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Hiblocks 04.10

hiblocks Acquires Venture Business Certification

Venture business certification is a certification system given by the government to companies. The common standards they measure are such as evaluating items such as technology, growth potential, and financial stability in accordance with the Act on Special Measures for Venture Business Development.hiblocks is a company that develops and services a blockchain-based platform. In the first quarter of last year, hiblocks managed to show its competence by acquiring patents like ‘Social Media Network Mapping Device’ and ‘Social Network Message Distribution, in addition of ‘ISO9001’ certification for quality assurance.A representative of hiblocks explained, “Existing platforms that operate ‘AppTech’ are already quite hard to penetrate, but HABL aims to make profits easy and fun for everyone. Currently, the number of HABL users has surpassed 100,000 just from people’s word of mouth to mouth.” He further continued, “We will continue to make breakthroughs as a good platform, even more so because our technology and potential have been recognized through this venture business certification.”HABL, a social media platform operated by hiblocks, is creating a new culture of earning money while enjoying social media. Its ‘Curation’ function allow users to collect contents scattered on existing social media in one place and ‘AppTech’ that allow users to easily make money according to their social media activities.Website:


NOIA 04.10

Genesis Node Event Launches April 13

Our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol — which drives route optimizations on Syntropy — will become a living organism.It’s been an exciting week for our #60daysofgrowth initiative.We recently added Joe Weinman — former executive at AT&T, HP, and Telx — to our strategic advisory board to drive enterprise adoption of our network. We also launched self-service for Syntropy Stack, paving the way for mainstream adoption on top of our 500+ existing users.Today, we’re announcing the launch date for another major milestone: DARP Genesis Node Event. On April 13, our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol will become a living organism, fueled by the community itself.Earlier this year, we completed three rounds of Community Access to verify our code stability while testing the ability to add and remove community nodes to our network pre-launch backbone, which includes nodes on nearly every cloud and VPS provider on the planet.During Community Access, we exceeded our node targets several times, with dozens of community members connecting their devices and instances to the DARP network.We not only added more real-time proof that Syntropy can optimize a huge chunk of internet traffic, but also demonstrated that DARP is capable of autonomously adding new nodes to its global intelligence layer.On April 13, we’ll formally launch DARP’s Genesis Node. The next step will be plugging this network into the rest of the tech stack to facilitate routing optimizations.What was Community Access?After successful internal testing, we took DARP public in March of 2021. Community Access rolled out in stages, providing an opportunity to assess performance and stability as the system scaled. All rounds proved successful, paving the way for the official Genesis Node Event.What is the Genesis Node Event?The Genesis Node Event is the moment DARP becomes a living organism. Anyone will be able to add or subtract nodes at will, at any time. Access is completely open and autonomous.This is the growing network that will be plugged into the rest of our tech stack to provide a real-time intelligence layer that drives route optimizations for traffic sent via Syntropy.Linux and Windows access will be available immediately, with Mac access in development. As with any launch, our team will monitor the network over time, iteratively learning, fixing bugs, and working to expand access to more setups.Is there a waitlist?We manually onboarded users during the Community Access rounds to ensure a proper rollout. During the Genesis Node Event, participation will be open to all. There are no limits on the number of nodes DARP can accommodate.What will it look like?You can view the current DARP user interface here. We are constantly improving the user interface through internal testing and community feedback.Do I need tokens to join?To simplify access and broaden community participation, tokens will be enabled once DARP is connected with the rest of the tech stack to facilitate route optimizations.Don’t Miss OutMonitor our Twitter and Telegram channels to be sure you know when and how to participate. We’ll be releasing more details shortly. See you soon!Genesis Node Event Launches April 13 was originally published in Syntropy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Verge 04.10

Verge Currency in collaboration with GetBlock are happy to announce that you can now access the…

Verge Currency + GetBlockVerge Currency & GetBlock are happy to announce a a collaboration providing access to XVG nodes at no cost for use up to 40k checks per day., is a fee-free provider of access to block chain nodes for the most popular cryptocurrencies.GetBlock provides connection to block chain nodes for most popular cryptocurrencies with JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets. You can immediately connect your app to a block chain, as GetBlock relieves you from running a node yourself.Verge Currency is a secure and user-friendly digital currency designed for everyday use. Verge promotes ease-of-use, speed and community ownership. With Verge, businesses and individuals have flexible options for sending and receiving payments securely and efficiently all around the world in a matter of seconds.Verge Currency node is now live on GetBlock, with their non-stop working servers located in Germany, where a connection can be established at all hours at a speed of 1 GB/s. Each node can be integrated using various API methods, while the method available for XVG is JSON-RPC.GetBlock provides access to the XVG node for free for up to 40k free access per day. With a pricing system that is structured in a way that the purchased requests do not have an expiration date. Use as many requests as you want, restrictions aren’t applied.To find out more head over to Twitter @getblockio or TelegramVerge Currency in collaboration with GetBlock are happy to announce that you can now access the… was originally published in vergecurrency on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Streamr network 04.09

Welcome to the February/March Dev Update!

The Streamr team made a herculean effort over March to release the Data Unions Framework upgrade, which is now live on xDai. While the launch had our focus, it didn’t stop the grassroots ecosystem developments happening at the network layer. Here are the highlights from the last two months:Data Unions 2.0Almost everything under the hood has been rebuilt in this iteration of the framework. Arguably the biggest change is that the Data Union treasuries, which hold yet to be allocated funds on each Data Union smart contract, are now located on xDai, rather than the Ethereum mainnet. This means that member earnings are no longer held hostage on the mainnet, since withdrawing to the sidechain costs fractions of a cent.We couldn’t have brought Data Unions to xDai without also bringing the DATA token along with it. From here on, DATA is now a multichain asset. You can use the xDai Omnibridge to bridge your mainnet DATA tokens to xDai, or you can get DATA on Honeyswap via a direct fiat injection into the xDai ecosystem with Ramp. We established a DATA/xDai pool and added a large amount of seed liquidity to provide a good experience on the platform.Bringing Data Unions directly on-chain will lead to more composability with DeFi legos, like API3 and various AMMs. A bridge between Data Unions and Binance is also in development — this will allow for fast and cheap withdrawals directly to your Binance deposit address.Swash is currently working on its migration to 2.0 and there are new Data Unions in the works that will grow up very quickly!Stream RegistryCurrently the registry of stream metadata and permissions are stored in a centralized database, which needs to be queried by network users for message validation. Our objective is to store this registry on-chain for better security, as well as to enable anyone to read its contents in a decentralized way. This project is led by our new hire, Sam Pitter. Sam is a senior smart contract developer based out of Germany. He’ll be working exclusively on this task and has already made great progress. The Stream registry will be created and managed initially on the xDai chain for its low fees.If-This-Then StreamrStreamr now has an If-This-Then-That integration! You can now stream data from 600+ brands, services and IoT devices, available on IFTTT to Streamr — just mix data ingredients to build and push stream data points. This means that real-time data on Streamr can act as a data input trigger to any other API on the platform to generate powerful logic and feedback loops.For example, you could connect Spotify and Streamr together with drag and drop tools — every time you play a song, the song name would be pushed into a stream. It works the other way around too. Every time a new data point arrives on a stream, you could write it to a Google sheet. Or if you have a stream of photo URLs, they could be published to a photo hosting service, in real-time. The possibilities are endless. Here is a guide to help you get started.Streamr Dashboards go GrafanaStreamr is now an official community data source of Grafana.Check out the Streamr plugin on Grafana, and if you’re new to Grafana, here is a great getting started guide to get your streams visualised.Token migrationWe are reaching out to exchanges, wallets and aggregators for their support in the upcoming token migration, along with preparing the support documentation for users. We will be building a token migration tool and expect exchanges to support the migration natively. We are also researching the different token standards, especially the pros and cons of adopting the ERC777 standard (completely backwards compatible with ERC20).Tokenomics and the Streamr NetworkMeasuring the performance and health of the network has been the focus of the network team as of late and especially now that the Network Explorer allows us to inspect how topologies are formed in a much more visual way. We’ve also exposed latency metrics per stream topology to better understand the emergent performance of the network at the lowest levels.Network throughput is being looked at quite closely, specifically the tradeoffs between WebRTC and websockets. WebRTC is a complex technology that behaves differently to our websocket implementation under heavy loads. We’re tinkering at the very heart of the WebRTC protocol and pushing it to its limits, we look forward to sharing the results of our progress as we get closer to the Brubeck milestone.Our tokenomics research is in Phase 3, which has so far included work on formally defining an “MVP” of the Agreement (which is the thing that connects Payers to Brokers, i.e. connects demand and supply in the network). So in Phase 3 we’re starting to get into the really important bits, which is very exciting. Next, the initial Agreement model will be implemented in cadCAD, and then we’ll be able to simulate the behavior and earnings of Brokers (node operators) under various assumptions about how supply and demand enters the system, and for example how the initial growth of the network can be accelerated via potential use of additional reward tokens (a bit like yield farming in DeFi).The full tokenomics isn’t planned until the Tatum milestone which is due next year, however this year we could already have additional token incentives to help kickstart the decentralization of the network once we reach the Brubeck milestone.Streamr ClientsWe’ve pushed a major version update to the client — version 5 is now released. The update contains over 500 commits and brings compatibility with Data Unions 2.0. Only version 5 and up will be compatible with Data Unions from here on. The Java client has also been updated to be compatible with Data Unions 2.0.This update is also about laying the foundations for moving logic from the client layer into the broker layer. This decoupling will mean that the JS client will import the Network. This means that clients will be ‘light’ in that the heavy logic, such as message ordering and gap filling, will be handled once — in the imported Network package. When this architecture is achieved we will have taken another big step towards the Brubeck milestone.Deprecations and Breaking ChangesA number of API endpoints need to be retired and replaced to be compatible with our vision of decentralization. This section summarises deprecated features and upcoming breaking changes. Items marked ‘Date TBD’ will be happening in the medium term, but a date has not yet been set.On May 31st 2021, the API endpoint to create a stream — /streams POST will no longer automatically generate an ID if it is not supplied in the request. This means that a valid stream ID changes from optional to required. The Streamr clients will be updated in April with this breaking change.On April 31st 2021, the Canvas and Dashboard features will be removed from the Streamr Core application and the associated API. This was decided by the DATA token holders through a governance vote. You will still be able to create and manage streams, data products, and Data Unions as usual after this change. If you don’t currently use the Canvas or Dashboard features of the Core application, the change won’t affect you and you won’t notice any difference.The code will be archived into a fork for safekeeping and potential later use. An example of later use could be to relaunch the Canvas tooling at a later time as a self-hosted version which would connect to the decentralized Streamr Network for data.This notice period gives you time to migrate any of your Canvas-based stream processing workloads to other tools. We in the Streamr team are using a few Canvases ourselves for computing metrics, such as the real-time messages/second metric you see on the project website. It’s pretty straightforward to replace those Canvases with simple node.js scripts that compute the same results and leverage the Streamr JS library, and this is exactly what we intend to do for the few Canvas-based workloads we have internally.(Date TBD): Support for unsigned data will be droppedUnsigned data on the network is not compatible with the goal of decentralization, because malicious nodes can tamper with data that is not signed. As the Streamr Network will be ready to start decentralizing at the next major milestone (Brubeck), support for unsigned data will be ceased as part of the progress towards that milestone. Users should upgrade old client library versions to newer versions that support data signing, and use Ethereum key-based authentication.Originally published at on April 9, 2021.Welcome to the February/March Dev Update! was originally published in Streamr on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Chiliz 04.09


Scroll down for: JP, TR, ZH, DE, ES, KRNEW YORK (April 09th, 2021): The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing sports league in the world, is asking fans to choose the main event for the season kickoff event on April 23rd by using $PFL Fan Tokens on blockchain-based fan engagement app organisation PFL doubled down on their reputation as the world’s most innovative sports league when they officially launched the $PFL Fan Token in partnership with fintech blockchain company Chiliz at the end of last month.The groundbreaking poll went live on at 8AM ET/ 1PM CET, with fans from around the world already using their $PFL Tokens to decide which of the following fights (below) takes the spotlight in the ‘People’s Main Event’ on the ESPN+ card at PFL 1, April 23rd. The poll will conclude on Monday April 12th at 12PM ET/ 6PM CET.Options:Radzhabov vs. Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane vs Sheymon MoraesThe event will take place at Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City and will be broadcast live primetime on ESPN2/ESPN+ in the US and beamed to 160+ countries around the world. The PFL has an estimated global fanbase of 550 million.$PFL Fan Tokens are collectible digital assets, minted on the Chiliz blockchain, that provide owners with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive league and sponsor promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games and competitions on Chiliz’ fan engagement and rewards mobile app$PFL holders will be able to participate in various polls, giveaways and new product drops over the course of the PFL’s Regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship on, including the chance to award fighter bonuses and win signed gear and merch from PFL MMA fighters including Anthony Pettis, Fabrício Werdum, Rory MacDonald and Kayla Harrison. The global partnership with the PFL also provides with rights to use PFL logos and branding for advertising and promotional usage. logos will be featured in and around the cage and arena.The PFL is also the first US based organization to launch a Fan Token and join 24 major sporting organizations on the platform, including the likes of FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.Chiliz has major global expansion plans for 2021 and will increase their existing presence in Europe while targeting many more Fan Token launches in the UK, Asia and South America. Chiliz also recently announced a $50M expansion into the US to target launches with the 5 major US sports leagues.Pete Murray, CEO of the PFL said: “We’re committed to using the latest technology to create real, meaningful engagement with PFL fans. This first poll is truly groundbreaking, giving fans from all over the world the chance to have their say in the ‘People’s Main Event’. We’re excited to see which way the vote goes and we’re looking forward to further innovative opportunities to engage with MMA fans worldwide, bringing them closer to our fighters and the action, throughout our 2021 season.”Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and said: “MMA fans across the world now have the unprecedented opportunity to decide which fighters take the spotlight when the PFL regular season gets underway on April 23rd.“$PFL Fan Token holders can look forward to many more polls, giveaways, new product drops, the chance to award fighter bonuses, chat forums, games, VIP rewards and experiences on“The first poll is open now, so head to and have your say in this historic moment for MMA.”プロフェッショナル・ファイターズ・リーグ — $PFLファントークン保有者がシーズンキックオフイベントのメインマッチ対戦カードを決定2021年4月9日 ニューヨーク:世界で最も急速な成長を続けるプロフェッショナル・ファイターズ・リーグ(PFL)。4月23日に開催されるシーズンキックオフイベントのメインマッチ対戦カードが、ブロックチェーンベースのファンエンゲージメントアプリ「」上で$PFLファン・トークンを保有するファンによって決定される予定です。世界規模の総合格闘技団体として知られるPFLは、先月末にフィンテックブロックチェーン企業「Chiliz」との提携を通して公式ファントークン「$PFL」を発行しており、世界で最も革新的なスポーツリーグとしてのステータスがより強固なものとなりました。世界中のPFLファンが$PFLファントークンを使って、4月23日に開催されるPFL 1 ESPN+「People’s Main Event」のメイン対戦カード(以下参照)を決める投票イベントに参加しています。投票イベントは日本時間4月13日午前1時まで開催されます。対戦カード候補:Radzhabov 対 Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane 対 Sheymon MoraesイベントはOcean Casino Resort Atlantic Cityでの開催が決定しており、米国ではESPN2/ESPN+でプライムタイム中継され、世界160カ国での放送が予定されています。PFLは、執筆時点で5億5000万人規模のファンベースを擁しています。$PFLファントークンは、Chilizブロックチェーン上で発行された収集可能なデジタル資産で、保有することによって投票イベントへの参加権利、VIP報酬の獲得、リーグ&スポンサー限定プロモーションの利用、AR機能、チャットフォーラム、ゲームを含むSocios.comアプリ機能をお楽しみいただけます。$PFLを保有することにより、PFLのレギュラーシーズン、プレーオフ、チャンピオンシップ期間を通して様々な投票イベントに参加することはもちろん、プレゼント企画や新商品へのアクセスが可能となります。$PFLホルダーは、最優秀選手やパフォーマンスを選択しながら、Anthony Pettis、Fabrício Werdum、Rory MacDonald、Kayla HarrisonといったPFL所属選手によるサイン入りグッズを獲得することができます。PFLとのグローバル提携により、Socios.comはPFLのロゴの使用等を通したブランディングおよび宣伝活動が可能となり、同時にSocios.comのロゴが試合会場に飾られることが決定しています。また、PFLはファントークンをローンチする米国初のスポーツ団体となります。Socios.comは、執筆時点でFCバルセロナ、ユベントス、パリ・サンジェルマン、マンチェスター・シティ等の世界規模のクラブチームと提携を結んでいます。Chilizは今年大規模なグローバル展開を予定しており、これまで以上にヨーロッパでの存在感を強めていくと同時に、英国、アジア、南米市場での公式ファントークン発行を目指しています。米国の5大スポーツリーグでのファントークン発行を目的とした5000万ドルの事業投資も発表しています。PFL CEO Pete Murray氏によるコメント:「PFLを応援してくれている皆様との関わりをよりリアルで価値のあるものにしていくために、私たちは常に最先端技術を積極的に取り入れています。PFLにとって初となる投票イベントでは、ファンの皆様に「People’s Main Event」の対戦カードをお決めいただきます。私たちも投票結果が気になって仕方がありません。2021年シーズンを通して、PFLに所属する選手たちはもちろん、リーグ全体との新たな関わりをお楽しみいただけるよう、努めて参ります。」Chiliz/ CEO Alexandre Dreyfusによるコメント:「世界中の総合格闘技ファンが待ちわびた瞬間がやってきました。4月23日にキックオフされるPFLレギュラーシーズンのメイン対戦カードを、$PFLホルダーの皆様にお決めいただきます。様々な投票イベント、プレゼントキャンペーン、新商品、ファイターへのボーナス付与、チャット、ゲームVIP報酬、VIP体験の獲得を通してSocios.comアプリをお楽しみください。PFL初の投票イベントは既に開始しています。Socios.comアプリを開いて、この歴史的瞬間に立ち会ってください!」PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS LEAGUE SEZON BAŞLANGICI ANA ETKİNLİĞİNİ $PFL FAN TOKEN SAHİPLERİ BELİRLEYECEKNEW YORK (9 Nisan 2021): Dünyanın en hızlı büyüyen spor ligi Professional Fighters League (PFL),23 Nisan’da gerçekleşecek sezon başlangıcı ana etkinliklerinin, blockchain tabanlı fan etkileşim uygulaması’da yer alan $PFL Fan Token sahipleri tarafından belirlenmesini istiyor.MMA organizasyonu PFL, geçen ayın sonunda fintech blockchain şirketi Chiliz ile partner olarak $PFL Fan Token’ı resmen başlattı ve dünyanın en yenilikçi spor ligi olma ününü ikiye katladı.Çığır açan oylama,’da 15.00’da (GMT+3) yayına girdi. Dünyanın dört bir yanından hayranlar, 23 Nisan’da ESPN+’da yayınlanacak olan PFL 1’da, (aşağıda yer alan) dövüşlerden hangisinin ‘People’s Main Event’ seçilerek ana etkinlik olacağına karar vermek için $PFL Fan Token kullanmaya başladı bile. Oylama 12 Nisan Pazartesi günü 19.00’da sona erecek.Seçenekler:Radzhabov vs. Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane vs Sheymon MoraesEtkinlik, Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City’de gerçekleşecek ve ABD’de ESPN2 / ESPN + üzerinden canlı olarak yayınlanacak ve dünya çapında 160'tan fazla ülkeye servis edilecek. PFL’nin küresel hayran kitlesinin 550 milyon civarında olduğu tahmin ediliyor.$PFL Fan Token, Chiliz blokchain ile basılan, mobil taraftar etkileşim ve ödüllendirme platformu üzerinden sahiplerine oylamalarda yer alma, VIP ödüllere, özel lig ve sponsor promosyonlarına, AR içeriklere, sohbet forumlarına, oyunlara ve yarışmalaraulaşma hakkı sağlayan dijital varlıklardır.$PFL sahipleri,’da PFL’nin Normal Sezonu, Playoffları ve Şampiyonası boyunca çeşitli anketlere, çekilişlere ve yeni ürün indirimlerine katılabilecek, gecenin en iyi maçı oylamaları ile dövüşçülerin ödül bonuslarına karar verebilecek; ayrıca Anthony Pettis, Fabrício Werdum, Rory MacDonald ve Kayla Harrison gibi ünlü isimlerin dahil olduğu MMA dövüşçülerinin imzalı ürün ve ekipmanlarına sahip olabilecekler. PFL ile olan küresel ortaklık aynı zamanda’a reklam ve promosyon amaçlı kullanım için PFL logolarını ve markalaşmayı kullanma hakları sağlamakta. logoları, kafes ve arenanın içinde ve çevresinde yer alacaktır.PFL ayrıca bir Fan Token başlatarak, platformunda yer alan FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain ve Manchester City gibi 24 büyük spor organizasyonunun arasına katılan ilk ABD merkezli organizasyon.Chiliz’in ise 2021 için büyük küresel genişleme planları var ve Avrupa’daki varlığını artırırken, Birleşik Krallık, Asya ve Güney Amerika’da daha birçok Fan Token lansmanını hedefliyor. Chiliz ayrıca kısa süre önce ABD’nin 5 büyük spor ligiyle yapılabilecek lansmanları hedeflemek için ABD’de 50 milyon dolarlık bir yatırım duyurdu.PFL CEO’su Pete Murray şunları söyledi: “Bu ilk oylama gerçekten çığır açıcı olacak. Dünyanın her yerinden takipçilerimiz ‘People’s Main Event’’de kimlerin yer alacağını belirleyecek. Oylamanın nasıl ilerleyeceğini görmek konusunda heyecanlıyız. Dünya çapındaki MMA takipçileriyle etkileşim kurmak, 2021 sezonumuz boyunca dövüşçülerimiz ve etkinliklerimize daha yakın olmalarını sağlamak için inovatif olasılıkların her zaman peşindeyiz.”Chiliz ve CEO’su Alexandre Dreyfus ise şöyle açıklıyor: “Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki MMA hayranları, 23 Nisan’da PFL normal sezonu başladığında hangi dövüşçülerin ön plana çıkacağına karar vermek için artık eşi görülmemiş bir fırsata sahip.“$PFL Fan Token sahipleri,’da daha birçok oylama, hediye, yeni ürün haberleri, dövüşçü bonuslarına karar verme şansı, sohbet forumları, oyunlar, VIP ödülleri ve deneyimleri kazanma şansı bekliyor.“İlk oylama şu an devam ediyor. Bu yüzden’a gidin ve bu tarihi MMA anında sizin de sözünüz olsun.”职业拳手联盟粉丝令牌$PFL持有人将决定本赛季主赛事拳手纽约(2021年4月9日):全球发展最迅速的体育联盟之一 — — 职业拳手联盟(PFL)将给予全球粉丝绝对的权利,让他们可以在区块链参与激励应用Socios.com平台上,使用官方粉丝令牌$PFL选择4月23日由哪场对决开启本赛季的主赛事。综合格斗组织PFL通过与金融科技区块链公司Chiliz合作发行$PFL粉丝令牌,再次证明了他们是全球最具创新力的体育联盟。PFL于北京时间晚8时启动了极具开创性的首轮票选,全球所有$PFL令牌的持有人将通过以下票选决定4月23日的PFL1 ESPN+卡呈现哪场对决。这一票选将于北京时间4月13日0点结束。投票选项如下:Radzhabov 对决 Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane 对决 Sheymon Moraes本次赛事将在大西洋城海洋赌场度假村举行,美国ESPN2/ESPN+将在黄金时段进行直播,并转播至全球160多个国家。而PFL在全球约有5.5亿的观众。$PFL粉丝令牌为一类具有收藏性的数字资产,通过Chiliz区块链铸造,用户可在粉丝参与激励平台Socios.com使用令牌获得俱乐部票选参与权、VIP体验、相关折扣,并参与游戏、增强现实功能、聊天论坛、游戏和竞赛活动等。在PFL常规赛、季后赛和冠军赛期间,$PFL的持有人将可以在Socios.com上参与各种投票、获得赠品和新产品奖励,还有机会得到拳手奖金和赢得PFL MMA拳手的签名装备和商品,包括Anthony Pettis、Fabrício Werdum、Rory MacDonald和Kayla Harrison等。Socios.com通过与PFL的全球合作也将能够使用PFL标志和品牌进行广告和宣传。此外,Socios.com的标志将出现在十角笼和竞技场内外。PFL也是美国首个推出粉丝令牌的组织,此前,Socios.com平台上已有24个主要体育组织参与,包括巴塞罗那俱乐部、尤文图斯、巴黎圣日耳曼和曼城等。Chiliz将在2021年继续在全球进行拓展,除了增强在欧洲的现有业务之外,还将同英国、亚洲和南美洲的更多体育娱乐组织推出粉丝令牌。Chiliz近期公布了对美国市场进行5000万美元投资的计划,目标是与美国5大体育联盟达成粉丝令牌合作。PFL的首席执行官Pete Murray表示:”我们致力于通过最新的技术为PFL粉丝创造真实、有意义的互动。这次我们推出的首个票选是极具突破性的,能够让全世界的粉丝有机会对’人民的主赛事’发表意见。我们期待通过更多的创新机会与全球的综合格斗粉丝互动,让他们更接近喜爱的拳手和活动,而这一理念将贯穿整个2021赛季。”Chiliz和Socios.com首席执行官Alexandre Dreyfus表示:”现在,全球的的综合格斗粉丝拥有了前所未有的机会,他们将决定哪些拳手将在4月23日的PFL常规赛中成为焦点。““$PFL粉丝令牌的持有者将有机会参与更多的投票、获得奖品、新产品的投放、奖励拳手奖金、参与聊天论坛、游戏、VIP奖励等Socios.com平台提供的体验。”“现在首轮投票已经开放,请前往,参与这个综合格斗赛事的历史性时刻吧!”PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS LEAGUE BITTET $PFL FAN-TOKEN INHABERS, DIE HAUPTVERANSTALTUNG FÜR SAISON KICKOFF ZU WÄHLENNEW YORK (Marz 31, 2021): Die Professional Fighters League (PFL) die am schnellsten wachsende Liga in der Welt, bittet ihren Fans das Hauptereignis für die Saison Kickoff Event am 23. April mit Benutzung von $PFL Fan-Tokens in der Blockchain-basierten Fan-Engagement App auszuwählen.Die MMA Organisation PFL hat ihren Ruf als innovativste Sportliga der Welt verdoppelt, als sie Ende letzten Monats in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fintech-Blockchain-Unternehmen Chiliz das $PFL Fan-Token offiziell lancierte.Die bahnbrechende Umfrage wurde um 8AM ET/ 1PM CET, auf live geschaltet. Fans aus der ganzen Welt verwenden bereits ihre $PFL Tokens, um zu entscheiden, welcher der folgenden Kämpfe (unten) im ‘People’s Main Event’ auf der ESPN + Karte bei PFL 1 am 23. April wir die Schlagziele machen. Die Umfrage endet am Montag, den 12. April um 12PM ET/ 6PM CET.Optionen:Radzhabov vs. Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane vs Sheymon MoraesDie Veranstaltung wird am Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City stattfinden und wird in der Primetime live auf ESPN2/ESPN+ in den USA übertragen und werd gestrahlt in 160 Länder auf der ganzen Welt. Die PFL hat eine geschätzte weltweite Fangemeinde von 550 Millionen.$PFL Fan-Token sind sammelbare digitale Assets, die in der Chiliz-Blockchain geprägt sind und den Besitzern Zugriff auf Stimmrechte bei Umfragen, VIP-Belohnungen, exklusiven Liga- und Sponsoren Aktionen, AR-fähigen Funktionen, Chat-Foren, Spielen und Wettbewerben auf Chiliz ‘Fan, Engagement und Belohnungen mobile App anbietet.$PFL Inhaber können im Verlauf der PFL’s Regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship auf an verschiedenen Umfragen und Werbegeschenken teilnehmen, einschließlich der Möglichkeit, Kämpfer Boni zu vergeben und gewinne signierte Ausrüstung und Merch von PFL MMA Kämpfer, einschließlich Anthony Pettis, Fabrício Werdum, Rory MacDonald and Kayla Harrison. Die globale Partnerschaft mit der PFL gewährt auch Rechte zur Verwendung von PFL Logos und Branding für Werbe- und Verkaufszwecke. Logos werden in und um den Käfig und in der Arena angebracht.Die PFL ist auch die erste Organisation mit Sitz in den USA, die ein Fan-Token ins Leben gerufen hat und sich 24 großen Sportorganisationen auf der Plattform angeschlossen hat, einschließlich den Likes von FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain und Manchester City.Chiliz hat große globale Expansionspläne für 2021 und wird seine bestehende Präsenz in Europa ausbauen und gleichzeitig viele weitere Fan-Token in Großbritannien, Asien und Südamerika lancieren. Chiliz kündigte kürzlich eine Expansion von $50M US-Dollar in die USA an, um lancieren mit den fünf großen US-Sportligen zu erreichen.Pete Murray, CEO der PFL, sagte: „Wir sind bestrebt, die neueste Technologie einzusetzen, um ein echtes und sinnvolles Engagement für PFL Fans zu schaffen. Diese erste Umfrage ist wirklich bahnbrechend und gibt Fans aus aller Welt die Möglichkeit, beim „People’s Main Event“ mitzureden. Wir sind gespannt, in welche Richtung die Abstimmung geht, und freuen uns auf weitere innovative Möglichkeiten, um mit MMA Fans weltweit in Kontakt zu treten und sie während unserer Saison 2021 unseren Kämpfern und der Aktion näher zu bringen. “Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO von Chiliz und, sagte: „MMA Fans auf der ganzen Welt haben jetzt die beispiellose Gelegenheit zu entscheiden, welche Kämpfer soll im Rampenlicht stehen, wenn die reguläre PFL-Saison am 23. April beginnt.„$PFL Fan-Token Inhaber können sich auf viele weitere Umfragen und Werbegeschenken freuen und auch fur die Möglichkeit Kämpfer Boni zu vergeben, am Chat-Foren, Spielen, VIP-Belohnungen und Erlebnisse auf teilzunehmen..”Die erste Umfrage ist jetzt geöffnet, gehe also auf und gebe, diene Stimme ab im diesem historischen Moment von MMA.”LA PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS LEAGUE PERMITIRÁ A SUS FANS DECIDIR EL COMBATE ESTELAR DEL ARRANQUE DE TEMPORADANUEVA YORK (9 de abril de 2021): La Professional Fighters League (PFL), la liga deportiva con mayor crecimiento a nivel mundial, está pidiendo a sus fans que elijan el combate principal para el evento que reabrirá la temporada regular el próximo 23 de abril. Los aficionados que tengan al menos un Fan Token de la organización ($PFL) pueden votar ya a través de la aplicación de fan engagement organización de Artes Marciales Mixtas (MMA) PFL redobló recientemente su ya conocida fama de marca innovadora y vanguardista convirtiéndose en la primera liga del mundo en lanzar un Fan Token a través de Chiliz, la empresa de fintech blockchain líder en la industria deportiva.A partir de las 14.00 horas (CET) de este viernes, aficionados de todo el mundo podrán elegir cuál de los siguientes combates encabeza el llamado ‘People’s Main Event’ en la velada ESPN+ de la PFL 1, que tendrá lugar el próximo 23 de abril. La encuesta estará activa hasta el próximo lunes 12 de abril a las 18.00 horas (CET)Opciones:Radzhabov vs. Alex MartinezBrendan Loughnane vs Sheymon MoraesEl evento tendrá lugar en el Ocean Casino Resort de Atlantic City y será retransmitido en directo a través de ESPN2/ESPN+ en Estados Unidos y otros 160 países del mundo. La PFL estima una audiencia global de 550 millones de espectadores.Los Fan Tokens $PFL son activos digitales coleccionables creados en la cadena de blockchain Chiliz que permiten a sus propietarios acceder a una amplia gama de ventajas, como el derecho a tomar decisiones participando en votaciones, la posibilidad de acceder a promociones exclusivas de la PFL y sus patrocinadores, la opción de ganar diferentes premios, incluidas experiencias VIP físicas y digitales, y la oportunidad de interactuar con otros aficionados a través de chats, concursos, juegos y otras herramientas disponibles en la app propietarios de Fan Tokens $PFL podrán participar en numerosas encuestas a lo largo de toda la temporada, y también optar a ganar premios y acceso preferente a productos de la organización. También podrán otorgar ‘fighter bonus’ a los luchadores y obtener productos autografiados de figuras como Anthony Pettis, Fabrício Werdum, Rory MacDonald y Kayla Harrison. El acuerdo global con la PFL otorga a el derecho a utilizar los logos oficiales de la liga, mientras que el logo de figurará alrededor de la jaula y en el resto del arena.La PFL es la primera organización deportiva estadounidense en lanzar Fan Tokens y se une así a otras 24 entidades de primer nivel que ya forman parte de la plataforma La lista incluye a gigantes del fútbol europeo como FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain y Manchester City.Chiliz ha anunciado importantes planes de expansión para 2021, año en el que incrementará su presencia en Europa y se expandirá por otras regiones clave como Asia o Sudamérica. La compañía anunció recientemente una inversión de 50 millones de dólares para implantar su exitoso modelo en las grandes ligas estadounidenses.Pete Murray, CEO de la PFL, asegura: “Estamos comprometidos a utilizar la tecnología más vanguardista para ofrecer nuevas oportunidades a los fans de la PFL. Esta primera encuesta es realmente innovadora, puesto que dará a los aficionados de todo el mundo voz y voto en la confección del ‘People’s Main Event’. Estamos muy ilusionados y expectantes de ver qué deciden los fans, y ya estamos trabajando en generar nuevas iniciativas que nos permitan llevar a los seguidores más cerca de los luchadores y de la acción esta temporada”.Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO de Chiliz y, asegura: “Los fans de las MMA en todo el mundo cuentan desde ahora con una oportunidad sin precedentes de decidir qué luchadores encabezan el regreso de la temporada regular de la PFL el próximo 23 de abril”.“Este es sólo un ejemplo de las oportunidades que esperan a partir de ahora a los fans de la PFL, que no sólo podrán participar en votaciones sino también optar a promociones exclusivas, premios únicos, experiencias VIP y mucho más”“La primera encuesta ya está activa, así que visita ya la app y participa de este momento histórico para las MMA”.프로페셔널 파이터스 리그, $PFL 팬 토큰 보유자가 이벤트 메인 매치카드를 결정뉴욕 (2021년 4월 9일): 세계에서 가장 빠르게 성장하고 있는 프로페셔널 파이터스 리그(PFL)! 4월 23일 개최되는 시즌 킥오프 이벤트의 메인 매치카드가 블록체인 기반의 팬 활동 앱 소시오스닷컴(에서 $PFL 팬 토큰을 보유한 팬들에 의해 결정될 예정입니다.세계적 규모의 종합격투기 단체로 알려진 PFL은 지난 달 말에 핀테크 블록체인 기업 칠리즈와의 파트너십을 통해 공식 팬토큰 ‘$PFL’을 발행하였으며, 세계에서 가장 혁신적인 스포츠 리그로서의 위상이 더욱 높아졌습니다.이 역사적인 투표는 소시오스닷컴에서 한국시간 오후 9시에 진행되었으며,이미 전 세계의 PFL팬들이 $PFL팬 토큰을 사용해 투표 이벤트(4월 23일에 개최되는 PFL 1에서 ESPN+카드에 있는 ‘피플스 메인 이벤트’의 메인 매치 카드를 결정하는 투표)에 참여하고 있습니다(아래 참조). 투표 이벤트는 한국 시간 4월 13일 오전 1시에 진행됩니다.매치카드 옵션:라즈하보브 vs 알렉스 마르티네스브렌던 러프나인 vs 셰이몬 모레스이 이벤트는 오션 카지노 리조트 아틀랜타 시티에서 개최되며, 미국에서는 ESPN2/ESPN+에서 황금 시간대에 생중계되어 세계 160개국에서 시청하실 수 있습니다. PFL은 창단이후로 약 5억5000만 명의 팬을 보유하고 있습니다.$PFL 팬 토큰은 칠리즈 블록체인 상에서 발행된 수집 가능한 디지털 자산입니다.팬 토큰 보유자에게는 이벤트 참여 및 VIP 리워드 획득, 리그 & 스폰서 한정 프로모션 이용, AR 기능, 채팅 참여, 게임 등을 포함한 다양한 소시오스 닷컴 앱 내 기능을 즐길 수 있는 권한이 주어집니다.$PFL을 보유함에 따라 소시오스 닷컴에서 PFL 정규 시즌, 플레이오프, 챔피언십 기간 내내 ‘다양한 투표 이벤트’에 참여하는 것은 물론, 경품 증정과 신제품 체험의 기회가 제공됩니다.또한 PFL 소속 MMA파이터인 앤서니 페티스, 파브리시오 베르둠, 로리 맥도널드, 카일라 해리슨과 같은 선수들의 ‘사인 굿즈’와 ‘어워드 파이터 보너스’를 획득할 수 있습니다.PFL과의 글로벌 파트너십으로 인해 소시오스 닷컴에서 PFL의 로고 사용과 로고를 활용한 브랜딩 및 홍보 활동이 가능해졌고, 동시에 ‘소시오스 닷컴’의 로고가 경기장 안팎에 부착될 예정입니다.이번에 PFL은 소시오스 닷컴에서 최초로 팬 토큰을 런칭하는 미국 스포츠 팀입니다. 소시오스 닷컴은 FC 바르셀로나, 유벤투스, 파리 생제르맹, 맨체스터 시티 등을 포함한 주요 24개의 세계적 스포츠 팀과 파트너십을 맺고 있습니다.칠리즈는 2021년 주요 글로벌시장 확장을 계획하고 있으며 영국, 아시아 및 남미에서 더 많은 팬 토큰 출시를 목표로 유럽에서의 기존 입지를 더 강력하게 다지고있습니다.최근 칠리즈에서는 5개 주요 미국 스포츠 리그 출시를 목표로566억원의 규모로 자금을 투입하여 사업을 확대할 것이라고 발표했습니다.PFL의 CEO, 피트 머레이는 이와 같이 말했습니다:“우리는 PFL을 응원해 주는 팬 여러분들과 조금 더 유대감 있고, 가치있게 소통해 나가기 위해 항상 최첨단 기술을 적극적으로 도입하고 있습니다. PFL의 첫 투표 이벤트에서 팬 여러분은 <피플스 메인 이벤트>의 매치카드를 결정하게 됩니다. 저희도 투표 결과가 어떻게 나올지 궁금해하며 부푼 기대를 안고 있습니다. 2021시즌에는 PFL 소속 선수들은 물론, 리그 전체 또 세계에 있는 모든 팬 분들과 더 적극적이게 소통하며 연결되길 기대합니다.”칠리즈&소시오스 CEO인 ‘알렉산드레 드레이퍼스’는 이와 같이 말했습니다 :“전 세계 종합격투기 팬들이 기다리던 순간이 찾아왔습니다. 4월 23일에 시작되는 PFL정규 시즌의 메인 매치카드를 $PFL보유자 여러분들이 직접 결정할 수 있습니다!“다양한 투표 이벤트, 선물 캠페인, 신상, 파이터 보너스 부여, 채팅, 게임 VIP 보상, VIP 체험 획득 등의 기회를 소시오스 닷컴 앱에서 마음껏 즐겨보세요.“PFL 첫 투표 이벤트가 드디어 시작됩니다. 소시오스 닷컴 앱을 열어 이 역사적 순간에 함께하세요!”PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS LEAGUE ASK $PFL FAN TOKEN HOLDERS TO CHOOSE MAIN EVENT FOR SEASON KICKOFF was originally published in Chiliz on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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Hello members of the Carry Community!Carry tokens (CRE) will be available for trading on Pionex, World’s 1st Exchange Designed for Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. The opening time of the trading for CRE/USDT pair will be available from 12:00 (UTC+9) on April 13th 2021. We are happy to share the listing promotions for Carry and Pionex Community.Listing scheduleOpening time for trading: April 13th, 12:00 GMT+8Listing Campaign:1. Activity period: 2021.04.09–04.272. Activity rules:1) Register for a Pionex account (200 CRE for 100 winners)2) Join Carry global community (200 CRE for 200 winners)3) Create a +100 USDT CRE trading bot on Pionex (700 CRE for 100 winners)> 1,100 CRE airdrop reward in total3. Submit the application form> more details, please visit the official website of Pionex Exchange.About PionexPionex, registered in Singapore, is a global digital asset exchange with 12 free trading bots. It aggregates the real liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global, so users can trade on Pionex with almost the same liquidity as Binance or Huobi Global with free trading bots. Pionex raised +10M USD funds from BitUniverse, a crypto portfolio and trading bot tech solution. It provided the trading bot API solution for major exchanges such as Binance and Bithumb. Pionex continues to develop and research trading bot strategies to provide the users an easy and convenient crypto trading experience in the market fluctuations.We are glad to introduce Carry tokens to the global users of Pionex and 1.2 million BitUniverse users through the listing and to expand the Carry ecosystem. Stay tuned for our global activities!Carry Protocol Official site : Carryprotocol.ioOfficial Telegram announcements: Telegram(ENG) : Twitter : Facebook : X Pionex Start CRE listing Campaign! was originally published in carryprotocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


carry protocol 04.09

캐리, 파이넥스거래소 상장 및 커뮤니티 이벤트 진행

캐리 커뮤니티 여러분 안녕하세요, 캐리 팀입니다.캐리 토큰 (CRE)이 글로벌 자동거래 봇 탑재 거래소, 파이넥스(Pionex)에 오는 13일 상장합니다. 13일 한국시간 12:00시에 CRE/USDT 거래 페어가 개시될 예정입니다.이번 상장 및 협업을 기념하며, 캐리와 파이넥스 커뮤니티를 대상으로 다양한 이벤트가 진행됩니다.상장 일정거래 개시: 2021년 4월 13일 12시 (한국 시간 기준)캐리 에어드랍 이벤트1. 이벤트 기간: 2021.04.09–04.272. 이벤트 참여 방법1) 파이넥스 거래소 회원가입 (100명, 200 CRE)2) 캐리 공식 커뮤니티 입장 (카카오톡) (200명, 200 CRE)3) 파이넥스 거래소에서 CRE 거래봇 100 USD이상 생성 (100명, 700 CRE)>1),2),3) 모두 완료 시 1,100 CRE 리워드!3. 구글 폼 제출 :캐리 X 파이넥스 AMA 진행1. AMA 주제 “파이넥스와 디지털 자산 재테크의 미래, AI 거래봇 소개”2. AMA 일시: 2021년 4월 13일 오후 6시3. AMA 사전질문 제출: AMA 에어드랍1) 사전 질문 보상: 10명 추첨, 500 CRE 리워드2) 현장 참여 보상: 현장 퀴즈 등 참여보상 10명 추첨, 500 CRE 리워드더불어, 파이넥스 거래소 공식 서포터 분들께서 이벤트 기간 내 커뮤니티에서 봇개설, 거래소 이용 등에 대해 소통해 주실 예정입니다.About Pionex파이넥스(Pionex) 는 싱가포르 기반 디지털 자산 트레이딩봇 탑재 거래소로, 빗썸, 바이낸스 등에 자동거래 API를 제공하는 세계적인 블록체인 자동매매 솔루션기업 비트유니버스(BitUniverse) 등 기관의 투자를 받아 창립 2년 만에 글로벌 AI 디지털 자산 자동매매 플랫폼으로 성장했습니다. 또한 후오비, 바이낸스와의 글로벌 파트너십 구축으로 풍부한 유동성을 기반으로 자동거래 마켓을 구축했으며, 12가지 거래봇을 무료로 제공해 암호화폐 진입 장벽을 낮추고, 시세 변동이 큰 암호화폐 시장에서 합리적인 투자를 할 수 있도록 거래봇 서비스를 지속적으로 개발 및 연구하고 있습니다.캐리팀은 이번 파이넥스 거래소 상장을 통해 파이넥스와 120만 비트유니버스의 글로벌 유저와 소통하며, 캐리 생태계를 넓혀 나갈 예정입니다. 캐리팀의 글로벌 활동을 지켜봐 주세요!감사합니다.Carry Protocol 공식 홈페이지 : Carryprotocol.io텔레그램 공지방 :카카오톡 커뮤니티 :공식 트위터 :공식 페이스북 :캐리, 파이넥스거래소 상장 및 커뮤니티 이벤트 진행 was originally published in carryprotocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Cosmos 04.09

HackAtom RU 2021 — Congratulations to the Winners!

HackAtom RU 2021 — Congratulations to the Winners!Let’s meet the HackAtom RU winners! A hackathon focused on IBC and DeFi, with a prize pool of more than $45,000 worth of ATOMs and sponsor tokens.Heads up, cosmonauts and hackers, HackAtom RU 2021 is officially over! We’d like to thank everyone who took part for making this event a success. HackAtom RU 2021 focused on IBC and DeFi, with a prize pool of more than $45,000 worth of ATOMs and sponsor tokens.Traditionally, all HackAtoms follow the top trends in the crypto space–and this time around was no exception. We zeroed-in on DeFi infrastructure, solutions, tools, NFTs, and other areas of DeFi… all with a pinch of IBC and a twist of Cosmos-SDK!Of course, the focus of every hackathon is the hacking, so, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winners below:📄 Translation Challenge: Mikhail Pigolkin & Good O Lord NineThe translation challenge was part of the HackAtom bounty, as a way of translating some of the selected technical Cosmos documentation into Russian. All the workshops were also held or translated into Russian. If you’re interested in checking them out, hop on over to Github by clicking the link below:Github👥 Community Choice Award: EUCIDD-NFTThe Cosmos Community Choice award is a traditional bounty of every HackAtom, where users vote for their favorite project using Devpost. The winning project embedded everything that goes onto a SIM to provide LPA and other services on an NFT in order to eliminate SIM cloning and tracking. Check it out here:Devpost🐱 Persistence & IXO Kitty Task: CarfaxxAs one of our sponsor submissions, Carfaxx provides an immutable, updated record of all activity surrounding your car which is stored on an NFT. Easy to manage, Carfaxx comes with selective disclosures that are scenario and access level based, so you can choose what to share with who. Read more about it on Devpost at the link below:Devpost🦄 Confio CosmWasm Unicorn Task: Fujita TakuyaAnother awesome sponsor submission, see how Confio tackled the task of issuing tokens with CosmWasm by reading their outline on Devpost:Devpost🤫 Secret Network Contract Bounty: Secret Heros, Fardels, Secret Monero Bridge, & Secret LoanSome HackAtom sponsors, like Secret Network, committed to a bounty that challenged participating teams to dig deeper into certain tasks. Secret Network divided the prize between these 4 outstanding projects below.Devpost, Secret HeroesDevpost, FardelsDevpost, Secret Monero BridgeDevpost, Secret Loan🦊 Fox Prize, 1st Place: Starway MonsterNow, onto our first main prize category, the Fox category, which was all about IBC infrastructure. The winner was Starway Monster for bringing a new DeFi perspective to cross-chain portable value. This entry allows users to identify verified interchain pathways for secure token transfers, as well as make IBC transfers across the Cosmos Network.Starway Monster also added a verified un-escrow pathway to obtain native tokens, and the ability to instantly un-escrow wrapped tokens via transferring them back to a native token Zone/Hub. Find out more by visiting the link on Devpost:Devpost🦊 Fox Prize, Runner Up: Token “Multi” SenderSecond place in the same category went to Token “Multi” Sender, which is a CosmWasm contract that makes it possible to send tokens to multiple addresses at the same time. It also enables airdropping of tokens issued by each project, which can save a great deal of gas. Check it out here:Devpost🐱 Kitty Prize, 1st Place: Shiaa3The Kitty category was all about IBC and NFTs. The only winner in this category was Shiaa3, which was inspired by the Catan game. Shiaa3 can be used to transfer NFT (assets) between 2 different chains using IBC. Assets can also be won by gambling in pool. Check out the link below if you’re interested in finding out more:Devpost🦄 Unicorn Prize, 1st Place: Starway MonsterThe main prize in the Unicorn category, which was all about DeFi tools, went unanimously to Starway Monster (see project link and details above).Unawarded BountiesSome of the bounties of the HackAtom were not awarded as there were either no entries or the judges felt that the requirements for these bounties were not met. You can see the outstanding bounties below:- IRISnet Unicorn Task- Agoric Unicorn Task- Akash Unicorn Task- Cyber AI Bounty- Tendermint Starport Bounty- Kitty Prize, Runner Up- Unicorn Prize, Runner Up🎥 Awesome Russian and English ContentKeeping in mind that the focus of this HackAtom wasn’t just hacking but also expanding our reach globally (as you can see from the name of the event, it was primarily focused on Russian-speaking hackers), we’re pleased to say that the event produced a ton of evergreen Russian content for hackers. And, as our team translated most of the event, the content exists in English as well, for anyone wishing to dive into the Cosmos:Cosmos ecosystem by Denis FadeevDeveloping and IBC blockchain with the help of Starport by Denis FadeevBlockchain performance measured correctly by Sergey PrilutzkiDeveloping smart contracts with CosmWasm by Valery LitvinCosmWasm and IBC: the new horizon by Orkun KulceTurning on chain data into analytics by Vadim MozharovskiyDistributed DB with Tendermint by Anton KalievBuilding NFT applications using interNFT module by Deepanshu TripathiHermes relayer — Connecting IBC enabled chains by Andy NogueiraProgrammable Privacy with Secret Network by Assaf Morami, Tom Langer and Reuven PodmazoUsing CosmWasm while building the Terra Wormhole bridge by Yuriy SavchecnkoThinking about protocols with TLA + and Apalache before code is written by Igor KonnovAs you know, part of the challenge was to translate some of the selected technical Cosmos documentation into Russian. Not all the entries received prizes here, but several did. You can find all of these documents gathered in this public repo.A Thank You NoteA huge shout-out goes to all of our judges, sponsors, workshop creators, technical teams, Tendermint, all the organizing teams, and everyone else who made this happen. This event would not have been possible without all of you! And an even bigger shout-out goes to all the hackers and participants of the HackAtom. We hope that you enjoyed the event and we’re looking forward to seeing you roaming the Cosmos!Finally, as promised by Citizen Cosmos, we will record an episode with the three main winners of the event, to find out about their future plans for their projects and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. Stay tuned to our website to follow the winners.HackAtom RU 2021 — Congratulations to the Winners! was originally published in Cosmos Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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What Is Boson Protocol (BOSON) And How Does It Work? | KuCoin Crypto Gem Observer

In the beginning, commerce took place physically, with customers purchasing their goods in brick and mortar stores. As time went on and the internet became prominent, the process has progressed to digital commerce, where transactions can be made online from anywhere. The question is, what is the next step for commerce? Well, Boson Protocol is looking to bring about the age of decentralized commerce (dCommerce).Decentralized commerce utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize things and their commerce data using DeFi. Boson is pioneering this new way of commerce, developing the applications necessary to democratize and decentralize the market.What Is Boson Protocol?Boson Protocol is a protocol that enables an open tokenized economy for commerce by automating digital to physical redemptions using NFTs encoded with game theory. With the current market, powerful ecommerce platforms are hoarding data and separating people from the value they create.With this in mind, Boson Protocol’s vision is to enable a decentralized commerce ecosystem by funding and enabling the development of a stack of specialist applications to disrupt, demonopolize and democratize commerce.This is achieved through dCommerce, which operates using blockchain, DeFi and NFT technology to ensure the customer is always at the center of the experience. What Boson is providing is a commerce interface between the Metaverse and the physical world.How Does Boson Protocol Work?Boston Protocol’s core technology disrupts e-commerce platforms by tokenizing real-world products and services and commerce data within a liquid digital market, built on DeFi. This changes the way people and companies transact.There is a whole ecosystem being built to help achieve Boson’s ultimate vision. Technologies enabling this includes a Web3 Data marketplace, where consumer and seller data can be monetized, the core exchange mechanism that is designed to coordinate transactions and incentivize parties to behave fairly, and NFT-based commitment tokens, where commitments are made by depositing digital value into an escrow contract.At the center of the project is the dCommerce DAO, a community-governed organization that will help to lead the development of the dCommerce market by funding those who build upon Boson Protocol’s applications.Who Created Boson Protocol?The project has been spearheaded by two people: Justin Banon and Gregor Borosa.Justin Banon is CEO of Boson Protocol. Justin is a tech unicorn builder, having previously grown the digital voucher marketplace Priority Pass Group to over $1 billion in revenue from just $50 million. He has earned a Master’s in Digital currency, as well as Innovation, helping him in his role as a blockchain strategist.Gregor Borosa is behind the tech at Boson Protocol. He has worked in a number of roles, such as lead engineer at major banks and payment systems. Gregor has also previously taught blockchain Master’s courses using his experience as a blockchain architecture consultant and developer. He also earned a Master’s in Digital Currency on top of Business Informatics.What Is The BOSON Token?BOSON tokens serve as the core economic unit of the Boson ecosystem. It grows in value through a sustainability loop powered by dCommerce. The total supply of BOSON is 200 million. The token distribution is as follows:Network Rewards/ Foundation: 43.4%Founders and Team: 25%SAFE and SAFT Private Sale: 11.5%Early Investors: 7%Pre Sale: 5.1%Advisors: 5%Public Sale: 3%Trade BOSON and other 200+ tokens on KuCoinWhat Is The BOSON Token Used For?The role of BOSON in the Boson ecosystem is diverse. As the economic unit at the center of the project, BOSON is key to the operation of Boson Protocol. They accrue their value from a fee levied on coordinating transactions and when third-parties access data on the Boson Web3 Data Marketplace.BOSON holders will be able to govern the project, specifically the dCommerce DAO. Ultimately, it is planned for the community to decide which projects to fund and what applications to build.The BOSON token is also used for staking. These commitment deposits allow buyers and sellers to reduce their network fees for coordination of transactions. Otherwise, the token is used for incentivization, rewarding supply acquisition. Relayer marketplaces earn fees to incentivize distribution of inventory, while buyers are incentivized to share their data for a cut of value it creates.Closing ThoughtsBoson Protocol is at the forefront of the decentralized commerce revolution. With ecommerce continuing to grow as the preferred method of commerce, the added benefits of decentralization will have an even bigger impact. Add to this the incorporation of NFTs in dCommerce and the privacy aspect, and it becomes clear that Boson Protocol is well positioned to change the way commerce works in the age of blockchain.For more details about Boson Protocol, you can visit Boson Protocol Explainer.Find the Next Crypto Gem on KuCoin!Follow us on Twitter >>> us on Telegram >>> KuCoin App >>> Is Boson Protocol (BOSON) And How Does It Work? | KuCoin Crypto Gem Observer was originally published in kucoinexchange on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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2021년 1분기 회고

안녕하세요.어느새 2021년도 1/4이 지나서 분기 결산의 시점이 되었네요. 연초에 계획하셨던 모든 일들이 성공적으로 진행되시길 기원합니다.저희 AMO 팀은 지난 3개월간 많은 부분에서 다양한 성과를 거두었고, 또 더 큰 목표를 향해 달려가고 있습니다. 지금부터 2021년 1분기 사업 성과를 말씀드리겠습니다.전기차 데이터 수집 시스템 런칭AMO의 존재 의의라고 할 수 있는 “블록체인 기반의 안전하고 효과적인 데이터 공유” 시스템, 특히 자동차 데이터 공유를 위한 체계를 구축했습니다.주요 관계사인 Autocrypt에서 개발한 데이터 수집용 OBD 하드웨어를 이용해 데이터를 수집하고, AMO 블록체인을 이용해 데이터를 공유할 수 있습니다.AUTOCRYPT 데이터수집기“배리어프리” 앱 출시AMO의 파트너인 “이동의자유”는 교통약자를 위한 수요응답형 모빌리티 서비스를 제공하는 업체이며 최근 선정된 150억원 규모의 “부산 스마트시티” 사업에서 핵심적인 역할을 수행하고 있습니다.“이동의자유”는 부산스마트시티사업의 일환으로 부산 시내에 교통 불편 요소를 신고하고 개선할 수 있는 “배리어프리 앱” 서비스를 제공하며 이 앱을 통해서 수집되는 교통장애 유발 요소들을 AMO 블록체인을 통해서 투명하게 공개함으로써 시민들의 안전하고 편안한 교통 환경을 제공할 예정입니다. 그 첫 걸음으로 배리어프리 앱을 런칭했고 사용자가 꾸준히 증가 하는 추세입니다.배리어프리 앱빗썸 거래소 메인넷 전환 기념 이벤트 진행작년 말부터 준비했던 메인넷 전환을 성공적으로 마무리한 것을 기념하여 빗썸의 신규 서비스인 “암호화폐 예치” 이벤트를 진행했습니다. 당시로써는 파격적인 수준의 30% 이자를 제공해드렸고, 예치 목표액이었던 20억 AMO가 성황리에 완판되었습니다.참고로 2차 예치 이벤트를 곧 진행할 예정이오니 지난번 기회를 놓치셨던 분들은 이번에 참가하셔서 이자 혜택을 받아가시길 바랍니다.빗썸 이벤트 결과한국전기차산업협회 MOU 체결국내 20여개 전기차 및 전기차부품 제조사를 회원으로 가지고 있는 한국전기차사업협회와 “전기차 데이터 생태계 조성”을 위한 MOU를 체결하였습니다.AMO는 블록체인 기반의 데이터 공유 시스템을 제공하고 그 대가로 한국전기차산업협회 회원사의 데이터를 자유롭게 이용할 수 있는 상호간에 WIN-WIN이 되는 협력 관계를 구축해 나갈 예정입니다.한국전기차산업협회 MOU 체결NFT 발행 기능 추가 (신규사업 진행중)AMO 블록체인에 저장되는 자동차 운행 데이터는 각 데이터마다 고유의 식별 값을 가지고 상호간에 확실한 구분이 가능한 개체가 됩니다.이 부분이 최근 주목받고 있는 NFT와 동일한 성격을 띄고 있다고 판단되어 AMO 블록체인용 NFT 개발을 진행 중에 있습니다. AMO NFT를 통해 개별 자동차마다 고유의 NFT를 발급해 “자동차 등록증”과 같은 형태로 사용 할 수도 있고, 나아가 중고차 거래 등을 NFT 기반으로 할 수 있을 것으로 기대하고 있습니다.디지털 자산이 확산되고 NFT의 시장이 무궁무진하게 성장하고 있는 만큼 AMO NFT의 미래도 눈여겨봐 주시기 바랍니다.향후 일정2021년 초에 공유드렸던 로드맵의 핵심은 “2021년을 AMO 블록체인 데이터 수집의 원년으로 삼자” 입니다. 이를 위해 데이터를 제공 해줄 수 있는 파트너와의 협약, 일반 운전자도 참여가능한 데이터 수집기(=데이터 채굴기) 개발을 진행하고 있습니다. 여기에 나아가 최근 트렌드에 발맞춰 연초 계획에는 없던 NFT 기능을 추가하는 등 끊임없는 변화와 노력을 기울이고 있습니다.2021년 말에는 저희 AMO 팀과 AMO 홀더분들 모두가 행복할 수 있는 한해가 되도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.2021년 AMO 로드맵기업비밀유지와 NDA 조건 등으로 인해 말씀드리지 못한 많은 사업들이 진행중에 있으며 그중 일부는 곧 가시적인 결과를 가져올 것으로 예상됩니다.앞으로도 AMO의 행보에 애정 어린 시선으로 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.감사합니다.2021년 1분기 회고 was originally published in AMO Labs Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Hiblocks 04.09

Hiblocks and Home&Shopping Partner for Mutual Service Expansion

hiblocks, a blockchain technology development and service company, has signed a business agreement (MOU) with Home & Shopping for online product marketing and blockchain technology collaboration.hiblocks is developing and servicing the new concept social media platform ‘HABL’ powered by blockchain. HABL has garnered popular interest by providing services that select and provide a wide range of contents distributed on the Internet such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Naver blog in a curation method, and revenue-sharing that distributes profits from activities to all users.Through this partnership, Home & Shopping provides a share button that allows you to easily share products sold in the NHS Mall to the HABL App. Therefore, NHS Mall consumers can experience the HABL service while enjoying convenience at the same time.“HABL will provide additional points to user activities for HNS Mall products curated in the app to support the inflow of HABL users and active sharing activities. We will actively cooperate in establishing strategies and creating new growth models using blockchain technology,” said hiblocks CEO Joseph Lee.Recently, HABL reached 7th in the social category in Google Play Store, and is also included in the Top 100 in the Apple App Store, and the service is cruising. This collaboration with Home & Shopping is expected propel the sales of Home & Shopping and the growth of the HABL app.On the other hand, Home & Shopping is receiving good reviews by introducing a ‘producer real-name system,’ which reveals the producers’ real names and faces by operating production market stores in line with the COVID-19 era.Website:

0 04.09

6 Days Since Launch, This Dex Aggregator Ranked №9 Among All BSC DEX

On 1st Apr, Autofarm team launched its decentralized exchange (Dex) aggregator AutoSwap on Binance Smart Chain.To kick-off the launch of this Dex aggregator, it has integrated 3 popular DEXes available on BSC: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap and JulSwap. They all rank in the top 5 BSC Dex in March.With the integration, it allows users to find the best prices and swap rates (with the lowest slippage) when making swaps in DeFi. This is achieved by splitting users’ trades into different routes across the different exchanges based on the available liquidity on each Dex.For example, if you want to swap 1 $BNB to $CAKE, you can just select the tokens and enter the amount.The best routing calculated by AutoSwap is to swap 32.5% in PancakeSwap and 67.5% in BakerySwap. The best routing might change in real-time, as the price is fluctuating. And you can complete the process with one click, no need to do it by yourself in the different exchanges.How’s Autofarm’s performance so far? Check the Dex Trading Volume on Autofarm detail page.Autofarm’s 24h Dex Trading Volume increased by 30.58% in 24h. The daily Dex Trading Volume ATH is $1,502,500.717 on 2nd Apr, which could rank №9 in all BSC exchanges.The Unique Trader Amount and Trade Counts also hit ATH on 2nd Apr. In total 310 Traders completed 486 trades on that day.8 Advanced dashboards of Autofarm are available for traders to use. We wanna introduce 2 key dashboards to you for your trading analysis.Vault Fees EarnVault fees earned are used for $AUTO burnt. So basically, the larger amount of vault fees earned, the larger amount of $AUTO will be burnt, hence, the price will go up.The total vault fee earned for the past 3 months is $1.5M, which means Autofarm has spent $1.5M to support its $AUTO price so far.2. $AUTO Burnt AmountThe daily burnt amount of $AUTO. So far, the total $AUTO burnt amount is 511 $AUTO. Daily burnt amount is about 13 to support the $AUTO price.You may also like:Can This New DeFi Protocol Keep Its Stablecoin Stable?Facing Big Liquidity Removed and Big Sell Order, Can This Liquidity Mining Protocol Survive?Facing Big Liquidity Removed and Big Sell Order, Can This Liquidity Mining Protocol Survive?6 Days Since Launch, This Dex Aggregator Ranked №9 Among All BSC DEX was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Can This New DeFi Protocol Keep Its Stablecoin Stable?

We’ve talked about a bucket of stablecoins before, from the traditional ones like DAI, USDT, USDC to the recent hot algorithmic stablecoins like $DIGG, $bDollar.Today, we are introducing a new stablecoin, $FEI, issued by Fei Protocol.What Is Fei Protocol and PCV?The $FEI stablecoin has an uncapped supply that tracks demand. $FEI enters circulation via sale along a bonding curve. This curve approaches and fixes at the $1 peg. When new demand for FEI arises, users can acquire it by buying on the bonding curve. Fei Protocol will support the creation of bonding curves denominated in any ERC20. It has been firstly audited by OpenZeppelin and secondly by ConsenSys Diligence.Different from most DeFi platforms that use a user-owned Total Value Locked (TVL) model and reward users with tokens to incentivize the TVL, Fei Protocol developed a Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) model. PCV is a subset of the concept of TVL, in which a platform outright owns the assets locked into the smart contracts. It initially allocates 100% of the PCV funded by the ETH bonding curve to a Uniswap pool denominated in ETH/FEI.(Source: Fei Protocol Medium)As the 2 charts above shows, there are only 26 active liquidity providers for $FEI on Uniswap in 24h and ATH just 27, while the $FEI liquidity is more than $2.5B. Almost all the $FEI liquidity is provided by the PCV Pool controlled by Fei Protocol itself.Where does the money come from? It is from the early big whales who participate in the Genesis Period in which early adopters can pool their ETH. These early big whales get early incentives of $TRIBE, their governance token.The 2 charts above demonstrate that in total 17,568 users participated in the Genesis period from 31st Mar to 3rd Apr, putting in an overall $1,281,846,723.967 volume. All of the volumes are used to provide liquidity for $FEI. All these 17,568 users counted as 1 LP in the $FEI liquidity pool on Uniswap.How the Protocol Keeps $FEI Token Price Stable?Fei Protocol aims to achieve 2 advantages over the traditional stability mechanisms:Guaranteed Liquidity: $FEI holders can rest easy knowing that no whale can pull out the protocol owned liquidity. It is funded by the bonding curve and put into the Uniswap ETH/FEI pair.Peg Reweights: PCV controls over 95% of the liquidity on Uniswap, Fei Protocol will reweight the Uniswap price back to the peg by these steps:1. Withdraw all the PCV liquidity on Uniswap2. Use a small amount of $USDC to get $FEI (eg, 5 $USDC to get 5 $FEI) to make the swap ratio back to 1:13. Then use 1:1 swap ratio to input liquidity back to $FEI liquidity pool, and burn the excess $FEI.When the spot price is below the $1 peg, $FEI is stabilized by a new mechanism called Direct Incentives. Dynamic fees on FEI selling through direct incentives is a new pattern in DeFi. For example, the $FEI price is $0.93 (below $1) at the time of writing. So If you want to sell 1 $FEI, you must pay 0.43 $FEI as a penalty. And these 0.43 $FEI will be burnt.When the spot price is above the $1 peg, $FEI is stabilized by the arbitrage loop with the bonding curve. This means users who are holding $FEI can earn profit through USD stablecoin arbitrage.The $FEI peg dynamics can be summarized as this pic below:(Source: Fei Protocol Medium)Is the Innovative Mechanism Working?We can see that the $FEI token price dropped from $0.95 on 5th Apr to $0.80 on 6th Apr. The price is under $1, which means if you buy $FEI now, you’ll get profit by arbitrage; if you sell, you’ll have to pay a penalty. If the mechanism works, there should be more $FEI bought than sold.Let’s check the $FEI Net Buy Amount.The net buy amount on 6th Apr is 7.95K. It means 7.95K more $FEI tokens are bought than sold on 6th Apr. So basically the logic works.However, the net buy amount still dropped from 22.48K on 5th Apr when the $FEI price is much higher, to only 7.95K on 6th Apr. We can precede that the token price itself will also influence the trader confidence in $FEI, thus affecting the net buy amount.$FEI price starts to drop from 5th April, as what we mentioned above, when the price drop, if users want to sell $FEI, they will face a $FEI penalty and these $FEI tokens will be burnt.Let’s check the $FEI Burnt Amount.We can see the $FEI burnt amount surges to ATH at 1.33B on 5th April when the $FEI price starts to drop. The larger $FEI burnt will make the $FEI price go back to $1. But it also means that even facing a penalty, users are still selling their $FEI tokens. Because if users do not sell, there will be no $FEI token burnt. So it seems the penalty mechanism does not work. But luckily, more users are also buying $FEI as you can see from the $FEI Net Buy Amount chart.What about the $FEI Liquidity on Uniswap and $FEI LP? Did users withdraw the liquidity when the $FEI price dropped?As we can see from the above 2 charts, both the $FEI liquidity and LP do not decrease. This is also because the PCV is controlling about 95% of the liquidity.Since the project has just gone live, you can bookmark it and check how the on-chain data will change over time.You may also like:Facing Big Liquidity Removed and Big Sell Order, Can This Liquidity Mining Protocol Survive?$DIGG, 3x Bitcoin Price, What Is It? How Can You Earn It Through Mining?6 Indicators for Trading BSC DeFi Tokens - Boost Your Trading ProfitCan This New DeFi Protocol Keep Its Stablecoin Stable? was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


NOIA 04.09

Syntropy ($Noia)- Self-Service est lancé aujourd’hui

Vous pouvez désormais utiliser notre technologie pour connecter des réseaux, des applications et des services qui seront automatiquement utilisés sur notre réseau lors du lancement complet.C’est un jour que nous attendons avec impatience depuis un certain temps: le lancement du libre-service pour Syntropy Stack. Avant de plonger dans les détails, voici un bref résumé des raisons pour lesquelles cette journée est si importante pour l’avenir d’Internet.Syntropy Stack est un ensemble de technologies et d’outils permettant aux développeurs de connecter des applications, des services et des réseaux entiers avec des connexions Syntropy cryptées. Lors du lancement complet du réseau, ces connexions circuleront automatiquement sur le réseau Syntropy, améliorant ainsi la sécurité, la vitesse et la disponibilité.Nous avons terminé une version prête pour la production de Syntropy Stack en janvier, intégrant plus de 500 utilisateurs via un programme d’accès anticipé.Avec le libre-service, n’importe qui dans le monde peut désormais commencer à utiliser Syntropy Stack en quelques minutes, ce qui permet une nouvelle vague d’adoption mondiale.Le réseau Syntropy se superpose directement à l’Internet public existant, mais ajoute un chiffrement automatique et une optimisation des itinéraires. Le résultat est un Internet plus rapide et plus sûr pour tous. pouvez-vous faire avec Syntropy Stack?Nous avons lancé des cas d’utilisation de Syntropy Stack via notre programme Builders , en consacrant 1 million de dollars pour inciter les développeurs à construire avec notre technologie.L’adoption a été rapide. Il y a maintenant des dizaines de projets allant de la blockchain et le jeu à l’ IdO et le déploiement de logiciels .Nous avons intégré notre technologie à des réseaux tels que Chainlink , Polkadot et Ethereum , garantissant même un partenariat officiel avec Elrond pour encourager leurs validateurs à porter leurs configurations vers Syntropy. Nous avons également permis aux joueurs de Minecraft et de CS: GO de créer facilement une expérience de jeu avec Syntropy, avec de nombreux autres titres en cours de route.Avec le lancement officiel du libre-service, nous voulons que tout le monde — même les publics non techniques — y participent. C’est pourquoi nous développons quelque chose qui vous aidera à faire fonctionner vos appareils personnels sur Syntropy.VPN Syntropy StackSyntropy Stack VPN permettra à chacun de déployer son propre réseau VPN privé. Cette approche présente plusieurs avantages.Lorsque vous utilisez une solution VPN commerciale, vous transférez simplement le risque dans le tunnel VPN, exposant tout votre trafic Internet à votre fournisseur VPN. Certains d’entre eux vendent ou exploitent vos données.Syntropy Stack vous permet d’exécuter facilement un VPN privé — aucun tiers n’est nécessaire. Vous déployez et contrôlez l’infrastructure, en prenant le contrôle de vos propres données.Vos données seront cryptées avec Wireguard VPN, le protocole VPN le plus rapide et le plus sécurisé actuellement.Vous aurez le pouvoir d’héberger des nœuds de sortie VPN sur n’importe quel cloud, serveur ou appareil dans n’importe quel emplacement géographique. Lorsque DARP est intégré au reste de la pile technologique, vous pourrez également ajouter un routage optimisé pour les performances à votre trafic.Un aperçu d’une configuration VPN SyntropyVous pouvez utiliser Syntropy Stack pour créer un VPN privé dans n’importe quel but. Vous pouvez vous connecter à partir de vos machines Windows ou Mac, ainsi que des smartphones iOS et Android. Les agents Syntropy déployés sur n’importe quel cloud, serveur ou appareil agiront alors en tant que nœuds de sortie.La fonctionnalité VPN privé sera disponible pour tous les utilisateurs de Syntropy Stack dès ce mois-ci.Nous avons toujours cherché à faciliter l’accès à un Internet plus rapide et plus sûr, et nous voulons maintenant nous assurer que tout le monde peut utiliser notre plateforme pour protéger sa vie privée. Nous travaillons activement sur une documentation étendue et des didacticiels pour un public non technologique afin que toute personne disposant d’une connexion Internet puisse bénéficier de Syntropy. L’exécution de VPN privés n’a jamais été aussi simple.Commencez à utiliser Syntropy Stack dès aujourd’huiAvec le libre-service maintenant lancé, il vous suffit de vous inscrire pour y accéder. Le public technique peut consulter notre documentation et nos didacticiels pour vous aider à démarrer.Restez à l’écoute de nos canaux Twitter et Telegram pour des mises à jour en temps réel sur la date de lancement de Syntropy VPN.Canaux de médias sociaux:Twitter: announcements channel: [EN]: [FR]: (ile de la Réunion), ambassadeur NOIA NetworkSyntropy ($Noia)- Self-Service est lancé aujourd’hui was originally published in Syntropy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


NOIA 04.09

AMA c советниками Syntropy (06.04.21) Итоги

6 апреля мы провели отличную AMA сессию с нашими советниками Тони Гринбергом и Джо Вайнманом. Мы обсудили, каким они видят будущее Syntropy. Для вашего удобства ниже приведена обобщенная версия AMA.Если у вас появятся вопросы, то просто присоединяйтесь к нашему Telegram каналу.Планируете ли вы представить Syntropy проекту Starlink или OTT платформам, таким как Netflix, Disney или Amazon Prime, поскольку скорость и защищенность для них жизненно необходимы?Тони Гринберг: Исходя из опыта работы с OTT платформами и занимаясь поиском ведущих видеоплатформ, включая большинство упомянутых здесь, я на 100% уверен, что эта технология оптимизирует и улучшит опыт взаимодействия с видеоконтентом для всех.Есть ли какие-нибудь компании (корпоративные клиенты), тестирующие DARP? Какая на данный момент обратная связь?Джо Вайнман: Это один из вопросов, которые я тоже задал! Ответ заключается в том, что корпоративные компании либо тестируют, либо готовятся к тестированию. Обратная связь и интерес к технологии очень высоки. DARP включает несколько действительно интересных кейсов использования. Еще один интересный момент заключается в том, что данные, которые команда DARP собрала об улучшении задержки, говорят сами за себя — см.: darp.syntropystack.comГде вы видите Syntropy через пять лет?Тони Гринберг: Исходя и того, что я нахожусь в криптопространстве уже десять лет, то если бы я знал, что случится завтра, я был бы королем. Тем не менее, где был Ethereum пять лет назад? Поскольку Ethereum — это газ для транзакций, Syntropy — это газ для передачи данных. Это похоже на функцию нашего сердца, технология соединяет Интернет со всеми облаками, устройствами и блокчейнами в мире.Джо Вайнман: Достаточно сложно выстраивать точную траекторию развития любой новой технологии. Однако в этом случае, вероятно, будет иметь место двусторонний сетевой эффект, который будет способствовать росту виральности. Чем больше узлов Syntropy, тем лучше производительность для пользователей. Улучшение пользовательского опыта стимулирует рост пользователей. В свою очередь, это приводит к бОльшему участию в сети. В дополнение к этому вы можете ожидать дополнительных функций. Одна из интересных особенностей команды Syntropy по сравнению с тем, что я видел в некоторых крупных корпорациях — это другой тип клиентоориентированности. Во многих крупных корпорациях есть организация по управлению продуктами, ежегодный процесс составления бюджета, требования к ресурсам, должностям и т.д. В Syntropy команда ориентирована на клиента, напрямую связанна с отраслью, здесь работают вдумчивые люди, как те, что в этом Telegram канале, которые внедряют инновации посредством совместной работы, а также представляют открытый исходный код, в основном обновляемый в режиме реального времени. Следовательно, я считаю, что темпы будущей разработки, вероятно, будут по-прежнему такими же стремительными, как и до сегодняшнего дня.Не могли бы вы поделиться информацией о том, что именно будет выполнять консультативная группа? Установлены ли ключевые этапы для консультирования?Тони Гринберг: Консультативные советы в Syntropy спроектированы гораздо лучше, чем в большинстве проектов. Каждый день они выполняют реальную работу, посвящая себя поставленным перед ними задачам. Привлечение таких умов, как Роман, Шон и Джо, которые наблюдали за развитием бизнеса на протяжении десятилетий, позволяет нам решать врожденные недостатки в будущем. Например, когда моя команда десять лет работала в Microsoft, наша роль как советников заключалась в прогнозировании и решении проблем. Наша первостепенная цель — обеспечить постоянное функционирование Syntropy в экосистеме подобно «Швейцарии».Планирует ли Syntropy разрабатывать в будущем физические продукты, такие как, например, маршрутизатор, который вы подключаете к своему телефону для управления?Джо Вайнман: Возможны любые варианты. Не комментируя и не давая каких-либо обязательств, мы видели становление «маршрутизаторов» в качестве программного обеспечения, воплощение их в аппаратном обеспечении, а затем, с ростом облачных вычислений, мы стали свидетелями того, как они вновь возвращаются в качестве программной реализации, как произошло в данный момент с Syntropy Stack. Легко представить себе партнерство с корпорациями по производству оборудования, встраивание логики в их существующие продукты и т.д.Райан Ванцо: Когда вы доводите возможности маршрутизации и вопросы безопасности до предела, вы демократизируете весь статус-кво Интернета. Интернет-провайдеры становятся транспортными уровнями Интернета, а не стражами доступа к нему. Не удивляйтесь, если в будущем вы сможете использовать Syntropy в качестве своего глобального интернет-провайдера, с гарантией того, что у вас будут наилучшие параметры использования сети, где бы вы ни находились.Что является наиболее значительным препятствием на пути к принятию Syntropy на глобальном уровне?Тони Гринберг: Все очень просто. Привлечение трудолюбивых менеджеров по продажам и передача им этой эстафеты — это все, что стоит на пути к принятию нашей технологии. Мы жаждем привлечь как можно больше наших клиентов в ближайшие годы:Джо Вайнман: Я долгое время был клиентом более сотни крупных и второстепенных вендоров и долгое время занимался развитием партнерских отношений по новым технологиям. Я не знаю, является ли это «препятствием» само по себе, но я немного знаю о том, как предприятия принимают решения. В *большинстве* случаев возникает когнитивный диссонанс или битва мотиваций: будь первым и дифференцируйся, но также не рискуй излишне! Один из способов решить эту проблему — это увидеть, что другая компания, которую вы уважаете, оценивает или внедряет решения. Эти решения должны иметь четкую окупаемость инвестиций, поддержку корпоративного уровня и т.д. Таким образом, естественная кривая жизненного цикла технологии начинается с «новаторов» и «ранних последователей», а затем становится более распространенной. Хорошая новость заключается в том, что уже есть несколько действительно отличных предприятий — образцов для подражания, если хотите, — которые сейчас тестируют/внедряют технологию, что поможет обеспечить раннее доказательство используемости для более широкого внедрения.Как вы думаете, какими будут отношения/синергия/конкуренция с/со стороны интернет-провайдеров? Они будут пользователями или конкурентами?Тони Гринберг: Интернет-провайдеры и телекоммуникационные компании нуждаются в Syntropy, чтобы диверсифицировать предоставляемые услуги для своих клиентов. Когда появился Интернет, я помогал создавать Exodus Communications (в то время как Билл Нортон создавал Equinix), где мы изобрели Colocation, переход от частного пиринга к созданию публичной сети и публичного пиринга. Это способствовало тому, чтобы Интернет процветал. Я думаю, что это будут очень дружественные отношения между клиентом и поставщиком.Каким вы видите работу Syntropy в мобильном мире? Будут ли у вышек сотовой связи узлы?Джо Вайнман: Логически синтропия критически важна в мобильном мире. Хотя 5G имеет несколько преимуществ («мобильность», т.е. скорость перемещения устройства, пропускная способность/скорость передачи данных, плотность устройства и т.д.), основным из них является задержка. Преимущество задержки в сети радиодоступа не имеет значения, если всё приложение и его инфраструктура, включая различные компоненты приложения или микросервисы, не находятся либо на границе, либо оптимально маршрутизируются. Усложняет все то, что мобильные пользовательские устройства или вещи (например, камера наблюдения в городском автобусе) переключаются между вышками/базовыми станциями при движении. Для интегрированного доступа и обратного рейса они могут даже изменять маршруты, и эти оптимальные маршруты будут варьироваться в зависимости от загруженности. Наличие механизма маршрутизации на основе DARP, который учитывает не только различия в задержке, дрожании и потере пакетов на проводных маршрутах, но и все маршруты является критическим и даже более критическим по мере того, как мы все чаще запускаем приложения в реальном времени или почти в реальном времени.Может ли африканский континент стать среднесрочной/долгосрочной стратегической точкой доступа, которую следует рассмотреть для глобальной конкуренции с гигантами с точки зрения функциональности, потенциального роста и внедрения корпоративных сетей?Тони Гринберг: Мы уже все согласовали и вскоре объявим о значимом инвесторе в этом регионе, как с точки зрения его собственного видения, так и с точки зрения видения для интеграции с Syntropy. Любое место, где отсутствует достойная телекоммуникационная инфраструктура, станет целенаправленным местом для развертывания. Африка и Индия были самой большой проблемой для RampRates на протяжении многих лет, поскольку государственные телекоммуникационные компании зачастую работают в достаточно жестких условиях.Оригинальная англоязычная статья:Recap of Syntropy Advisor AMA (04.06)Ссылки на официальные англоязычные ресурсы:Веб-сайт: чат: канал с анонсами: c советниками Syntropy (06.04.21) Итоги was originally published in Syntropy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Klaytn 04.09

Klaytn Quarter 1 Milestones Report

It’s been a very eventful year for the crypto space in general, and also for our beloved Klaytn. We have reached many milestones in product development, partnerships, as well as being recognized by the crypto industry and community as a whole. As Klaytn continues to achieve one milestone after another, we feel it’s time to showcase our Q1 achievements for the whole world to see:International Media CoverageFeb 2 — Forbes announces Klaytn in the top 50 blockchain companies for 2021Mar 28 — Cointelegraph places Klaytn on top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch for the weekMar 29 — Klaytn ranks 13th on CMC after reaching a new ATHLocal Media CoverageFeb 17 — Mar 31 Korean Economic Daily Joins the Klaytn Governance Council / Korean Economic Daily-Klaytn Marketing EventToken MilestonesMar 27- Klaytn DeFi Ecosystem(KLAYSwap) surpassing 1billion TVLMar 30 — Klay market capitalization approaches KRW 50 trillion, beyond Kakao’s corporate valueMar 31 — FiveStar for Klaytn LaunchDevelopmentFeb 1 — KAS SDK (caver-js-ext-kas, caver-java-ext-kas) v1.1.0 ReleasedFeb 24 — Klaytn SDK (caver-js, caver-java) v1.5.7 ReleasedMar 2 — Klaytn v1.6.0 ReleasedMar 15 — Klaytn SDK caver-js v1.6.0 ReleasedAnd finally, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…And…congratulations! You’ve reached the end, but be aware, as Klaytn isn’t anywhere near the finish line, on the contrary- this is just the beginning!We have many more surprises in store for you, so don’t hesitate and follow us on our social media, for the latest updates:TwitterMediumRedditLinkedInKlaytn Quarter 1 Milestones Report was originally published in Klaytn on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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