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ReddCoin was first published in April 2014, and it has been linked with social network services (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make the tipping culture a basic goal of combining through the block chain. The goal is to create a variety of next-generation platforms. It is a social currency that enriches social life and is easy to use by the general public. It integrates key SNS and cryptographic platforms to facilitate the transfer of value, while ensuring that all subjects are enjoyable and rewarding in this process.

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When ReddID?

Since Reddcoin launched in 2014, we have had drama, emotion, transition, promises of developments and disappointment, updates and partnerships, and more. Reddcoin is no different in that aspect from many other cryptocurrencies, but we have done our best to keep our heads down under criticism, and keep working. Despite having extremely limited development funding as a community-driven (and what a community it is!) cryptocurrency, members of the team have continued to deliver improvement after improvement and partnership after partnership to make Reddcoin what it is today in 2018. But the true meaning of Reddcoin is the ability to easily, safely and in a fun way, share, tip and send coins to others online. We have been working to solve that fundamental problem since RDD was released. We are proud to say, that day is here.Today has been a long time coming for our ReddHead community, and all of the users who have supported, encouraged and used RDD.Reddcoin Core is proud and happy to announce, finally, the answer to the single top question asked by users new and old: “When ReddID??”.Now.Now, ReddID.ReddID is name-based tipping across social networks and platforms, with all data stored safely in the blockchain. No centralized sites and databases, no administrators with control over your funds. Empower your online persona, collecting tips for your content and comments while keeping your wallet secure and private!As has been our tendency, Reddcoin Core, as a guiding principle, doesn’t like to fuel speculation and price movement by publicly commenting on price moves, or plans and items under development before they have reached the “confirmed real” stage. We are therefore quite pleased to finally be able to confirm and announce that, after intense private development efforts, since early this month, the Core team has been issuing software updates internally and performing extensive Alpha testing of the main functions of our new Reddcoin/ReddID tipping extension, while working hard to incorporate newly designed UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) components along with a beautifully redesigned graphic look.In the next days, as the team reaches consensus on completed relevant Alpha testing, we will be transitioning to our next stage, a private Beta test including Core team as well as members of the ReddHead community.Beginning June 24, selected members of the public who have signed up for our Internal Beta test will be given access to the software and allowed to test features of the software deemed ready for release. The ReddID product is currently packaged as a Chrome Browser Extension, but will be available for Firefox and made as widely available as possible. Although we do have a good Beta pool of users, if you missed the request in our channels and would like to be involved in the Beta this week, please let TechAdept know.Features to be tested and planned for initial private Beta release will include:- Integrated fully-functional light Reddcoin Wallet with Savings and Tipping sections.- Twelve word “mnemonic seed” (BIP39 support) method of wallet backup/restore/migration- ReddID name registration on live blockchain (will require actual RDD for function. All costs to be reimbursed at end of testing)- One-button GUI Reddit tipping to ReddID or public RDD address(Additional social network sites to be rolled out as testing continues)- Address book/contacts functionality for often used IDs and friends- Live Reddcoin network status tab and integrated version control/release notes display- Cross-site social network ID management and linking (will be limited for Beta release)- Embedded connections to Reddcoin official social channels and help/information/support locations- Direct registration fee passthrough to actively staking users.- Reddcoin/ReddID user search, view and follow features- Redd ID extension application setting management, data export and backupAs of June 30/July 1, we expect to complete the required private Beta testing and move to a full public Beta release. Software will at that time be made available globally for all Chrome users from our central sites and software repos on GitHub. We anticipate Firefox and others to follow quickly as testing completes. We are, of course, working on additional features and capabilities, and will incorporate changes and updates from the Core team as testing continues. Suggestions and feedback from the community are highly encouraged and desired and we truly look forward to exploring the possibilities being opened by the release of this simple new method of tipping, sharing and sending Reddcoin to anyone.Reddcoin Core would like to extend thanks to each and every member of the team, members of the community and testers that have been deeply involved, and our project partners and other like-minded members of the crypto community in general.


18. 06. 18

Buying Reddcoin?

Reddcoin turns the world! And the world starts to point towards Reddcoin !!What might have seemed a distant mirage is already much closer than it seems. Just open your eyes!Nothing is easier than buying Reddcoin with your own national currency.Americans and Russians: Yobit, this Russian based cryptocurrency exchange trading multiple altcoins would make it an interesting alternative to Bittrex (probably the current leader, in terms of exchanges offering so many coins) accepts both US Dollars and RublesEuropeans: Litebit, this exchange is actually a Dutch company that buys altcoins and sells them on to clients, for a higher price, so it is acting more like a change bureau or simply a spot exchange. It does not offer leveraged trading. One of the main advantages of LiteBit is that it offers a large number of coins, that can be purchased with Fiat (euro) to enjoy the currency of social networks.Indians: surrender yourself to KoinOK, this is a digital asset trading platform which makes trading cryptocurrencies secure, easy and quick in India with trading in Indian Rupee.Korean: the enthusiastic people of Korea have to wait until UPbit, the biggest and most important exchange of their country, opens up the KRW market. Until then you can buy in Korea with BTC.Other Fiat currency’s like Canadian Dollar, Kenyan Shilling, Nigerian Naira, South African Rand, British Pound all are willingly accepted on Coindirect. Inhabitants of 37 nations can exchange their national currency here to buy Reddcoin.Why would you not leave your current crypto to get something mature, eco-friendly, easy, fast, secure and able to link this with every social network? You can sell your BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge, USDT on 15 other exchanges too :-)So be like John!


18. 06. 01

The Journey of Reddcoin

What is Reddcoin?Reddcoin (RDD) is a type of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital peer-to-peer medium of exchange with no central authority or banks managing its transactions, unlike fiat money that derives its value from government regulation or law (e.g. The U.S. Dollar, Euro, etc.). You do not need a bank or any central authority to use cryptocurrency. Reddcoin is powered by its users. With Reddcoin, you are essentially your own bank.Reddcoin is dedicated to one thing — tipping on social networks as a way to bring cryptocurrency awareness and experience to the general public. Social networks are now part of our everyday lives. They give every person on this planet a fair chance at showing the world how awesome they are. Getting an upvote, like, or retweet for your well-received comment or picture is fun, but unfortunately, they have no real value. Fortunately, there is now something better than imaginary internet points — Reddcoins.Cryptocurrencies are complicated. Let’s face it — the average person has no idea how cryptocurrencies work. They would like to get involved, but usually have no idea where to start. Reddcoin’s objective is to fill those voids by integrating a seamless cryptocurrency tipping system with all major social networks to make the process of exchanging coins simple, fun, and rewarding both for the giver and the receiver.Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO)Reddcoin was created on January 20, 2014, as a PoW cryptocurrency. On February 2, 2014, after raising $100,000 through their Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO), Reddcoin was released to the public. On April 29, 2014, they announced that Reddcoin would transition from PoW to PoSV.When Reddcoin was first introduced, the development team introduced an Initial Public Coin Offering of 5.45 billion Reddcoins in exchange for Bitcoin from interested investors. This money raised used to support in the development, publicity, and support of Reddcoin during and after launch. Over the following weeks, 168.8347 Bitcoin was raised. To prevent a large influx of Reddcoin to the trading markets after launch, the 5.45 billion Reddcoins were distributed to the 386 investors over a 90 day time span at 1.11% of the total to be received distributed to each investor each day, ending in mid-May 2014.REDDCOIN TECHNOLOGYReddcoin is an advanced cash secured by a cryptographic algorithm. At the core of Reddcoin innovation lies an algorithm, worked by lead designer Laudney, called Proof of Stake Velocity (PoSV). As Bitcoin has picked up standard presentation one of the repeating reactions has been its mining calculation, known as Proof of Work (PoW), this secures the system and boosts members.With the coming of mining pools — frameworks that gathering together the energy of thousands of diggers — the PoW algorithms that safe Bitcoin and “altcoins, for example, as Litecoin and Dogecoin, are available to the 51% attack. This mining-pool issue was not predicted at the start of Bitcoin; it is currently evident that utilizing PoW to secure a cryptographic money arrange empowers the enormous centralization of mining influence.REDDCOIN PRICEThe self-declare social currency, Reddcoin is one of the several altcoins to experience price rise mid this year. The Reddcoin price rose so far that it has even challenged Dogecoin on the market cap charts. I anticipate the price of Reddcoin to keep on rising in 2018 and beyond making it one of the best cryptocurrency you need to invest your money.CoinGecko ranks Reddcoin 9th in overall coin health with a 52% rating. The rating indicates that the coin is performing well and its price may shoot anytime. Reddcoin has maintained high CoinGecko ranking for several months, resulting in a positive price trend. My advice to investors is to bet on the future and long-term success of Reddcoin.How exactly does ReddCoin work?ReddCoin is a blockchain currency just like the many others on the market today, but what makes ReddCoin stand out is its platform and minting. ReddCoin has a dedicated team and there is already plugins which can be used to tip ReddCoin on multiple social sites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Reddit instantly with zero transaction fees. This allows users to do more than just like or retweet, but send actual benefit to the other person through micro donations.What is minting? is a new system that allows users with ReddCoin to stake their coins and gain more over time. Traditionally, coins are mined using a massive amount of computing power and energy, but ReddCoin uses an environmentally friendly method called minting. Anyone is able to mint ReddCoin on laptops and smartphones. When a user holds ReddCoin in the wallet, they automatically begin minting their coins and earning more ReddCoin without having to setup a miner and use power. The more ReddCoin a person has in their wallet at a given time, the more minting profit they will receive.Reddcoin Tipping on Social Networks to Bring Cryptocurrency to the General PublicSocial networks are now part of our daily life. They offer everyone in the world a fair chance at demonstrating to the world how awesome and wonderful they are. Getting a million likes for various posts that you post or comments is fun, but unfortunately, it has no real value. Maybe there is something better that needs to be added like ReddCoin.We all know how cryptocurrency is complicated. We have to face it, the average person has no idea how cryptocurrency work. They would to get involved but usually have no idea where to begin. Reddcoin will fill those vacuums by integrating a smooth cryptocurrency tipping system with all major social networks to make the process of exchanging coins simple, exciting and rewarding both for the receiver and the sender.THE FUTURE OF REDDCOINReddcoin is aimed to offer the mechanism to perform micro-donations across different social networks. Looking at its development, their goal is to overcome challenges of developing an innovative to offer a completely decentralized network for various social media.I really could say Reddcoin is the granddaddy of social cryptocurrency. As far as what I know, I always think of it as the first cryptocurrency that is focused mainly on micro tipping and social platform use. It seems 2018 and the future is gearing up to be the year social networking gets taken over by cryptocurrency and especially Reddcoin. We have seen other Altcoins perform big thing, and soon we will have Reddcoin accomplishing big things on social networks.Currently, there are a lot of exciting projects geared towards social networking for 2018 and beyond.Generally, cryptocurrency is on the way to change the way social networking works. This will affect social networks like Facebook in a way that will benefit the end user of social sites. The place of Reddcoin in this new sea of social networking platforms.


18. 05. 26

Opportunities in life need ... in life we ​​must keep up with the time and how this evolves. When on 6 August 1991, the day when the English computer expert Tim Berners-Lee published the first website, many of the unbelievers have thought.What we have to do with this thing and kept to unbelieve in this oppurtunity.Turns out they have lost a great oppurtunity unlike the others that have followed and today have made their profits.When in 2009 Sathoshi Nakamoto launched the bitcoin so many have thought, what are we going to do with this, too bad, they missed a great chance! Others have commited themselves and today have had their profits.Today this article tells you, do you know Reddcoin? Maybe you will think the same way like they have done in the past. Today u can change your path of the future. Become a Reddhead, do not miss this chance. Do not lose this opportunity!Reddcoin is the currency that wants to become the most widespread in social networks and allover the world! Think that in some time you may have found your new way of income.We are not talking about projections, difficult things or impossible things. Just today, Reddcoin is easy, fast, safe and cheap!Easy, you can safely use the bots and send Reddcoin quickly on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Slack. You can use Reddpay to send RDD without the need to create an account. You can use Rymos and create a wallet with your email address. You can use Web-ID and create your own wallet online.Fast, be sure you can send your Reddcoin and after a few seconds see them creditedSure, certainly our blockchain is one of the most reliable and is inviolable.Economic, certainly the transfers are free if you use the core wallet and with a very basic fee if you use special services like Reddpay, Rymos, and Web-Id.What are you waiting for, the future is very close, one day, if you listen to my advice you will have to thank me, one day when Reddcoin will become the means to valorize the contents of the internet world you will have your profit!!!Do not miss the opportunity follow this linkYou will find all the exchanges where u can buy your Reddcoins.You need help, there is no problem entering the dedicated telegram groups and everything will be easier, there are groups for many native languages, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and so more!You do not want to miss the latest Reddcoin news, follow all Twitter accounts !!!


18. 05. 15


Crytpocurrency and art, its a new way of looking at Cryptocurrency!Art has always been an element of union, through art, man reaches heaven, contemplates beauty, feels gratified. We want to make art the means to bring the unencrypted world closer to the world of cryptocurrency.We do not need speculation, we want to create a community, people comming together to build a better world.Italy always had an eye for great attention to art, so much that it has become the reason for many visits to the nice country of Italy.Many painters, sculptors, poets like Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Dante Alighieri, have created wonderful works subsidized by Italian benefactors. Today in many schools across the country they study the life of artists, works of art, work techniques simply because one day people have entrusted tasks, This realizes something for Reddcoin.Probably many people around thought that it would be useless, luckily for us they did not let themselves be convinced and also went against the current!Every work of art that comes to light has always helped to create a better world, this is what the artist wants to express.In this third millennium we want to use this honor and give space to all artists. Reddcoin will give them a motivation, assist in seeking benefactors. All we want is to spread art because art is for each of us, we can and we must all admire it. Reddcoin4Art, Reddcoin-Alliance and Reddcoin want to be the protagonists of this. The artist should be able to express himself!Spreading Reddcoin means winning the mistrust in cryptocurrencies. Reddcoin4art want spread Reddcoin with the art!This way we hope all will remember when they see an artwork Reddcoin.


18. 05. 13


Reddcoin is the social currency that makes digital currency easy for the general public. It achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money rewarding for everyone.A new initiative to make Reddcoin the currency easy to use does it work?With this site it is easy to transfer currency to an email address in 4 steps:1 Click Send Money on the home page2 Choose how much you want to transfer using the available Fiat currencies3 Enter the recipient, email name and even a small description and click “Go to Step 2”4 Make a deposit of how much you want to transfer to the address that is shown to youYou will also receive in the same email the public key of the address where you received the transfer and the related private key.Now those who have received the Rdd can import their private key into their Reddcoin Core wallet.During the operations, all the security notices on the transfer of funds are always present.Fast, safe and economical.The cost of the transfer is 1,75%. The necessary to pay the costs of using the network network.Reddcoin and the large audience of the internet and social networks are close.Other tools for the transfer of Rdd are already present for social mediaTelegram: @Reddcoin_bot. You can use it within any telegram group to transfer between other users, withdraw to other addresses and deposit on your Telegram account through simple commands that can be displayed with the classic command / helpTwitter: Follow @tipreddcoin and he will follow you. You can use it to all Telegram accounts to transfer Rdd, you can deposit, withdraw it all through private messages with the bot.Reddit: through private messages to the bot you can perform all the transfer and deposit of the Rdd between Reddit users.At this link you can find more information other initiatives will be shown because Reddcoin becomes the currency of social networks


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