extension(Beta) — https://getaiwa.com/For a complete list of all swap documentation, please review our Token Swap overview documentation.If you have any questions please reach out to support@aion.network.#AionSwap Final was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 11. 30

Signals from the Void — An ...

Signals from the Void — An IntroductionAdvancing dialogue on important issues in Web3One year has passed since the inception of the Aion Project. In the time that has passed, we’ve grown the project to a headcount that exceeds sixty in regions all over the world. We launched a test-net, and subsequent main network with active miners across the globe. We built the fastVM for increased transaction throughput and bridged the Ethereum Network to the Aion Network. More importantly, we’ve grown up, into an ecosystem of contributors, builders, and maintainers.Along this journey, we’ve been listening closely to our community. A strong signal has formed around the desire for more external inclusiveness into how we think about this space and our role within it. Operating as we have has provided us with the opportunity to focus on our work and deliver exceptional software, however, it has reduced the diversity of thought that comes from a community of stakeholders lending their perspective and opinions on subject matter that ranges from the non-technical to the uber-technical.In the coming months we have big milestones that we’re excited to share, and we’ve decided to publish more of our thinking around why these milestones matter, why we’ve made decisions in the ways that we have, what it means for web3 in aggregate and how you can get involved in the conversation.By communicating a variety of perspectives on technology, operations, marketing, security, engineering, ecosystem growth and more we hope to provide the community with a stronger sense of why we exist and how we view our role as early (but not permanent) stewards of the quest to rebuild a broken internet.When we first approached the community for support in launching the Aion Project one year ago, we committed not only to an unwavering focus on engineering excellence but also to a higher standard of accountability and transparency. In building the foundational technologies that will power tomorrow’s internet, we intend to embed these principles into our organizational DNA, as well as our system design. — Matt Spoke, Founder of The Aion ProjectStay tuned for more in this series of posts under “Signals from the Void” — advancing dialogue on important issues in blockchain.Signals from the Void — An Introduction was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 11. 29

Aion Joins Open Source Dis ...

Messari, an open-source cryptocurrency-focused version of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database, is launching a disclosure registry for token-issuing projects to publicly share information that might otherwise be difficult to find.The Aion Network joins 11 other diverse, reputable projects all committed to transparency and self -regulation, in voluntarily disclosing basic information regarding our token design, supply details, technology audits, official communication channels, and relevant team members, investors, and advisors. These profiles can then be freely accessed industry-wide, providing a reliable, standardized resource to industry participants that is nonexistent today. Such basic data standards can facilitate diligence processes for crypto service providers like exchanges and wallets, retail and professional investors, and regulators alike.The Messari registry was announced at CoinDesk’s Consensus event and with the launch token projects will finally have a common platform that helps them better communicate material updates with both their existing communities and external stakeholders in a single, standardized interface.In its initial stages, the Messari team will on-board the projects themselves and facilitate disclosure accuracy. However, as the system grows the model will become a self-sustaining platform. Data on the registry will be publicly available, and Messari will even have an open API for free access to the disclosures.“The purpose of documented blockchain transparency is to move our industry towards true accountability” said Matt Spoke co- founder Aion, “and we see this registry as an important step in this process”.As the Aion Smart Contract Platform continues to onboard exciting new DApps and projects, it’s important for developers to know that Aion believes in being transparent, ethical and purposeful in engineering excellence and building the future we want.Aion Joins Open Source Disclosure Registry was originally published in Aion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 11. 27

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